Milla Grazie Postino – Tuna & Spinach Bruschetta for Fall Fest

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Bruschetta is such an unassuming, effortless antipasto. A nice slice of rustic bread slightly charred and rubbed with a little olive oil and garlic or hatted with a slew of culinary concoctions.   A recent trip to Postino in Scottsdale reminded us how good bruschetta could be.

Our lives and cooking has always been influenced by “Moments of Discovery.” Adventures taken off the beaten path to discover something new and to keep ourselves from getting stuck in a rut. In the past we had to create these opportunities ourselves by exploring on our day off, but especially of late, our photography and videography work has become untethered from it’s So Cal base and sent us flying everywhere.

With such great destinations treading under our feet, it has been easy to become inspired by the diverse range of eating establishments we’ve enjoyed. It’s even worth putting up with being sardined between two broad chested 250 lb. guys for a 4 hour flight. However, I must say the guys were pretty cool, and between the aisle man shifting out, the window dude angling against the visual portal, and me leaning the seat back to slide my shoulders behind theirs, we managed a fairly personal-space friendly flight.  No armrest superiority battles and there weren’t any kicking/screaming/fussy kids within any neighboring rows. That was the flight back from Japan.  Good times!

At Postino the thick cut, rustic bread, slightly grilled, then laden with their classic and creative toppings was a perfect evening treat. Especially when paired with $5 happy hour wines.  We saw a 4-pack of bruschettas floating past to a nearby table and suddenly we’re all “I want was that!”, flagging down a waiter to add to our order.

Back home the bruschetta infatuation continued and we found ourselves slicing, charring, and topping bread like mad. One of the favorite combinations from the abode was the tuna and spinach bruschetta. Fresh baby spinach, combined with a nice tuna (hunt down a good Italian canned tuna in oil or go crazy and slice and sear some fresh instead), some sauteed shallots, a little aioli, whole grain mustard, sliced sweet pickles, some fresh tomatoes, and a finishing touch of soy sauce…  Scrumptious!

I’d even fight over an armrest for it!


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Tuna and Spinach Bruschetta Recipe

Yield: Serves 4

Total Time: 10 Minutes

Everyone has their favorite way of making tuna, and this is one of ours.  We've found with the higher quality canned tunas, especially if they are packed in oil, we don't need nearly as much mayo or aioli to moisten the fish.  The soy sauce helps season and give an extra umami layer to the flavoring.  Sometimes we'll go Viet fish sauce on these bad boys, but we thought we'd keep this recipe tame for the masses.


Tuna Mix

  • 2 5 oz cans Tuna packed in Oil
  • 2-3 Shallots, sliced
  • 1/2 c (@20 slices) Bread & Butter Pickles, diced
  • 1 T Aioli or Mayonnaise
  • 1 t Soy Sauce
  • fresh cracked Black Pepper to taste
  • Sliced Rustic Bread, toasted or charred over open flame
  • Handful Fresh Baby Spinach
  • A few slices of fresh Tomatoes
  • Olive Oil for charring bread
  • Garlic Cloves for rubbing on bread
  • Oil for sauteing shallots (grape seed oil is our favorite)

optional spreads

  • Whole Grain Mustard
  • Aioli


  1. Heat a small saute pan over med. heat and add a little oil to pan.  Add shallots and saute until soft.
  2. Drain half of oil from tuna cans, then put tuna and remaining oil in med. bowl.  Add rest of tuna mix ingredients (sauteed shallots, diced pickles, aioli, soy sauce, and cracked pepper) and gently mix.
  3. Brush bread slices with olive oil, toast or char bread slices, then rub with split cloves of garlic. Top with optional spreads if desired (or leave them on the side for guests to serve themselves to dip bread in to), then layer on the spinach tomatoes, and tuna mix.  Serve immediately.
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  1. sonia monagheddu

    Hi, I’m Sonia, an Italian food blogger, sorry for my bad English, I want tell you that I have included the link of this recipe in the section on my blog dedicated to “10 ways to make” (“10 Modi di Fare”) bruschette recipes.
    The post is ‘Friselle con pomodorini’ I hope not to bother you.
    Have a nice day.


  2. Gosia

    Hope it’s not too late to leave an enthusiastic comment. How absolutely gorgeous this bruscetta is, you write about it beautifully, and the recipe is solid, but the shot makes it jump at me to the point that I want to grab it. May I ask what your shooting set up was for this take.? Natural light, or not? How do you achieve the intimacy of the shaded background? Have you, perhaps, already revealed the tricks and I missed them? Thank you very much.

  3. Amanda McClain

    Yum yum!!

  4. Alyson

    This looks like the best upscale tuna sandwich ever!

