Mini Bread Board Giveaway- Handmade from the Heart

*This giveaway has ended. Thank you everyone for participating! Twitter and Facebook selected the winners. I asked for a number between 1 and 431. I took the first answer from Twitter- Comment #50 is one winner. And the first answer from Facebook: comment #318 is the second winner.


Hello lovely friends. I went shopping again and spent quite a bit of time on Etsy. And this is always a good thing.

Searching through stores of handmade crafts on Etsy is something I can spend hours doing. Ultimately I get click happy and start adding to my cart every time I see something beautifully hand made. And if it has anything to do with vintage linens, paper or food styling props, it is super click happy-time.

I was so super stoked to find these handmade individual bread boards by Diana at Our Vintage Home Love! All the bread boards made by Diana are custom and each are unique with their own special characters based on the wood, stain and shape.

What made me fall more in love with these boards is Diana’s story. Please read her bread board story. I cried a few times. Tissues please.

Handmade and homemade items made with love are so dear to me. Each piece weaves in a special story, a bit of the past and when I can hold it in my hands, I feel so much more inspired to love, share and give back.

So I went extra click happy and purchased a set of these boards to give away!

They are so beautifully hand crafted and are the perfect size for food photography and styling too. I just adore the different shapes of the boards and especially the lovely handles.

Diana also sells a larger selection of boards on her Etsy Store.

Good lucky everyone!

hugs and love,


I purchased a set and will be giving away 2 boards to 2 different winners!

Lovely mini bread boards are hand made. Two winners will receive 2 boards. Leaves & apricots not included. But I will be giving away these vintage linens next week!

Details of bread board giveaway: (3 chances to win)

  • I purchased a set of these boards and will be giving away 2 boards to 2 different winners!
  • 1st chance to win: Leave a comment below and let me know what you would do with the boards if you won
  • 2nd chance to win: Follow me on twitter and tweet this giveaway with my handle included @WhiteOnRice . Leave your second comment with a link to show me that you tweeted it.
  • 3rd chance to win: Go read Diana’s bread board story. Cry a little. Let me know that you read it and leave the 3rd comment below.
  • Giveaway ends on Wednesday 21, 2011 at midnight PST.
  • Sometime during Thursday 22, 2011 I will ask twitter to give me  a number. The comment number matching the first twitter response will be the first winner. I will do this a second time on our Facebook Page.  Limit one set of boards per person.
  • Please note, all these boards are handmade so the set I ordered to giveaway might not look exactly like the photographs.
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  1. Kelly

    What a touching story on her bread board making and inspiration.

  2. Kelly

    I’ve been working on making a good sourdough bread. What beautiful boards to cut them on!

  3. annelise

    I’d use it as a cheese board at my next dinner party!

  4. annelise

    I read the story

  5. Garrett

    I would use it for photography and cheese boards. =)

  6. Lizzy

    I read her beautiful story. How wonderful that her dad had so much confidence in her and that she finally spread her wings and learned that her dad was right. These are an absolute beautiful honor to her dad.

  7. Jen P

    Chop vegetables for a warm winter vegetable soup.

  8. Nathan

    I’ve been looking for a new cutting board! I have a counter-top one in my house, but my roommates leave it stained and filthy, and I’d love to avoid dealing with that. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to use one of those to take down our fruit fly infestation due to the current cutting board situation…

  9. Jane M

    I would serve my family every day on these nice boards! Yes indeedy!

  10. cynthia

    I love any story about a daughter and her dad- my dad is has been in hospital for months.
    He’s my hero!

  11. cynthia

    I love these rustic boards for cutting cheeses, breads, snacks. They are beautiful.

  12. Rachael

    If I won this breadboard, I would start my own bread board blog. ” The Daily Bread Board”! A new photo each day of something that’s cooking in my kitchen, displayed on the bread board with inspirational words or quote for the day as well!

  13. Rebecca

    I read her story. *Sniff*. I’m totally a Daddy’s girl. I get it.

  14. Rebecca

    Those are just gorgeous! I would use them! That’s what I’d do. I’d use them in every possible way. I’d use them as sandwich boards for my kids, bread boards at the table, in photographs, as a paddle. (I kid, I kid. No paddling here.) They’re gorgeous!

  15. keith

    Ummm, yes please! I love the look of these!

  16. Cobi

    Aww, I love that Diana was inspired by her father to make the bread boards. So sweet

  17. Cobi

    I would use the board everyday for all of my food prep and food photography!

  18. Freja

    Lovely story too.

  19. Freja

    Ooh, these look lovely!

  20. Kelly J

    I would love to hang those on my wall as art and then use them to slice and serve cheese and summer sausage on!

  21. Angela

    What beautiful bread boards…and touching story.

  22. Dish

    I would serve food to friends on them.


    I tweeted!! I tweeted! Alittlepicnic re tweeted!


    I adore these gorgeous boards! I would use them for my food blog. I don’t have a lot of pretty kitchen items, and I’ve been making do. These would change the whole game!!!

  25. Alicia A.

    I would have a party and use them to serve cheese!

  26. Olivia

    Awhh! That’s such a sweet story; it reminds me of me and my dad!

  27. Tori

    and finally, a sweet and heartwarming story from Diana @ Our Vintage Home Love. Just the kind of tale one loves to hear during the holiday season.

  28. Olivia
  29. Tori

    annnnd, I would tweet about this fab giveaway:!/tvtsu

  30. Tori

    I would use them for photography and serving crostini!

  31. Olivia

    They’re so nice. I would use them to have a pretty type of interesting plates!

  32. Kathi Higgins

    I have started a collection of fabulous cutting boards and these definitely fir the bill! They would hang proudly in my kitchen…and would be put to good use in many culinary adventure, as well! Pretty please????

  33. Jenny

    These boards are so pretty, I would definitely be using them for entertaining! Probably to put my favorite cheeses, meats and roasted veggies for an antipasto platter!

  34. Foodguystl

    As a homebrewer I am interested in making spent grain beer bread. What an accompaniment to homemade bread from homemade beer would it be to cut it on this homemade cutting board.

  35. Connie Bolick Lee

    I tweeted about the giveaway. Twitter handle, @ConnieBolickLee

  36. Connie Bolick Lee

    I would probably want to hang these boards up in my kitchen for decoration. If I needed to chop something up, it would be handy, ha!

  37. wen

    beautiful…chopping veggies is what I am going for…

  38. Danielle

    boards are beautiful! I would use as a serving platter!

  39. ironstef

    great story! I am a sucker for stories about dads who leave behind legacies. My dad is one of the big reason’s I’m so obsessed with food! He was the cook of the family, and he was amazing at it. I wish he could taste some of the meals I make today. Thanks for sharing!

