Boozy Peach Coolers – Refreshingly Summer

Peach Cooler Recipe made with fresh peach juice | @whiteonrice

When we started our first garden over 13 years ago, we knew exactly what we wanted to plant and dived head first into fruit trees. The two most important categories that topped our list were citrus trees and stone fruit trees. We wanted the garden to burst with citrus glory in winter and sweet, nectary bounty in the summer with all the stone fruits.

Peach Cooler Recipe made with fresh peach juice | @whiteonrice

With a current collection of stone fruit trees ranging from white peaches, yellow peaches, Dapple Dandy pluots, two weeping Santa Rosa plums, and the Spice-Zee nectaplum, we’re still planning for more. Summer just isn’t complete without stone fruits and when they’re ripe and ready at the market or dropping like baseballs off your backyard trees, stone fruits signify the years most bountiful season. If you live in the right climate zone and have room in your balcony/backyard/land/or ranch, you must plant a stone fruit tree. There’s nothing more satisfying than picking a tree ripened peach, nectarine or what ever stone fruit off your own tree. Bite into it and the soft flesh will explode with sweet juice and the flesh will melt in your mouth.

Peach Cooler Recipe made with fresh peach juice | @whiteonriceWhat to do with all the garden fruit? The only minor problem to having a healthy, fruiting trees is that all the fruit will ripen at once! When that happens, be prepared for the onslaught of fresh fruit eating, cooking, canning, grilling and giving away to neighbors and the mailman. Maybe even your boss will appreciate a basket of peaches and give you that raise that you’ve always wanted! Last two years we had so much fruit, we couldn’t keep our dogs off the tree! Peach Cooler Recipe made with fresh peach juice | @whiteonriceThe sweet smells from the sweet fruit  had our dogs camping out underneath the tree, waiting for them to fall from the sky for dinner. They would even go as far as nudge them, lick them and leave bite marks on the fruit while still on the tree!

Drinking the stone fruits is one of our favorite ways to help deplete our huge bounty of fruit. Bellini’s are one of our favorites but a more kiddie friendly version are peach coolers. Even without the booze, these refreshing peach coolers are equally wonderful, satisfying for the whole family to enjoy. Everyone under 21 can celebrate summer’s peach drinking fest! But we’re never without options and have included an option for adding Gin or Vodka for all the adults!

Having a batch of fresh peach puree is so versatile and it’s the perfect summer staple for all your outdoor parties. The puree can be added to your iced tea for a naturally sweet boost, or mixed with soda water and a little bit of sugar for that quenching beverage on a sweltering hot day. The possibilities are endless and it just doesn’t end with peaches, but plums, pluots and apricots make a fine and delicious puree as well.

Happy Summer fruit eating to you all!

-diane and todd

Peach Cooler Recipe made with fresh peach juice | @whiteonrice

Boozy or Virgin Peach Cooler Recipe

Yield: 1 Drink

Total Time: 10 Minutes

If you have some raspberry puree, it is a killer addition to this peach cooler.

For a virgin version just omit the gin or vodka.


  • 1 medium ripe Peach
  • 1/4 cup (60ml) fresh Orange Juice
  • 1 Tablespoon (15ml) Sugar, or to taste
  • optional - 2 Tablespoons (1 ounce or 30ml) Gin or Vodka
  • optional - dash of peach bitters 
  • ice
  • 1/2 cup (120ml) Club Soda


  1. Peel, pit, and core out the peach's rough pit flesh (if needed).
  2. Place in blender or food processor with orange juice, and sugar. For the boozy version, add the gin or vodka and add the peach bitters if desired. Puree until smooth.  (If your peach isn't super ripe and juicy & won't puree very easily, add a touch more orange juice to thin it out.)
  3. Put ice in a glass and pour in peach mixture. Slowly pour the in the club soda, then gently stir everything to combine. Garnish with a slice of peach and a sprig of thyme if you want to get fancy.
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  1. Lily

    The drink is delish although I bought ready peach puree.

  2. @chocoKat718

    Yes, please. -> Peach Coolers – Refreshingly Summer

  3. Elaine Myers

    Hi There,
    I found this blog because I was searching Google images for a picture of a dog and a peach tree. I’m working on an article for our emergency veterinary hospital’s staff on peach pit poisoning in dogs. I think your photo is excellent and I read all the comments saying how cute it was. However, I hope you guys are aware that peach pits, along with causing irritation to the stomach and possibly causing an obstruction, contain compounds that get metabolized into cyanide after ingestion. This can cause death in dogs. Here is a link to some common foods that can be poisonous to dogs.

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Elaine- Hello. thank you so much for this helpful information and for the link.

