Cheesy Brussels Sprouts Gratin

If I were to confess some of my guilty pleasures in life, then these brussels sprouts gratin photographs would convey much of what I’m already about to say. Warm melted cheese, gooey-salty-decadent-calorie-laden cheese on top of perfectly fresh and healthy vegetables should be illegal. I think of this often when a gorgeous bowl of green veggies gaze back at me with fresh, vibrant eyes. Instead of reaching for the steamer and ideas of a raw salad, I reach for the rind of parmesan cheese, cream and block of butter.Cheesy Brussels Sprouts Gratin Recipe for Thanksgiving Brussels Sprouts Casserole Recipe | @whiteonrice

A Family Favorite Brussels Sprouts Gratin Recipe

Over 98.6572% of the time I prepare my vegetables very simply in a light saute or raw, crunchy salad. This is how I appreciate my vegetables the most and sums up the way I ate as a vegetarian for almost twenty years. But when the air begins to crisp up to cooler embrace, I sense that Fall is near. That’s when I’m guilty of killing my vegetables in a casserole pool of cheese and cream. Knowing when to stop eating is something I’m still lacking at. My mind tells me that if the food is delicious, eat another plate before it goes to waste.

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Cheesy Brussels Sprouts Gratin Recipe for Thanksgiving Brussels Sprouts Casserole Recipe | @whiteonrice

A Cheesy Brussels Sprouts Treat for the Holidays

Balance is something I’ve always been thoughtful of and with all the travel we’ve been on, I realize that I’ve ignored the gym more than I should. Perhaps it’s the lack of fitness and exercise that makes eating two portions of food laden with guilt. I’m putting exercise back on my priority list before the holiday season feasting begins.Thankfully I don’t eat my vegetables like this every day, but when I do, I really appreciate every bite of dreamy, rich decadence. And then I always try to remember that there’s vegetable hidden somewhere in all this cheesy mess.

Cheesy Brussels Sprouts Gratin: A family favorite side dish that's warm, comforting and satisfying | @whiteonrice

My goal for the next few months is to get back on cardio track again so that I can enjoy more of these warm, cheesy casseroles. This recipe for Brussels sprouts gratin is one of my favorite Brussels sprouts dishes for the fall because there’s comfort in every bite. Guaranteed this will be at on our Thanksgiving menu because it’s so simple, wonderful and a pleasure to eat.



Note on cooking times: Brussels sprouts can very tremendously in size, ranging from the size of a large egg to as small as a 5-cent coin. Make sure to adjust your cooking times depending on the size that you end up cooking. Also, try to select all the same sizes for consistent cooking. 

Brussels sprouts vary in size! Guide to brussels sprouts sizes | @whiteonrice

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Cheesy Brussels Sprouts Gratin
Total Time
1 hr

Sizes of brussels sprouts can vary quite a bit ranging from the size of a large egg to a small coin. So adjust your cooking times based on the size. Select all the same sizes for consistent cooking. This size difference can affect the results of this recipe. And of course, add more cheese if you like!

Servings: 4 Servings
  • about 2 pounds Brussels sprouts , halved
  • 2 Tablespoons (30g) butter
  • 2 Tablespoons (15g) flour
  • 1-1/4 cups (300ml) milk
  • 1 cup (100g) grated parmesan cheese, extra for topping if you like
  • 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1/4 cup (60ml) mayonnaise
  • black pepper to taste
  1. Pre-heat oven to 350° F.

  2. Clean, trim stems of Brussels sprouts. Cut in half and keep all of loose leaves. Fill medium stock pot half way with water, bring to boil. Add Brussels sprouts, stirring in hot water and blanch quickly for about 2 minutes or until they turn bright green. Immediate drain. Do not cook Brussels sprouts and make them soft!
  3. In large pan melt butter, then add flour and quickly stir with whisk to combine and remove clumps. Turn off heat.
  4. Add milk, salt, cheese, mayo and black pepper. Stir until cheese is melted.
  5. Add Brussels sprouts and combine with cheese mixture. Pour into baking dish and bake for about 40-50 minutes or until Brussels sprouts are tender. For extra cheese crust, top with grated parmesan cheese before baking.

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  1. Alana

    Do you think it would be okay to omit the flour or is there something that can be used in it’s place like coconut flour or xantham gum?

    1. Todd & Diane

      Hi Alana, we’ve never used xantham gum enough to give a reliable answer. Hopefully a reader will know and chime in. Thank!

      1. Shannon

        we use almond flour as a great substitute ????