  40. ironstef

    Limes for cocktails, fancy cheeses, fine sausages…. photo ops! So many uses. I love these little boards!

  41. Lisa Mays
  42. Lisa Mays

    I read the bread story, so touching! It made me tear up!

  43. Lisa Mays

    I will use the bread board for my blog to photograph! When I am finished with them, I will use them as a decoration in my rustic kitchen! Recycle, Reuse!

  44. Ken G.

    Is it horrible that I wouldn’t use it to cut on, but instead keep it on my counter, stacking a few apples and pears or a banana or two on top of it? It looks so beautiful.

  45. nicole

    I read diana’s bread board story about her making them based upon a suggestion from her father.

  46. nicole

    I would love to have new cutting boards. I feel that you can not have too many of them. For one thing I’d love to hang them on our chalkboard wall. I’d love to see the contrast

  47. Meri Violette

    I would definetly use it to make some Artisan bread for Christmas, like I do every year. I left my bread board at our cabin in the mountains, and a someone who rented the cabin misused it and accidentally broke it. I would also use it for my photography, it would be great to use for cooking tutorials. Her story is absolutely amazing, and like you I cried several times.

  48. Laura Engel

    These are perfect! What a fantastic gift for the holidays 🙂

  49. Kristie

    I have two cutting boards. They came in a package set and they’re both white ugly plastic that are beginning to wear after having been sent through the wash one too many times. Since starting up my blog, I’ve avoided any sort of picture involving a cutting board. I would love a gorgeous wood one to help get my food photography off the ground.

  50. Sheila

    I believe her dad has seen the boards. He’s her angel watching over her. I’d love to have these boards to share the story with my grandchildren. They are learning about food styling and setting tables to the benefit of the meal and event.

  51. Lisa { AuthenticSuburbanGourmet }

    First – now you have me inspired to jump onto Etsy and search for hidden treasures. I would use these as props in my blog and also for a small cheese board for my next dinner party. Happy Holidays!

  52. Manali

    Very sweet story and thanks for the giveaway! I would use them for a lovely cheese platter for our holiday party!

  53. vi nguyen

    I would love to use it to display small bites or charcuterie and cheeses at our annual holiday dinner party with friends and family.

  54. Angie W

    Her story is beautiful as well. My dad has actually made me a gigantic wooden cutting board that fit specific counter measurements I had and it is the greatest gift I have ever been given.

  55. Angie W

    I would use them for both photography and for a serving platter. So beautiful!

  56. Kasie

    These a beautiful. I would display them on the wall. I would probably take them down and use them for serving bread on special occassions.

  57. Kasie

    These a beautiful. I would probably hang them on the wall. I would take them down for serving break on special occassions.

  58. Tina W.

    I would end up using one as a trivet and one as a most beautiful bread and cracker board.

  59. Jennie

    I would use one of these lovely bread boards when family and friends come over to serve pretty little appetizers on.

  60. S.E.

    What a lovely story! It makes me want to take up woodworking so I can share a bond like that with friends or (someday, hypothetical) kids.

  61. theresa

    I come from a big Italian family and we have a tradition of baking bread as they did in the old days. I have a “mamma'” which I keep in my refrigerator to use as a starter and, every Saturday, I bake crusty round Tuscan loaves to have for my family for the week. You know, for Italians, bread is sacred! And those beautiful bread boards would be the perfect altar for my rustic loaves! A perfect pairing of two items “artigianali” made with love!

  62. S.E.

    I would use them to serve the better of my homemade bread experiments.

  63. HapaMama

    Diana’s dad would be proud. The boards look really similar to a one I made in junior high woodshop, and I wish I still had those. One of these boards would be very close 😉

  64. Angela Gibb

    One for me (my birthday is tomorrow!), and the other for my mom… both of us have lost our fathers, and we were just sitting in front of the Christmas tree last night talking about my dad (her husband) last night. It’s only been 2 years since my father passed away, so I’ll wait until I’m at home alone to read the story…… I’m afraid I’m still a little too fragile to pull that off during the day in front of others…. My mom and I also both love handmade, natural artisanal products, so I can’t think of a better thing to win (for me!), and to share w/my mom.

  65. Hannah M.

    Just read the story, too-very sweet 🙂

  66. Hannah M.

    I would give my dad one, to show off his homemade bread, and maybe use the other for serving cheese or fruit or just about anything else!

  67. Julie Shafer

    I would use these to serve breads at family gatherings, perfect place for sharing Grammy’s favorites!
    I would also use these in food photography for our family cookbook in the works.

  68. Miranda

    I would hang them in the kitchen (we need to decorate!), and maybe use them to jump start my food photography.

  69. Clare Heaton

    I’d use them as side plates for my homemade bread.

  70. Jamie

    These bread boards are amazing… I’d use them to put together some beautiful charcuterie plates!

  71. JT

    I’d use them as gorgeous cheese boards!

  72. sharon

    I would use it for a holiday wine & cheese party!

  73. Deeba Rajpal (@vindee)

    I love the vintage look and the grains…hand made stuff is always precious. I am guilty of spending oodles of hours on Etsy {and Pinterest too}. I would save these as food props if my name were to be picked. They are gorgeous!!

  74. Jane

    Love Diana’s story. What a nice way to honor her dad.

  75. Jane
  76. Jane

    I love the little bread boards. I would use them to chop herbs, serve cheese crackers, make garlic/salt paste…..oh so many options.

  77. Jmyoung

    Just read her story. I really love how her father inspired her to create something so beautiful.

  78. Jmyoung

    I would give it to my mother to use.

  79. Nancy

    I read Diana’s bread board story. Very nice that she could make the boards for her friends and honor her Dad.

  80. Nancy

    I would display them on my kitchen/dining room wall and pull them down when I want to use them!

  81. Cynthia A.

    A wedge of goat cheese, piece of honeycomb, some watercress and a thick slice of bread should fit on a board nicely.

  82. scot

    Those bread cutting boards would be a great addition to our kitchen. I’ve been on a bread baking quest for years and love the process of baking bread. I’ve searched on etsy before, thanks for sharing this beautiful product.

  83. Cynthia

    I would use them to serve bread and cheese on.

  84. Kelsey B

    I would use it for serving food at parties!

  85. Sarah

    I’ve just discovered you gorgeous site and I must say, I’m in love! If I had one of these boards I’d bake more and use them in ALL my photography! Diane’s story is very beautiful, I lost my grandfather 4 years ago and he was an incredible wood worker, I wish I’d learned more from him. Her tribute to him is heartfelt and touched me personally. Thank you <3!/Capisen38


  86. Dave

    I read Diana’s story and can appreciate her desire to create as a way to retain her memories alive.

