Back to back Videos in San Francisco: Bi-Rite Creamery & Charles Phan of Slanted Door

Hi Friends, how has your 2012 been treating you? We still can’t believe this month is coming to and end. Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were wishing a farewell t0 2011 with our Life Recipes video? Maybe that’s what being on the road and being buried in work does to ones grasp of time. But we wouldn’t have it any other way because we feel so lucky to be working with fabulous people and photography projects.

As you can tell, we’ve been a bit absent on recipe sharing over the last few months. We miss being away from our home kitchen and although we haven’t been posting on our home cooked recipes, we’ve certainly been eating really well. Really, really well.

shooting Chef Charles Phan

If you follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you’ll probably know we’ve been up in San francisco for two stints over the last three weeks for shoots. We’re thrilled to be working with Ten Speed Press on a couple video projects for new cookbooks coming out soon for Bi-Rite Creamery and Vietnamese Home Cooking by Chef Charles Phan of The Slanted Door.

When Ten Speed Press contacted us, we were beyond thrilled because that meant we get to be in one of our favorite cities and shooting with two of our beloved food heroes- Bi-Rite Creamery and Chef Charles Phan. Between the salted caramel ice cream at Bi-Rite creamery and Chef Phan’s steamed banh-bao buns, we were well nourished during the shoots.

Pastry Chefs Kris & Anne and owners of Bi-Rite Creamery

The community shoot at Bi-Rite Creamery, was extra special because some blogging friends came out to support us and to be a part of the video. We sent out a “casting call” on twitter and Facebook, looking for good ice cream eaters to be in the video. A lovely group of friends came out and they were camera and ice-cream-eating ready. Look out for their beautiful faces in the final video!

We’re off to Florida next week to assist our friend Jaden at shoot the recipes for her new cookbook. If you get bombarded by tweets and Facebook updates from a Florida homestead full of chicken and alligators, you’ll know why.

Oh, by the way, did we tell you that we’re growing 4 more citrus trees? We’re somehow squeezing that in while we’re home. More in a later post.

And lastly, a special thanks and love goes out to our friend Heidi Swanson for her support and help in making all this happen!

have a great one,

diane and todd

More scenes from our San Francisco shoots 

Chef Charles Phan cooking at home with his Son 

We spent a lot of time in beautiful Dolores Park neighborhood 

iphone shot- Thanks to friends for joining us at Bi-Rite shoot: John, Michelle SFQ bbq sauce, Darya,  Jenna , Anita, Irvin, Ben , Kirsten Bi-Rite Market, Jessica 

Pastry Chefs Anne & Kris making ice cream 

crazy good salted caramel ice cream at Bi-Rite

lovely Anne taking a much deserved break from a long day of ice cream making & shooting


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  1. Brian @ A Thought For Food

    It’s been over a year since I was at Bi-Rite… thanks for bringing me back.

  2. Hahn Kim

    I <3 SF and Bi rite! Come to SF more often! there are so many places you guys should see!

  3. Denise

    happiness in a scoop of ice cream! love the images, good luck to the upcoming cookbook photoshoot!

  4. lynn @ the actor's diet

    i ADORE bi-rite. can’t wait to see the video!

  5. Urban Wife

    Such lovely images! My favorite is the one when Anne is taking a break. Enjoy your time in Florida!

  6. John

    It was great seeing you! Thanks for inviting us to the shoot. The photos here are so gorgeous (of course). You guys always have, and continue to, rock!

  7. Gastronomer

    So BEAUTIFUL, you guys! I can’t wait to see where these shots end up. Fingers crossed for Slanted Door cookbook.

  8. Yvette ~ Muy Bueno Cookbook

    WOW! I can’t wait to see your video projects. I bet they are going to be amazing!!!

  9. Grace

    I could eat that whole tub of salted caramel ice cream…in one sitting!

  10. Lynne @ 365 Days of Baking

    Wow! How absolutely wonderful to be able to have such an experience documenting two fabulous eateries, sharing it with blogging friends, and of course, eating!
    My husband and I went to San Francisco two years ago for our 20th anniversary and it was the trip of a lifetime. I cannot tell you how much we enjoyed it! One restaurant we knew we had to visit was The Slanted Door, and it certainly did not disappoint. It is now one of my favorite restaurants to date, so I am extremely excited to know that Charles has a cookbook coming out!!
    What I don’t understand is how we missed Bi-Rite Creamery??!! I am an ice cream addict, so I have no idea why this didn’t show up on my radar! And they serve their ice cream with wooden spoons??!! Ice cream ALWAYS taste better with a wooden spoon! It’s the only way we’d eat our Hoodsie Cups growing up in Rhode Island. Oh, well, we’ll get there on the next SF trip! Thanks for sharing!
    Happy and safe travels to you both!!

  11. EatLiveRun

    Your photographs of San Francisco make me love this city even more. I still dream about that salted caramel ice cream…can’t wait for next week!

  12. LiztheChef

    Miss you both – travel safe…Oooh, that shot of the salted caramel ice cream!

  13. JulieD

    I have to say, I always/usually enjoy the end of January because it’s my birthday! 🙂 Have fun in Florida and I cannot wait for Charles’ cookbook. I need more Vietnamese cookbooks in my life. xoxo

  14. Snippets of Thyme

    How fun for us to see your travels and projects that are keeping you busy. Good luck in Florida working on that cookbook shoot and we’d love to see how something like that is pulled together. Bon Voyage.

  15. Maureen

    What a wonderful job you have! I envy your next week job. It’s an idyllic place.

  16. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga

    Wow…you two are living a fabulous life and jet-setting! I’m sure it feels wonderful, and hectic, and like a bit of a flurry, but it’s great to read about all you have going on and you deserve all these good things!

  17. Jeni

    oh my goodness, so many lovely pictures of food. and there’s more to come?! i might die!

    cannot wait to see these cookbooks come out! esp the one on vietnamese cooking. my mom’s absolutely useless in this field. she just tells me, “oh i put this and that and a bit of this other stuff.” and i’ll ask back, “but how much?” i never get a response though.

  18. JamesMNgo

    Bam! First picture is BiRite best ice cream ever! ^_^

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