  2. Kim

    If using frozen, Im assuming you let them thaw first? I know….stupid question but I’m a beginner cook 🙂 also can you provide calorie info?

    1. Todd & Diane

      Hi Kim, yes you should thaw first and drain any excess water. Enjoy!

  3. Jackie

    Listen up….I made these for Thanksgiving and Everyone wanted the recipe. These were sooooo good. If you like heat, add a little red pepper flakes. YUM, YUM. YUMMY….

  4. Alyssa

    I’ve made this recipe a few times, including last night’s Thanksgiving dinner. Thanks for the delicious recipe!

  5. Danny

    Fantastic recipe! We did this and finished cooking it in our wood fired pizza oven, heaven.

  6. Rita

    Finally getting around to trying out my food pins, and I made this with my Christmas dinner (yes I’m behind). This was really good and I will make this again. My mother and I really enjoyed them. We normally like brussel sprouts to begin with, but this cheesey concoction just perfected them. Thanks for a great recipe!!

  7. Bettina

    Can you use frozen brussell sprouts or should they be fresh?

    1. White on Rice Couple

      We’ve only made it with fresh brussels sprouts. I would think it would come out fine with frozen, but don’t know for sure. Good luck.

  8. Lindsey

    I am always looking for new brussel sprouts recipes and this one looks absolutely delicious! I cannot wait to make it!

  9. Emma

    I love brussel sprouts! This is something I have to try!! By the way, your fotos are fabulous!

  10. Laura|My Little Gourmet

    Well, I just recently made my son his first brussels sprouts (used your roasted sprout recipe) and he devoured them. I was so happy because I absolutely love brussels sprouts. I’m thinking with these cheesy sprouts he’ll be asking for thirds!!

  11. Cheese with Noodles

    Yummy, what’s not to like about this?! As much as I like creamy, cheesy recipes, my veggies usually just get steamed or sauteed because I love them on their own. My own blog is rather lacking in the veggie recipe department simply because I usually just steam them or put them in a salad and ya don’t need a recipe for that! Anyway, I will definitely need to try this. Looks like it would be perfect for a holiday dinner.

  12. Christine

    Call me dense or recipe challenged, but what does this mean “Cut in half and keep all of loose leaves that.”? That what? Thank you for the clarification. I bought a stalk of sprouts at TJ’s and can’t wait to make this.

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Christine- hi, the extra word at the end is a typo. We’ve corrected the sentence.

  13. Donna Minick

    I, like you, have a problem with portion control when the food is rich and dreamy as your brussel sprouts recipe appears to be. You won’t like my solution, but I’ve found that when I drink wine with my meal, I lose all control over portions. However with iced tea or ice water, I maintain my self control (a little).

  14. Kim

    This recipes sounds sinfully delicious! I agree that cooler weather just makes me crave comfort food. Our family loves brussel sprouts so I can’t wait to give this recipe a try! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Alyssa Murphy

    This is an amazing sounding recipe! I am so looking forward to serving this to my husband and hopefully converting his taste buds when it comes to brussel sprouts. As for portion control I use a small plate, make only enough for the people I am serving, and measure out a serving. When I make a meal to have leftovers or to freeze it I immediately transfer it to the freezer or the fridge, out of sight out of mind after all!

  16. Kerry | Yum and Yummer

    I could eat Brussels sprouts every day. And if you add cheese, I would also eat them any night. So now I’m never going to stop eating Brussels sprouts. Thank you for that.

  17. Ashley Bee

    I loooove brussels sprouts–but I always do the same thing: roast ’em, toss with EVVO and truffle oil, sprinkle with ground pepper and sea salt. This is a great new way to eat them!

  18. Katie @ Oh Shine On

    This casserole — should I even call it that or a messy pot of cheesy goodness? — looks absolutely incredible!

  19. davis ann

    portion control? don’t take the serving dish to the table. and have really comfy chairs at said table… then laziness helps.

    for once.

    haha i totallly feel ya. i’m not even kidding that that^ is my plan.

  20. Julia

    I love brussel sprouts and can almost eat them as plain as they get, but my husband is more picky. This looks like a good recipe that will be liked by those who normally don’t like brussel sprouts.

  21. Tiffany

    YAY! My husband has been asking for brussel sprouts, but I would rather eat wood. HOWEVER, this makes me think I can finally give in to his request 😉

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Tiffany- Thank you for letting us know. Fingers crossed, this will be the recipe to cross you over!