  87. Dave

    My wife makes delicious sandwiches on homemade sourdough bread. I bet she could use these as plates!

  88. David Moore

    Just a couple of days ago, I was Skyping with my brother who lives across the country. In a frightening/exciting life step, I have just moved into a new apartment after 16 years in my old place and after the recent end of a 17-year relationship. As I was giving him the tour of my new home via my iPad (which I was carrying around as a very portable video camera), we got to the kitchen. On my counter, he spotted a beautiful cutting board that he’d made out of several different woods and which he’d given to me as a Christmas gift a dozen years ago.

    “Is that the cutting board I made?!” he asked, excitedly. I said yes, and told him that I’d used it almost every day since he gave it to me. You can imagine how much it pleased him to hear that piece of information.

    I may not be a collector of antiques or obsessed with inanimate objects — but even I know that things are often not just “things.”

  89. Kristin

    These are beautiful! I would love to use them for entertaining family and friends – slicing bread, cheeses, etc.

  90. Melissa | Dash of East

    Beautiful bread boards! Perfect for food styling and photographing 😉 Oh, and holiday entertaining and anytime entertaining for that matter.

  91. gail

    Read the bread board story. My dad likes to do woodworking too.

  92. gail

    would use for bread, cheese, crackers

  93. Roberta

    What a heartfelt story that is bittersweet. I am so glad that Diana found the confidence in herself
    that her Dad knew that she had in her all along! With every bread board that she creates with the
    same ‘loving care’ just like her beloved Dad did is such a wonderful tribute to his loving memory! 🙂

  94. Roberta

    I just Tweeted this using your “handy dandy” button above I don’t know how to ‘link it’ but I am
    @flyingjewel-Roberta Perez and finally….. I follow you! But I have been following you guys long
    before ‘The Bread Boards Giveaway’!! (Just don’t jump off a cliff or anything cuz’ I’m right behind you guys!!)

  95. Roberta

    What!?! Two boards!! I read too fast!! I would use one and display one or keep one and” play it forward” and make a friend very happy for Christmas!!

  96. Roberta

    Forget about breaking bread!! I’d use this beautiful board to cut it on but very carefully!! And I would
    use it to present yummy cheeses & fruits! And I would display it and enjoy it!! Always remembering
    the background story……. of the Bread Board.

  97. Emi

    Diane’s story about her father being the inspiration for her work really strikes a chord. He would be so proud of what beautiful work she is doing now.

  98. Emi

    I have been on the look out for boards for serving breads a and cheeses, that have both a rustic quality but are not overly pricey.

  99. Diane Wood

    Went to Diana’s webpage and love that she mentioned Bellingham. That’s where I live and thrive! Yup, I share the northwest with her. Love it. Going to use her idea for lighted branches, too.

  100. Diane Wood

    I do believe I would give one of the boards to my sister who taught me how to be a foodie. The other I would use for two things; one – I have the perfect, open space to hang it on my kitchen wall. Second, I’d use it as it was intended – as a coveted cutting board for everyday use.

  101. Janet

    I would use it to serve a cheeseball and crackers

  102. kelsey chase

    I would use them to display and serve all kinds of food for my family and when I host parties. They are perfect!

  103. Linda Heathington

    I would keep one and pass one on to my sister.

  104. Lisa

    My husband and I were recently at a restaurant that served the yummiest cheese and meats on a board very much like these. It inspired us to invite guests over after the holidays and treat them to the same lovely display of foods. Would love to have one to use for this occasion!

  105. Louise

    I would put grapes, apples and cheese on the beautiful board.

  106. Tristan

    I think I might try my hand at some homemade crackers with lots of cheeses.

  107. Melanie

    Read the story! What a sweet remembrance of her dad!

  108. Melanie

    Love them! I would use them as cheese trays!

  109. Ally

    My friend C. just learned how to make cheese this year & it’s delicious! For Xmas I purchased a cheese recipe book for her. I’d give her the bread boards so she could serve us cheese & bread at her next cheese party.

  110. Shirley

    I read Diana’s story. And you know what? Even if I don’t win the ones here, I may just pick up a set from her Etsy site. I know my daughter would use them on her blog and share the history behind them.

  111. Shirley

    I tweeted your giveaway at!/ShirleyTMadsen.

  112. Jennifer

    I read Diana’s bread board story…what a great memory and honor of her father!

  113. Jennifer

    I would use them everyday for cutting everything and hang it where it is handy and visible. I don ‘t tweet or Facebook, sorry. But I love your blog!

  114. Shirley

    My daughter writes a food blog and she really wants these cute cutting boards. I would have to give them to her if I won them! I know she would take very good care of them.

  115. Cindy

    I would just leave them on my kitchen counter for the whole world to see 🙂 That and use it as a plate for everything!

  116. Sara P.

    Love Diana’s bread board story. Thanks for letting me know about this Etsy shop!

  117. Sara P.

    I would make a beautiful cheese, dried fruit and nut plate. These are lovely boards!

  118. Stefani

    I read Diana’s story–such a sweet way to keep memories of her father going!

  119. Stefani
  120. Stefani

    Beautiful boards! I would use them to serve cheese, fruit, and bread on!

  121. Diana

    Wow, beautiful story on why she makes these boards. What a great way to honor her father’s memory!

  122. Uli C

    The bread boards are beautiful. I think they would be fabulous to serve all sorts of different things. From bread and cheese to fresh fruit to dessert. They would also make a great starting point for a table centerpiece.

  123. Dianne Moore

    I would use them to cut thick slices of homemade multigrain bread on!!

  124. Paula @ Dishing the Divine

    these boards are delicious! When not being used as blog props, I think I’d like to serve fruits and cheeses on them for a party!

  125. Diana

    I’ve started making my own bread and would love to use these bread boards!

  126. Sara

    Oh, these are so lovely! I have been looking for bread boards like these for quite a while, so thank you for scouting them. I would hang them on my kithchen wall and start a new collection, and buy a new one – or two – every year for Christmas.

  127. YellowRoseTexas

    Corrected email address for notification.

  128. YellowTexasRose

    I would live to use this board to serve Italian bread with the freah New Olive Oil I recently brought back from Italy. It would look and taste yummy. Its always in the presentation!

  129. Sarah

    I can remember helping my dad with small woodworking projects when I was little and still have some of them. Handmade items like these help bring back wonderful memories of the hands that made or inspired them.