  4. Mélanie

    Thank you for this recipe. You are so lucky to have all these fruits in your garden!! It’s like a dream place! 🙂
    In my parents garden, there are only a few cherries… But it was enough for my entry for this week summer fest: I hope you like it!

  5. Fruit Basket Review Guy

    Thank you for the peach cooler recipie!

  6. Janice

    LOVE your peach tree! looks like you’ve got a bumper crop! Peaches are a bit temperamental up here, and really only grow well when completely protected from the falling rain (they have to grow right up against the house, under the eaves). I know about the bumper crops though! We have a few apple trees and one pear. Its those moments when you think you can’t stand another _____ (fill in the blank fruit) that you come up with some incredible new way to use it! I see peach cocktails in my future!
    I ended up baking Rainer Cherry tarts this week

  7. My Persian Kitchen

    Here is my contribution for this week’s theme, a refreshing cocktail:

    Persian Lime Drops

  8. Suzanne (Crunchy green Mom)

    I just bought some peaches yesterday and I’m staring at them trying to figure out what to do with them… I think this week I found my inspiration! Thanks for the Summer fest, here is my contribution

  9. deena

    We also have trouble keeping our dog away from the raspberry bush. As you probably know, dogs gingerly taking fruit, like little bear cubs, is often too adorable for one to muster a convincingly harsh tone.

    Drink looks lovely. I just discovered a Peach Basil Sangria, which got us through the recent heat wave in the Pacific Northwest:

  10. Deb Mele

    Wow, that peach tree is amazing and your drink looks so refreshing! We just planted two peach trees last year and picked a total of 4 peaches from them but I hope one day our trees may look like yours. As for that gorgeous looking Peach Cooler…..sigh. I had bought a bag full of lovely peaches I had intended on using in a peach pie but I think I need to try out that cooler of yours for our guests this weekend!

    One of my favorite desserts that is too easy to call a recipe is my Appricot Tart at

    Another summer favorite using peaches is my Almond Stuffed Peach recipe at

    You just HAVE to love summer fruit!


  11. Veron

    Adorable picture of your dog. Love peach drinks1

  12. Jen Yu

    Okay, I think you guys need to mix things up a bit, like putting up a crappy post because EVERYTHING you post looks f’ing AWESOME and just makes me sad that I don’t live next door to you (or in your backyard – we’ve discussed this before). I have a flat of peaches in my house and I can guarantee that they are nothing near as amazing as yours – wahnnnnnn! Miss you guys, terribly. Even though I get to tweet w you and email you, that doesn’t give me my Dante and Sierra fix! Love you guys! xxoo

  13. Julie

    Yum – that is brilliant! And I have a case of BC peaches that are all perfectly ripe RIGHT NOW. Perfect timing – I’m starting to tire of rhubarb tea and Nanking cherry lemonade! I never think to drink my peaches!

    I have more stone fruit plans this week, but can’t let this one go by without mentioning Peach Pie with Roasted Peach Ice Cream – (That was last summer – this summer I tried Roasted Plum Ice Cream!)

    And one of my favourite recipes of all time is brilliant made with any number of stone fruits – Plum Browned Butter Bliss – – is fruit topped with a crusty, golden cakey topping that’s better than cobbler, easier than pie!

  14. Muneeba

    Absolutely gorgeous images! Just want to keep staring at them! And since peaches are one of my fav fruits, you know I’ll be trying this cooler recipe soon. And your post made me realize how much I’d LOVE to have a couple of peach trees in my own future garden!

  15. sarah

    Wow this looks like it would really hit the spot today. I didn’t realize until recently that peaches are a surprisingly wonderful addition to tabbouleh. I certainly wish I had the problem of having so many peaches that I didn’t know what to do with them!

  16. rachel

    If I fruits blooming like that in my garden…I doubt if they’d make their way into coolers or any thing..I would eat them as it is..beautiful pics, beautiful presentation

  17. iamchanelle

    oh my word, your photos are so very lovely.
    great ideas, thanks for sharing!

    happy summer.

  18. sandra

    Here’s one of my entry (I used apricots but I’m seriously thinking of using peaches next time 😉 ):

  19. Simone (junglefrog)

    I’ve never heard of dogs wanting to eat stonefruits! I’m glad our cats don’t like it! We don’t have enough room in our garden to grow any fruittrees, but the stonefruits are all over the stores right now, so they are plenty!
    Here is my entry for the stonefruit… well two actually

  20. White on Rice Couple

    The Italian dish- Our white peach is semi-free stone, or almost free stone. Compared to out other stone fruits, which cling tightly to the seed, the white peach appears to release very easily.

  21. krysta

    beautiful as always, i just made peach frozen yogurt and when we get the house i have lots of planning for a garden!