  5. Katie@Cozydelicious

    I recently discovered how much I like good Italian olive oil packed tuna. So this is perfect! I’ll be making brushetta for dinner this week. Yum!

    1. White on Rice Couple

      katie- glad you like this style tuna, it’s definitely one of our favorites

  6. Maria

    I love your jazzed up bruschetta!

  7. justcooknyc

    normally i don’t even think about stuff like bruschetta much, but i had some really amazing toasts this week at a nice lunch date, and then seeing this — i should broaden my scope a little and try this kind of thing at home

  8. kelly

    Serious romance on a plate. Came up to turn off my computer for the night and saw this. Wow. Have tried a tuna tartare on crostini which is yummy, but goodness this looks decadent.

    1. White on Rice Couple

      kelly- love that line ” serious romance on a plate”. Thank you.

  9. Ellen @ I Am Gluten Free

    I love Fall Fest 2010! I love hearty soup recipes as well, especially the ones that are versatile and allow you to change up the ingredients. I made Curried Coconut, Spinach, and Mushroom Soup (gluten free, dairy, free, vegan).

  10. Elizabeth

    What a nice refreshing take on bruschetta! I love it.

  11. Kulsum at JourneyKitchen

    I make bruschetta often and have never tried spinach on it. Thank for the idea! Your pictures are so beautiful! This is my contribution for the theme

  12. Ellen @ I Am Gluten Free

    I know what you’re thinking: baby spinach in a smoothie? Yup. You don’t even know it’s there, honestly! Try my Triple Berry Smoothie and you’ll see what I mean:

  13. Amy

    Wow, this Tuna & Spinach Bruschetta looks scrumptious! I know what I’ll be making for lunch tomorrow! 😀 Here’s the link to my new food blog. I welcome any feedbacks. Thank you!

  14. JennEJenn

    Yummy! I have been craving tuna and this recipe is calling my name! Thank you!

  15. Sues

    I’d never think to make bruschetta with tuna, but why not?! No good reason, especially after seeing this post! It looks positively delightful and just a little bit messy, which is always a good thing 🙂

    1. White on Rice Couple

      sues- we felt the same way too until we tried the tuna on bruschetta, now we’re hooked!

  16. Ngoc

    Wow – that bruschetta looks like an absolutely perfect lunch!

    My contribution to Fall Fest is a Spinach + Black Olive Lasagne: So glad Summer Fest is continuing on to Fall. 🙂

  17. bunkycooks

    I am happy that you have so many exciting gigs (along with cramped airline flights!). You are incredibly talented and deserve to have great success! I can say I knew you when! 😉

  18. napa farmhouse 1885/diane

    i planted spinach for the first time this fall…and posted a recipe for mixed vegetable fritters on fresh spinach tossed in a honey mustard vinaigrette.

  19. Kathleen

    I must try to grow some. Looks delicious. Could not decide which recipe so I posted a page today where the reader can decide.

  20. joudie's Mood Food

    This looks so good. I wish i had some tuna right now. (*sigh*)

  21. Sasa

    As usual stunning photographs and I just love your tea strainer/mini-sieve with the red handle, envious!

  22. Ranjani

    mmm, I wish I could eat some of this for lunch!
    This week I made spinach pasta:

  23. s@vegetarianirvana

    Love, love visiting your site. Really appreciate the time and energy you give so freely away to your visitors.
    Here is my link to savory, buttermilk, spinach pancakes

  24. Cookin' Canuck

    Now that is bruschetta done right! I always add sweet pickles to my tuna salad, so this topping sounds so appealing to me. For the photos (gorgeous!), what is the background you used? Is it black leather?

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Cookin’ Canuck- the background is the leather top of an old card table we bought from Target!

  25. Sharlene

    I always think of bruschetta as this fancy pants type of food even though it’s so rustic and simple. They always look gorgeous though and are perfect for a warm evening!

  26. Prerna@IndianSimmer

    Wow, after saying it like a million times before do I still need to say that I almost dies when I see your photographs! Wish I could take some gorgeous pictures like you do one day 🙂
    Here’s something Indian I did with spinach a while back

  27. Susan @ SGCC

    Looks delish! You can never go wrong with a good bruschetta. The ingredient possibilities are endless, though soy sauce is a first for me. 😉 I agree about using good tuna. The ones packed in olive oil are a world apart from those in water.

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Susan- yes, soy sauce ads a wonderful umami flavor!


    oh wow – that last two words are nuggets – soy sauce; have never, ever thought to pair soy sauce w/tuna and my mouth is watering now just thinking about it. your posts always point me towards the kitchen making me want to explore and try new things – this goes on the list!

    1. White on Rice Couple

      debra- you must try adding a bit of soy sauce, the added depth of flavor is wonderful

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