  130. Sarah

    Mini bread boards would be perfect for serving treats in my mini apartment with a touch of home!

  131. Amanda Thompson

    Diana’s story reminds me of my grandpa ~ he loved building and creating things in his tool shed!

  132. Amanda Thompson

    I would throw a dinner party and lovingly display a selection of cheeses & bread!

  133. Linda

    What a lovely story. I envy people with fond memories of their fathers. Unfortunately, not all of us have such lovely memories. I would be honored to share the memories of her dad through these lovely boards.

  134. Jennifer Pack

    Diana’s story makes me appreciate watching my own daughter and husband working on projects together so much more!

    Thanks for this opportunity x3!!

  135. Jennifer Pack
  136. Linda

    Hmm, what would I do with them (besides cherish them)? I’m confined to a chair and cooking and food prep is difficult for me. I might use these lovely boards to help me do prep work at a table in my dining area. Oh, and is the brittle included? 😎

  137. venu

    What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing everything you do -just adds more beauty to all our lives…

  138. Debbie Ucci

    I would leave them sitting on my kitchen cabinets. Whenever anyone commented on how beautiful they were, I would say “well I won them from this fabulous blog, you need to check it out”

  139. Jennifer Pack

    These are amazing and gorgeous! We have weekly dinners with our closest friends and you could bet these would grace our table on those dates. I’d especially use them in photos for the blogs I write for … lovely crafts(wo)manship!

  140. Lori Narlock

    I just read Diana’s story. I wish I could say I am heading to the garage to honor my father and brother, but it is my sister who got the craftsman genes while I got the cooking skills. I admire someone who can make things with their hands and Diana’s story resonated with me. My father wore plaid wool Pendelton shirts, which I have stored away for my son, when he worked in the garage, worrying over every detail to make sure everything is perfect. It breaks my heart that he isn’t here to teach my son, who he never met, to build with wood. I tell my son stories often about “papa” and what he could do and how he learned it from his father and uncles who were all craftsmen and build buildings and houses all over the SF Peninsula. Thank you for telling this story. Happy Holidays.

  141. Liz Slater

    Oh my…I love bread boards!!! I love making homemade bread and serving them on bread boards instead of a basket. These are beautiful, and my sund-dried tomato bread would look divine on them!

  142. Ilene

    I would use them to serve cheese on

  143. Colleen

    What a beautiful story. I really want these individual bread boards for every one in my family!

  144. Kristina

    Just read Diana’s story. So sweet and thank you so much for sharing her blog with us. I am in awe of her beautiful house and the DIY transformations she’s done. It’s inspiring! Now I must go back and ask her where she found that cute vintage chalkboard.

  145. Lori Narlock

    I couldn’t help myself. I bought a set for a good friend. Here’s my link to twitter to encourage others to enter this contest:!/lorinarlock

  146. Alison

    What a touching story and tribute to her dad. So glad she decided to start making them again.

  147. Naomi

    That’a a very nice story, it’s lovely when we can create things that connect us to our past and people we love.

  148. Naomi

    Oh, these are lovely! I would use them to serve brie with my homemade apricot cranberry chutney. I have a great spot to hang them too!

  149. Alison

    These are gorgeous! I imagine the board would look lovely with cheese and fruit.

  150. Lori Narlock

    What wouldn’t I do with these boards?! They are so lovely. I’d like to serve lunch on them–everyone get’s their own “sandwich board” or hang them on the wall for everyone to see. But, I have to admit I’m a bit of cutting board hoarder. I have a small collection–some purchased, some handmade including one my brother made for my father and one my father made for his mother. Both my brother and father were amazing woodworkers and both passed away too young. I treasure their cutting boards as part of their memories.

  151. Stephanie G.

    i love the look of the boards….I would display cheese & tasty bread for New Year’s celebration.
    thank you for the chance to win!

  152. Kristina

    I’ve been fortunate enough to see the bread boards in your studio and had a not-so-small twinge of envy. These are absolutely lovely. I would use them for home made bread, of course, during parties, and also as props for my food photos.

  153. KC

    I doubt that I would cut anything on them, but use them just for serving and photos of course. Lovely set of boards.

  154. Katie Jelle

    I would love them first of all!! And also have the displayed somewhere in my kitchen for everyone to see! They are beautiful!

  155. Louise

    My husband is spending the next half of his live perfecting French bread. This would be a great tool for him.

  156. Colleen

    Fruit and cheese would look beautiful on these!

  157. Renee

    Pay it forward – bake with my girls for neighbors and friends and
    assemble and wrap as gifts! I keep our family memories alive
    through our recipes (sometimes updated) – it’s so nice how
    Diana keeps her memories alive with such beautiful bread boards.

  158. Lisa

    I would use them as a serving platter every dinner!

  159. Kristen Hess

    Touching story..I love that she pursued her passion with her Father as her inspiration. I’ll definitely check out her store on Etsy..beautiful stuff!

  160. Kristen Hess

    Tweeted this to my followers today! –>!/artfulgourmet

  161. Kristen Hess

    These handmade boards are gorgeous! I would definitely use them at home for serving breads and also use them at cocktail parties for serving cheese, crackers, appetizers and other goodies!

  162. Effie

    i’d use it as a sandwich board; it would be absolutely delightful on my counter top!

  163. Tracy

    I would knead my bread on this beautiful board.

  164. athena

    Diana’s story is so touching and made me think of my own dad. He was a serious hobbyist in photography and I “inherited” his love for it. Even if I don’t win a bread board I’m going to support Diana’s shop and purchase a set of the mini boards. Her work is amazing.

  165. Zohar

    The boards are so simple and beautiful.
    I would love to win one!

  166. athena
  167. Carrie Oliver

    I would use these to relaunch my blog – they would make a nice platform for showing off steaks from my favorite ranches.

  168. athena

    I’d use the board (which are beautiful, by the way) to serve quince paste and manchego cheese 😉

  169. Penny Patterson

    I enjoyed the story about the bread boards very much, but I also really love her ideas for rustic decorating and some of her DIY projects using reclaimed materials.

    Thank you for introducing me to her site and I would LOVE to win those bread boards – what a great story behind them!!!

  170. Katie @ Epicurean Mom

    Such an inspiring story. Her father, although not physically there, is there cheering his little girl on as she takes her dads love and makes it her own.

  171. Katie @ Epicurean Mom

    I, of course, follow you on Twitter! Tweeted! 🙂

  172. Katie @ Epicurean Mom

    Gorgeous D & T! Besides lovely food photography I could see these as great entertaining items. Bread board, cheese board, etc.. Love them!

  173. Kim Henrichs

    I would give this to my best friend who LOVES to cook!