  22. Tartelette

    You guys have no idea how I am trying to contain it…Dudes!! If I lived any closer I’d be in your yard all the time picking up fruit and playing with more dogs!! Bailey ate the lettuce and half the tomatoes already!
    Beautiful pictures, delicious cocktail… Aced it once again!

  23. Haley J.

    I need one of those right now! Hot and humid in VA – would have been perfect after schlepping books around at work all day!

  24. Janine at Rustic Kitchen

    Wow, the food is beautiful, but the first thing I noticed was the olive wood cutting boards. I have one from Italy when I went to Terra Madre in Torino.

    But back to the fruit: I’m fudging a bit on the tree fruit theme, but it’s the height of blueberry season in Michigan and I make a blueberry tart with lime curd and a gingersnap crust:

  25. RobbingPeter

    Peaches seem to be the winner of SummerFest, they are what I worked with also:
    For my entry into SummerFest I recounted the PeachFest celebration my mother and I conducted with a day long canning extravaganza. You can read about it and see the results here:

    Can’t wait for next month.

  26. Jeff

    I love freaking peaches! Huge fan of just grilling them with some sugar and then devouring them over ice cream. Of course even bigger fan of just devouring them straight up.

    Seems the only thing I have yet to plant is fruit trees. Maybe next year……

  27. Tammy

    Oops. Let’s try again.

  28. Tammy

    Better late than never. What fun this is! Great recipes!!

  29. Holly

    I wish we could grow stone fruit in Hawaii. The fruits that are imported from the mainland can be a hit or miss. I am going to contribute another mango recipe (could mango be considered a stone fruit, it does have a pit?)
    Mango Gazpacho

  30. Gavan

    Now you’re talking! This looks really refreshing especially with a sneaky shot of something added in ( if you’re that way inclined, of course). Great color.
    I found some lovely pluots, plums and cherries in the farmers market and ended up doing this with them,
    See you guys next week.

  31. Heather @ chiknpastry

    Great pics!! Here a recipe for a nectarine pie with creme fraiche ice cream. Now, I love me a nectarine, but that ice cream was really lovely and was perfect with the pie. Enjoy!! see you next week!

  32. Diana

    Those are beautiful peach coolers. I love alcohol free “fancy drinks”. I had a hard time picking a post for this summer fest, I use a lot of fruit. I was going to share cherry rhubarb skillet pie, but I think I’ll follow your drink example, the hot weather we’re having calls for some sweet and tangy cherry limeade.
    Loving SummerFest!

  33. Ravenouscouple

    We made Peaches and Berrie Flambe with rum and served it on top of vanilla bean ice cream!

  34. veggiebelly

    Yay peaches!

    Here is my post on the easiest way to pit a peach:

    And once youve pitted your peaches, make this super easy peach tart!

  35. The Italian Dish

    Are your peaches freestone or clingstone? I have such a hard time finding ANY freestone peaches here at all – and I like to halve my peaches, take the stone out, grill them and then fill them with amaretto soaked sweetened ricotta. But it’s almost impossible to get the pit out of a clingstone and have the peach look decent. If you have any great tips on removing the stone, I would love to hear it.

  36. Cheryl Arkison

    Do you freeze the puree for bits of summer in January?
    I am ridiculously jealous of your backyard. No peaches grown here in Alberta! But I did luck into the enjoyment of fresh peaches, right off the tree, last summer.

    But for Summer Fest this year I discovered sour cherry hand pies. I say discover because I’ve literally never seen them before here.

  37. Hélène

    I’m always so jealous of your beautiful fruit trees. Growing up we had a huge garden for vegetables and strawberries but the climate was not good for stone fruits. There is nothing like a fresh peach especially in a cooler 🙂

    I found local yellow plums and made a beautiful salad. The dressing is so good you can prepare your salad with any fruits and this dressing made with real maple syrup is a real treat.

    Dressing: (serves 6-8)
    1/4 cup maple syrup
    3 tablespoons minced shallots (about 1 medium)
    2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
    1 tablespoon canola oil
    1 tablespoon country-style Dijon mustard
    1/4 teaspoon salt
    1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
    1 garlic clove, minced


  38. j.cro

    What a great way to enjoy peaches without having to turn the oven on! NJ has some great peaches starting to show up at the farm markets – I just bought a bunch of white ones over the weekend and they’re DELICIOUS!!! I’ve been eating them just as they are but am considering grilling them for an added treat. I think it would be a great summer dessert treat without a lot of fuss. Your photos are wonderful – thanks for the recipe for the coolers!

  39. Marilyn

    Love the coolers, but my daughter and I are both swooning over your smoochable pooch, kissing a peach! Just love that face. Thanks for the awesome, soon-to-be-spiked drinks. They’ll be on the patio this weekend.