  22. @IntFineFoodFest

    We do like a good sprout – could do with cabbage for local option

  23. Kankana

    That’s the thing about this season. It makes one crave for cheese creamy yummy goodness like this gratin 🙂

  24. Jen @ Jen's Favorite Cookies

    I’ve been trying to convince my family of the flavorful merits of brussels sprouts, to no avail, I’m sorry to say. I did finally convince them to eat broccoli by dousing it in cheese, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work with brussels sprouts! I’m such a sucker for a gratin! This looks gorgeous!

  25. Kalyn

    Drooling here!

  26. Jaynie @Junabug

    I think I will eat brussels sprouts now! Eating on a small plate works best for me for portion control.

  27. Karen

    Portion control is easy. If you are cooking for two people, cook two portions of each item. Four ounces of meat, two ounces of pasta, eight ounces of brussels sprouts. If you don’t have extra, you won’t be tempted to eat too much. My mother-in-law is always amazed that I can cook just the right amount of food for two people. She is still cooking as though she had a house full of kids!

  28. Colette @ JFF!

    If you have to eat brussels sprouts, this is the way to do it!

  29. @GreenteaDesign

    Do you believe that everything tastes better with cheese? I do.

  30. @A_lamericaine

    Making this tonight now, thanks for the recipe!

  31. @ziziadventures

    Yum & gulp!

  32. Christina

    I just don’t understand how people don’t like brussel sprouts! I think for kids it’s a pre-req but as an adult you have to love them. They’re just so dang tasty!

  33. Jillymo

    I really don’t think this is a recipe worth beating yourself up over. Before I read the ingredients I was expecting a stick of butter, a cup of cream, a couple different cheese, etc. I’m not sure how many you feed with this but a cpl tablespoons of butter, a little mayo & a cup of grated parmesan split between even a couple of people is not terrible. And yes 1.5 pounds of brussel spouts!

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Jillymo- I adore your rationale. Thank you.

  34. cindy

    I l-o-v-e brussel sprouts…and cheese…and I totally get that portion control issue. I have an “I-want-to-eat-the-whole-damn-thing” problem, making a plate and then immediately putting the food away helps sometimes…or a really hot cup of tea immediately after eating. It’s still a struggle, but making the effort is better than feeling the guilt, most days. Also, it’s nice to know I’m not in it alone, ha!

  35. TheKitchenWitch

    I love a good gratin–and I have been known to add a salad and consider it a meal. Then I don’t feel so guilty eating it 🙂 I normally am not a brussels sprouts person, but cover it in creamy, cheesy goodness? Count me in!

  36. @edibleASH

    Cannot wait to find brussel sprouts!

  37. Cynthia A.

    My Grammy’s neighbor put locks on her fridge and pantry at night – not for portion control, but because she had 12 children (and if she didn’t she would wake up to an empty larder).

    You make an excellent point that if a dish is delicious it doesn’t matter how small the plate is when you help yourself to seconds. Maybe I need to charge myself whenever I take seconds and see if that inspires me to eat less.

  38. Melissa aka Foodvixen

    Thanks for sharing this recipe and the links for the other brussel sprout recipes. I’m getting to work the kitchen right now, Brussel sprouts braised in bacon and shallots? My goodness, I’m drooling! Brussel sprouts are one of my fave veggies!

  39. Kevin (Closet Cooking)

    What a great way to enjoy some brussels sprouts!

  40. @ohsweetbasil

    Gratin anything and I’m in!

  41. Laura

    I have portion control issues, that’s why I am 30 pounds heavier that I was in my 30s. I have gotten pretty good at putting less stuff on my plate, or selective small plates when I eat at home. Also, things with lots of fat don’t appeal to me anymore, so that is easy to control. I recently saw a video of a 95 year old woman who does a daily exercise routine she created. I got so inspired and I started moving my body more, gentle movements, not something that will cause me to lose weight, but it is a beginning.

    I hear you sister, I wish I could help more.

  42. Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar

    These look heavenly! Awesome side!

  43. Alex

    Brussel sprouts AND cheese? Yum! 😀 This “Sprouts’n’cheese” dish sounds great!

    Portion control? I tried serving food in smaller dishes but without any good results. But I’m awful at it when I love what I’m cooking…

  44. j3nn

    I love Brussels sprouts on their own, but I think I’d probably get a little giddy with cheese all over them. Definitely a must-try at least once in your lifetime. 🙂

  45. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    I love Brussels sprouts and I love my veggies just very simple, clean, raw or lightly steamed most of the time but I’m with you, as the fall comes and the cooler airs comes, a warm veggie casserole all cheesed up just HITS the spot. This looks fab!

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