  174. Marnely Rodriguez

    I read her story… I love how she remembers her Dad through her craft.

  175. Marnely Rodriguez

    I’d use them as a bread basket/tray!

  176. Jean

    I love both 1) unique objects made out of beautiful wood and 2) most things mini, so these look amazing to me. In addition to loaves of bread, I see a lovely fruit and cheese presentation possible here…

  177. Jessie L.
  178. Jessie L.

    I would use them for our bread or maybe a cheese plate with apples. They are so sweet!

  179. Gail {A Stack of Dishes}

    I would put the board in my new kitchen, serve dear friends treats on them and take a photo to show you.

  180. Tamara

    So beautiful. I’d use it in my quest to become a better food photographer.

  181. Sue/the view from great island

    I love breadboards of all kinds, they give a kitchen a homey feel. I would leave mine out on the counter and probably use it for my morning toast, slicing apples for a snack, and serving cheese at night. I will check out the etsy site, it sounds wonderful.

  182. Andrea M

    These are beautiful. I would want to hang it and use it to cut my fresh breads on. This is just lovely.

  183. brittany

    I read Diana’s story. It’s wonderful that she continues to honor his memory by wood working.

  184. brittany

    I tweeted the giveaway!

  185. brittany

    I would use those to cut up my vegetable for some tom yum soup!

  186. roseann
  187. roseann

    that is indeed a very sweet story! makes me feel like i should just go out there and JUST DO IT!!!

  188. roseann

    cheese plates!! yes!

  189. Deepa

    Might’ve combined my chance #1 with chance #3, but at least I saved #2 in this tweet 🙂!/Paticheri/status/147974065360084992

  190. Deepa

    I’ve been searching for good breadboards for a long time, but objects that come with their own stories to tell, their own histories and memories, are more valuable by far than anything from even the best cookery shops–a bit like used books with notes in margins, which I’ve always preferred to new ones. I’d use this every day halfway around the world from where it was made–I live and work in Pondicherry, after 20+ years in Toronto and Houston–I’d enjoy its loveliness each time, I’d tell the story of how they were made to my kids, and anyone else who asked. It would have another life in my kitchen, on my table, and in my writing, but one that always recalled its past, honoring its creator and her father’s craft with each use. I know that I’ve just combined my 1st and 3rd chances to win this in one post, perhaps lost one shot of three in the process–but I can’t see that what I’d do with the board is separable at all from Diana’s story. How could it be? I love surrounding myself with beautiful things, each one a tale unto itself, not merely a prop. I hope this will be one of them.

  191. sweetmaddy

    I would use them to serve bread on!

  192. JamesMNgo

    I would love to win these boards, I would love to use this to show off some tasty bread. Props like these would actually can give my food photography a new dimension.

  193. Jen

    great way to honor her Dad.

  194. Jen

    I successfully made my first loaf of bread today so naturally I’d use it for bread and probably cheeses.

  195. RezbiMonnan

    I would use it for everything… Make it versatile.. Cheese.. Bread… Cracker n cheese spread… If its a big one use it to put pizza on… The list can go on… Or simply to put baking goods on it…

  196. Livia

    That is a touching story, and the boards are just gorgeous. I’d use it for so many things: slicing mini loaves, food blogger potlucks, and for displaying samples at my local food swaps.

  197. Livia

    That is a touching story, and the boards are just gorgeous.

    I’d use it for so many things: slicing mini loaves, food blogger potlucks, and for displaying samples at my local food swaps.

  198. Kei

    I would use it to cut bread and other things on.

  199. Angie R.

    Very touching story!

  200. Kate

    I would love to bring them out with homemade jam and crackers at a holiday party!

  201. mel

    very inspirational story – in honour of her dad

  202. mel

    I would use them for individual servings of bread at the table.

  203. lauren @ the talking kitchen

    i’d also use them for taking pics with the blog. these are amazing food props.

    i tweeted 🙂!/la_fig

  204. Abigail (aka Mamatouille)

    They would be great to put candles and flowers on for a centerpiece at dinner, and also to slice up fruit and put out on the table as a serving tray for my kiddiewinks.

    Or make a pot of green tea and serve my Japanese tea set on it.

  205. lauren @ the talking kitchen

    Love the boards, I would use them as serving platters for cheese, crackers and other appetizers. Perfect for simple rustic entertaining.

  206. Angie R.
  207. Angie R.

    I would use them for the breads I want to bake!

  208. Sally cameron

    Diane, loved Diana’s site. What a terrific story. It’s neat when something utilitarian is also a thing of beauty that you take joy in using. Whether we win or not, I’ll have to order from Diana. I’ve emailed to see if she could make larger boards as well. Thanks for a great post, a great story, lovely photos and a new site to visit. hugs!

  209. Rona Y

    What a bittersweet story–so wonderful that her father inspired her to create something so beautiful, yet sad that he never got to see them.

  210. Sally cameron

    Entry #2 on twitter
    @WhiteOnRice are hosting a terrific giveaway of beautiful, handmade breadboards. Just lovely, Sure could use them for our shoots! Thx Diane

  211. Rona Y

    I’d use them to serve cheeses or sweets at my famous afternoon tea parties!

  212. Sally cameron

    Diane, I’m sure you already know what I would say after our conversation about breadboards. We’d be shooting with them for our blog! They look just beautiful. Handcrafted with love. We purchased an antique cutting board months ago and use it to death. We really need to add to our collection. Thanks for a great post and link to a place we can read more.

  213. Christine S.

    Read Diana’s Bread Board Story! Truly touched and reminded me to truly cherish the times that I have with my momma. & such a good idea to use mini bread boards for each person as a plate. & that gave me the idea to use the boards for sushi at home! Wonderful!

  214. Dani G.

    I told Diana that her Dad was no doubt really proud of her! It’s a lovely story.

  215. Christine S.

    FOLLOWing white on rice on twitter! Tweeted the giveaway on twitter as well~

  216. Gina DiMartino

    I would give them to my dad because when I was washing his dishes today I noticed that his bread board is cracking and he deserves a new one!

  217. Christine S.

    First, I would stare it at. Second, stare at it a little more and maybe wipe off my drools. Then, I would finally bake a loaf of chestnut bread and let it sit there… looking all pretty. & to truly appreciate the beautiful boards, I would take tons of pictures!

  218. Wendy L

    I would make something from the heart cut on something made from the heart.

  219. Rebecca Ferguson-Ondrey

    What beautiful boards! I would love to use this bread board like a blank canvass and add to it all kinds of food art. And then, I’d photograph it. Finally, I would eat the food, and then dream up the next delicious concoction. Then, repeat!