  40. Irina @ PastryPal

    I’m jealous of your beautiful peach tree! And those drinks look incredible!

    Coincidentally, I just posted a recipe on roasted apricot tarts. They are ridiculously easy and you can do a lot with the roasted fruit besides add it to a tart. Check it out here:

  41. Jen H

    Such lovely photos and what a refreshing drink for those hot summer days.

    I went with the more refreshing for my Summer Fest entry with a Peach & Radish Salsa

  42. Rita

    Someday, or maybe in my dreams, I will have a garden like yours, with so many yummy fresh fruits, veggies and herbs. Lovely!!

  43. Chef Gwen

    Love coming to your blog and seeing the beautiful photos, easy reading, simple recipes! It’s like seeing a topnotch magazine on my computer screen.

    Had a little problem with the AC this week (like it went out!) so haven’t finished my Summer Fest entry yet, but I did do this little stone fruit post earlier this summer:

  44. Laura [What I Like]

    What wonderful fortune to have a peach tree at one’s disposal! I get the most delicious peaches from the local farmers market, but at $4/lb (and worth every penny I might add), I can’t bear to cook/mash/puree them. Mixing them with blueberries and plain yogurt is about as fancy as I get! But this drink sounds unbelievable…

  45. Kelsey/The Naptime Chef

    Your photograph is beautiful! Here is my entry this week, I make my Simple Almond Cake with tree fruits all the time. In this example it is made with rhubarb (not a tree fruit), but I often make it with chopped plums, peaches or apples. Happy Summer!

  46. Danielle

    Mm, bellinis…or coolers sound good, too!

    I definitely cheated a little bit for week 2, but here’s my post on fruits & failure (with a couple successful past recipes linked in the post):

  47. Margaret Roach

    Wow. Gorgeous.

    I wanted to stop by and just thank you both for doing all this with me and the rest of the crew. It has been so exciting for me (the garden blogger oddball in the lot) to get to meet so many of your wonderful readers..and the recipes they are sharing are really impressive.

    Now off to find some really juicy peaches for a boozeless treat.

  48. Charmian Christie

    Stunning photos. You do peaches justice!

    This cooler sounds like the perfect way to enjoy peaches. We’re having great peaches in Ontario this year and I’m going to try as many variations as I can!

    For Summer Fest week 2, I did a blog swap and we covered peach ice cream and freezer jam. Chilly but good…

  49. Phoo-D

    Love the picture of the pooch licking the peach! That is hilarious- it is as if he knows stealing the whole fruit would be big trouble so he’s just sneaking a taste! We have a big box of peaches and I can’t wait to try your cooler recipe. It sounds perfect for warm weather!
    My contribution to the summerfest fun is a classic cherry pie made with sour cherries:

  50. Mary Coleman

    Summer Fest and nectarines. A great combo!
    Here’s my entry…is it a salad or dessert?

  51. cosmic cowgirl

    your photos are beautiful.. one of the things i miss most about living in cali…picking fruit and avocados off a tree in the backyard! here’s my contribution this week:

  52. Marjorie

    Those drinks look so refreshing. Great for a summer evening on the porch.
    In honor of this week’s Summer 2009 theme, I have two posts to share.

  53. Rosy

    Wow, I’m so jealous of your fruit trees! Being novice gardeners (and in a rental flat) we didn’t go down the fruit tree route. Will definitely be growing plums when we have a place of our own though! I’m not sure how well peaches grow in the UK… Anyway, I thought I’d join in the fun so here’s my post for this week We’ve successfully managed beans in our tiny garden, so very excited about next week! Rosy x

  54. Jaden

    OOOOHHH lookeee who’s stealing fruit!? LOL that’s the cutest picture ever.

  55. Kristina

    Those are some gorgeous looking drinks! I live in the city so I don’t have a huge yard but I would love to find a way to squeeze a peach tree in!

    Here’s my entry for this week – we made it last night and it’s fantastic:

  56. Dana McCauley

    Those drinks look fantastic! Here in Ontario, Canada we had a very disappointing strawberry season but our peaches this year are great! Last night I made a peach and tomato salad with basil and mache. So good!

  57. joey

    Peach trees in your own backyard! Wow! I would love to have the dilemma of too many fresh peaches 🙂 And these coolers look fantastic!

  58. Miakoda

    What a beautiful peach tree! It must be great fun, the competition to get to them between the two legged and four legged members of your family. Do you all lurk around corners and eye each other? 😉 The drinks looks refreshingly delicious!

  59. Stephanie

    I swear, peaches are my favorite part of summer. Charmian Christie over at Christie’s Corner and I are swapping guest posts for Summer Fest, and here’s her lovely peach recipe hosted on Wasabimon:

    Who doesn’t love frosty peach ice cream? It’s so good IT HURTS!

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