  220. Vanessa

    Ohh love these boards! I would use them to display anything beautiful. It’d be nice for a cheese or charcuterie platter!

  221. Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic

    I’d love to win an adorable bread board! I’ll use it for sure whenever I have company and also for food shots for my blog 🙂

  222. Greg
  223. Faith

    I don’t have twitter, so I couldn’t tweet it. I DID however read the post on her father, what a lovely memorial to give to everyone. So sweet.


  224. Faith

    I would probably use them everyday for everything: cutting fruit, serving cheese, making sandwiches… the possibilities are endless!


  225. Greg

    I would use these for meats/cheese/bread, and of course, all of the above for great photos too!

  226. Margaret

    Also… if I had a pair, I would use these boards for my next party–would definitely make a great cheese-tasting buffet! 😉 Thank you sincerely for this wonderful giveaway. It is really kind of you Diane!

  227. Paul

    Maybe have the confidence to start my own food blog!

  228. Margaret

    What a touching story… and so wonderful that it was the source of inspiration for these boards! I am a daddy’s girl too. 🙂

  229. Marit S.

    So glad you are promoting Etsy here on White on Rice. If I had those boards I would use them when I make my small batch preserves, like Christine Ferber’s Alsatian Apricot.

  230. Amy Tong

    What a wonderful and touching story behind these bread board. They are really the perfect gifts for Christmas. Thanks for introducing me to these beauties.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  231. Lindsay

    Very pretty. Love the vintage character! If I won I’d definitely incorporate this into photos of more than just bread and cheese. 🙂

  232. Amy Tong

    I’m following you on twitter and tweeted about this giveaway:!/uTry_it/status/147849273063653378

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  233. Amy Tong

    These boards are gorgeous! If I won, I would use them to carry my creations in the kitchen…and take photos for my food blog. 🙂 I know they’re going to pop in my pictures.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  234. Christine

    Diana’s story of the bread boards is so sweet. Just wrote a series on my parents who are gone. It’s wonderful to have a way to honor our memories with them. More power to her!

  235. Olga @ MangoTomato

    These are SO pretty! They’d look pretty in my newly painted kitchen. And of course I’d use them as props for the blog.

  236. Christine

    I’m a cheese lover and one of these boards would be perfect for the nights when dinner is cheese (at room temp.) accompanied by one or two types of fruits and veggies. Of course, a few slices of baguette. Living alone I try to make at least one meal a day special in some way, just for me!

  237. Julie @ Willow Bird Baking

    And I tweeted about the giveaway (@julieruble)

  238. Julie @ Willow Bird Baking

    I read the story — SO sweet <3 I love that that's how the concept was born.

  239. Julie @ Willow Bird Baking

    These are beautiful! I’d definitely use them in photos.

  240. Allison

    keep one and give one to my mom

  241. Lori

    Cheese bread and olives! I love these boards!

  242. martina fegan

    I read Diana’s story – I am sure her dad would be proud.

  243. martina fegan

    I would donate them to our annual Love Crop for A Cure silent auction to raise money to find a cure for Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes. My grandsons and a number of my students have juvenile diabetes.

  244. Joan M

    oops – forgot to say what to use it for. Something small and scrumptious – fruit, cheese, homemade bread w/homemade jam, a perfect chocolate.

  245. Joan M

    Lovely post about how the boards came to be. Handcrafted with love, for sure.

  246. AppleTree

    Such a lovely story…

  247. AppleTree

    Cheese plates. Oh, yes.

  248. agnese

    I’ve just read the story of the boards… it’s amazing and beautiful. Making thing with our own hand always create intimate moments. (sorry for my orrible english!)

  249. MikeVFMK

    I just something witty. But I got kicked out. Guess 176 might be lucky after all. Love these boards..I plan on using them in shoots and cutting up my christmas dinner on. Or maybe I’ll just stare at it.

  250. agnese

    I really really love this boards. I will use them for my photos, with cheese maybe, or with Italian salumi. I have 2 boards but they are too big for photos. Bye bye! 😉

  251. MikeVFMK

    Looks like I’m number 176. What are the odds that it’s my favourite number!? Okay, not good. I’ll take my chances…besides, those numbers added up give you a five…nice! that’s only two of my lucky number. Love the boards. I’d use them for shoots and to chop christmas dinner on.

  252. terri

    what a touching story–and a good reminder to tell my own dad more often how much i appreciate him!

  253. terri

    these are almost too nice to use–but they would be wonderful for feeding friends and family at our table.

  254. Crystal

    What a touching story–anyone that has a dad who wood works can relate to it. I know our house is full of items my dad has made over the years.

  255. Crystal

    Sandwiches, homemade bread, cheese and crackers, snacks…what couldn’t I use this bread board for?!

  256. Deborah H

    What a lovely give-away! I would keep one and gift the other- they are too pretty not to share!

  257. Susanna

    Her story is very touching!

  258. Susanna

    I love these bread boards. I’d use it to photograph food and serve my husband’s delicious homemade breads!

  259. LindaS

    I would use them as snack trays!

  260. Jessie

    I’d love to serve cheese on these. They’re so pretty!

  261. Dani G.

    Here’s my tweet. 😉 Can I have one of the apricots, too?!/WhiteOnRice/status/147717943210418177

  262. SoupAddict

    Beautiful story – my late father was a woodworker too, and I also have very special memories of the flannel jacket, chilly garage, and amazing smell of saw dust.

  263. Dani G.

    I love these, too. Because they are SUBSTANTIAL and really crafted. I would use them, but also hang them as fine craft. Did you look at her great home pictures? Really creative!

  264. SoupAddict

    I have a bookshelf now that is nothing but cookbooks. I decorate it with beautiful kitchen items. The boards would sit on the shelves … when not in use. 🙂

  265. Bee | Rasa Malaysia

    I want I want. Have been looking for one for the longest time!

  266. Krystal @ {Mrs. Regueiro's Plate}

    What a touching story and an awesome gift to pass onto friends.

  267. Krystal @ {Mrs. Regueiro's Plate}

    I tweeted the giveaway.!/mrsregueiro

  268. Jenn

    I would finally tackle making gluten free bread and style and photograph them on these beautiful boards!

  269. Thu

    I read Diana’s story

  270. Ingrid

    Just read her story! What a beautiful way to keep the memory of her dad and his work alive!!

  271. Thu

    Think I’m gonna make a loaf of pumpernickel to slice on these boards!

  272. Ingrid

    These are beautiful! I’d find a way to display them prominently so that daily use would be easy

  273. Krystal @ {Mrs. Regueiro's Plate}

    I would use it to serve bread at the table and use it a photography prop. Sooo perfect!!

  274. Kiran @

    I would use it for cheese spreads and photography prop 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!!

  275. jacquelyn sadler

    I would buy four more and use them for snack trays for the neighbors when they come over for wine.

  276. Philby

    These would work perfectly for serving cheese and bread/crackers!

  277. Katherine

    These have so much character. I would to use them for serving cheese, tarts, etc. They would also be great for bread or biscuits.

  278. Penny Patterson

    Handcrafted items are so special. I enjoy shopping for them and meeting the artisans and hearing the stories. I would use these boards everyday as they were meant to be used. Over time they will wear and have the markings of the wonderful food that was prepared on them. I would hope to one day pass them on to my children along with the memories that were made along the way. Such a nice give away.

  279. Debra Steenblock

    love the story about her dad having so much faith in Diana’s ability to make her own boards! so sweet….

  280. Debra Steenblock

    love these boards!! i would use them for hot dishes on the dinning room table and also i would have them adorn my kitchen wall when not in a utilitarian use!! 🙂

  281. Abbhirami

    I also follow you on Twitter now (still learning how to navigate through it!)-!/abbhi_515

  282. Abbhirami

    These bread board are so versatile- for elegant food display and photography!

  283. Meegs

    Read her breadboard story… so so sweet. I love that she can think of her dad every time she makes one.

  284. Meegs

    I would use them to serve my husband and myself fabulous, easy, rustic lunches of cheese, meat, and hunks of crusty bread. Lovely.

  285. Maggie

    I would cut cheese on it, I have so much and use it to serve cheese, crackers and wine!

  286. alicia

    i would serve cheese and cracker on it!

  287. Tiphany Z

    Love her story. It’s amazing what a parents love and strength can encourage!

  288. Tiphany Z

    If I was to win the board I would easily use it to show case the first loaf of bread I make with my two ttwin nephews. Just as my mother taught me I will also show them how to make delicousness fro scratch. And of course get 1/2 the flour over the kitchen and on ourselves.

  289. Liz S

    I would give these to my husband. He loves to cook and bake, the look on his face would be priceless.

  290. Erin

    i would toss a cheeseball on it. i have always wanted to make a cheeseball that actually tasted yummy. this board would be my inspiration!

  291. Holly

    I would use these to serve scones or sliced banana or pumpkin bread, or I could serve my husband a sandwich on it. They are beautiful and unique gifts from the heart.

  292. Mary Ann D.

    I love wooden cutting boards! I would use it to cut fruits & vegetables to make pasta dishes & pies. Sonds so good, I will have to make something right now.

  293. Sarah @ pão e queijo

    I read Diane’s story… how moving. The time I spend with my dad on projects is great because we also talk a lot during those moments. Definitely something to cherish.

  294. Lynx

    I read the Diana’s bread board story. Very touching and inspirational at the same time.

  295. Ellen

    I would create a spread of yummy cheeses, olives and freshly sliced bread.

  296. Sarah @ pão e queijo

    I follow on Twitter and I *tweeted*:!/Sarah_Pardee

  297. Lynx
  298. Lynx

    I would love to win. I bake fresh bread often and just started getting into food photography. This would be a great new addition to help build my props and use for my fresh baked bread.

  299. Sarah @ pão e queijo

    I love Etsy. These boards are gorgeous and unique! I would love to use one to serve cheese to guests, or put a pretty loaf of bread on for food photos 🙂

  300. Arjun Basu

    My favorite boulangerie in the city opened just down the street. I rave about it to anyone who listens. Next time I have people over I’m going to buy a selection of brioches, breads, pastries and buns and cut them up and serve. What better way to serve such deliciousness than on bread boards so lovely?

  301. Lizzy

    I would use these to share food with friends. They are beautiful. I am off to read her story.

  302. Vaishali

    I would use them for bread when company is over!

  303. Tracy

    Read the story. What a nice way to honor her dad’s memory. I love the mini boards in her shop, too.

  304. Jade Sheldon

    Diana’s story is lovely! I know that her father is a part of it in spirit.

  305. Jade Sheldon

    I love cooking but have never owned a quality cutting board. This is so beautiful though that I might have to use it as a serving board to serve fruit, crackers, and cheeses.

  306. Dale

    Perfect for wine and CHEESE!!!!

  307. SusanH

    As I read the bread board story I was so pleased to learn that she had learned the woodworking skill from her dad. Hopefully she will pass it down to her kids. She also has created nice heirloom quality gifts.

  308. Diane

    I love these, they are not only beautiful, but great for food photography. Thank you for sharing them. I would love to see your Etsy favorites! I too spend a lot of time on Etsy looking for cute things. BTW…I am not entering the giveaway as I am just going to go ahead an order a set, just wanted to say that I love them.

  309. Tracy
  310. SusanH

    I would use the mini bread boards for serving cheese – or as invidual boards for my husband and I. Nice to use as they were originally intended.

  311. Susan in the Boonies

    Isn’t it something how doing something with your Dad leads to some of the nicest talks? They forget, and let their guard down when their hands are busy doing something else.

    Yes, I read the sweet story.

  312. Bev Weidner

    OHHH MY WORD. I would shoot with them of course. And then shiver at how beautiful they are.


  313. Tracy

    Well, I might just procure some apricots and flower petals and admire how nice the boards look under them. And serve bread, of course.

  314. Leah

    I have some homemade cashew cheese and would make bread for an appetizer/lunch plate. Persimmons would be beautiful on that wood.

  315. Linda S.

    I read the story; what a meaningful reminder of a special relationship.

  316. Linda S.

    I would use these to slice and serve panettone at Christmas, or to serve cheese and crackers.

  317. Susan in the Boonies
  318. Susan in the Boonies

    I would bake bread and take pictures! Put my Christmas Eve cheese selections on it! Love it, cherish it and name it either White, or Rice.

  319. *Just Fran*

    If I won a beautiful bread board, I would use it for photos for my (lowly little hobby) food blog, and for serving when we have casual parties and get-togethers.

  320. JulieD

    I read Diana’s story, thank you for encouraging us to read it. It reminds us that we need to chase our dreams today, now. Love you both! Thank you!

  321. Mom24@4evermom

    I’ve been making all kinds of artisan breads lately, so I’m sure I would use them for that, but they also scream cheese board to me.

  322. JulieD

    I already follow you on twitter & here my is my tweet!/TheLittleKitchn/status/147751954100125696

  323. JulieD

    I would serve bread to my family at meals on the boards and take photographs with them (of course!). Thank you for sharing Diana’s story and her shop with us.

  324. Sarah L

    I just read Diana’s story. That is wonderful! I think it’s a great way to share something that her dad loved with her children, too.

  325. Bryan C

    That was a nice story and the boards are a lovely tribute to her father.

  326. jeannette

    i would hang these in my kitchen and have them handy for picture taking. i wouldn’t want to ruin it by cutting things on it 😉

  327. Sarah L

    These are beautiful! I would use these to serve my homemade bread. My grandparents always use bread boards, so it would remind me of them, too.

  328. Bryan C

    I’d probably use them to serve cheese at my next wine party. They also would just be pretty to have in my kitchen.

  329. Anu Menon

    I would use it the way we always use cutting boards – with loads of love to make our favourite food and to see our loved ones smile away as they take a bite out of all the stuff we make 🙂

  330. stephanie

    I just finished reading Diana’s story. I think the bread boards are a beautiful tribute to her father and his memory, but also a lovely way to continue building tradition within her own family and sharing that with others. Family dinners are really important to my family too and I hope to continue that when I have my own family!

  331. stephanie

    I now follow you on Twitter! Here’s my tweet about the giveaway:!/kitchenfrolic/status/147745801077129216

  332. stephanie

    These are so beautiful! I love handmade and shop on Etsy whenever I can. If I won the bread boards, I would use them as serving boards for cheese, fruit, etc whenever friends come over. They would definitely make an impression!

  333. Cellabella

    Loved the story as well, I think you can always tell when something is made with love. You can tell that each board has Diane’s father’s inspiration in it!

  334. Cellabella

    I’d use it as a cheese and cracker board for parties!

  335. Emi (Lipe) Love

    Aw.. their story reminds me of my husbands grandfather. He is a woodworker and we have two cutting boards made by him. He no longer can make them (degeneration of eyes) so they are super special even more so now. My husband was gifted woodworking classes for his birthday–I am excited for the opportunity of the tradition to continue in our generation too. ~e

  336. Emi Love

    I would use it to serve cheese and bread on over the holidays 🙂

  337. Missy in Seattle

    LOVE the story!

  338. Missy in Seattle

    I’d use one for cheese, and give the other one to my sister 🙂

  339. Deanna

    I would use them for a cheese platter. Those are beautiful boards.

  340. Daedre

    They’re so pretty, I’d almost be afraid to use them! They’d be great for a cheese platter!

  341. Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar

    I would chop fruit and only fruit on these boards!

  342. Winnie

    Beautiful story. I cried, too!

  343. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga

    read Diane’s story..and that her father passed before he got to see them 🙁

  344. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga

    I like you already, I love you guys, actually 🙂 and these boards are beautiful!

    I have my knife and cutting board out at least 13 times a day chopping up some sort of veggie, fruit, you name it, I chop it!

  345. Winnie

    I tweeted: @WhiteOnRice is giving away lovely handmade bread boards:

  346. Urban Wife

    Also, I just read Diana’s bread board story. What a touching tribute to her Dad’s memory!

  347. Lisa@The Cutting Edge of Ordinary

    Oh I read the story and…I cried.

  348. molly l.

    i’d keep one for myself & send one to my best friend for the holidays. we used to live in the same city and would have weekly homemade dinners together with our husbands. now that we’re far apart, i’d love for each of us to have a cheeseboard to remind us of our dinners together!

  349. Lisa@The Cutting Edge of Ordinary

    I’m Etsy addicted too! I would not only cut everything on these, I would display them proudly. They would fit in perfectly with my country kitchen. Thanks for the chance!

  350. Winnie

    The boards are gorgeous! I’d use them for entertaining and for photos 🙂 And just for staring at…

  351. Micha

    Those are gorgeous. I will add it to my collection of bread boards and cutting boards made by my grandfather and dad. I use those boards of course, double duty-art and useful.

  352. Urban Wife

    If I were the lucky winner, I would actually give them away to my mom – she would love these and I’m sure she would bake up some bread to display on them!

  353. Tori

    I would use this beautiful board to serve my family on Christmas Eve!

  354. sara

    These are so pretty! I like to do cheese tastings with friends sometimes since we have a really fantastic cheese shop near where I live. So, I think I’d use these boards to set out nice cheeses, dried fruit, nuts, etc. – it would be so pretty! 🙂

  355. LiztheChef

    Say, is that my toffee in your shot?!

  356. jen

    Hors de voures tray

  357. LiztheChef

    My board will hang in my kitchen as a reminder of the beautiful energy you share with all of us who walk in your sunshine.

  358. Veronica @ Café con Leche

    I’d use it to chop lots of yummy veggies for a veggie lasagna!

  359. ladywild

    Read the story. Very touching.

  360. Susan M.

    Make mini pizzas and serve them right on the boards. We eat off large boards all the time but these smaller ones can be set right in front of you.

  361. Cassie

    I would give them to my dad. Best cook & best dad ever

  362. Pamela

    Wow. WOW! What would I do? Well as it happens I’d been looking at handmade bread boards online and at craft shows to use as photo props for a virtual project. My mother is elderly and very ill, so I’m trying to help her do something that she’s always wanted to do: write a cookbook. But I’m doing it online, because it’s faster. And I’m working through her and my recipe stash to compile it.

    I haven’t yet gotten into breads, but when I do, this would be dandy for the project. (I’ve got my mom’s lovely linens to showcase, too, as well as her marble board and some other things from her kitchen.)

  363. ladywild

    We entertain often, I would love these for serving appetizers, bread, etc.

  364. d.liff @ yelleBELLYboo

    I read the story – so touching. I love her father’s inspiration to make what we can’t afford – it’s brilliant!

  365. d.liff @ yelleBELLYboo

    I’d give it as a gift to my beautiful Auntie.

  366. Aimee @ ShugarySweets

    I think I would use them for food styling. And maybe serving crackers and cheese. So beautiful!

  367. kc garner
  368. JennyLee

    I’d use them as the backdrop for “food porn” on the food blog that I am going to be launching sometime soon.

    Also, I’m thinking it would be nice to serve focaccia with tomatoes and fresh mozzarella on one in the summer.

  369. Tom S.

    I would chop up some bread on them.

  370. mary @ what's cookin with mary

    If I won, I would use my board for food photography. I’m always looking for pretty cutting boards and pieces of wood for my pictures.

  371. Kate

    following on twitter

  372. merry jennifer

    Ah, daughters and fathers. Those stories always tug at my heart. (yes, I read Diana’s!)

  373. merry jennifer

    I have an old bread board that I use for most of my food photographs. If I had one – or two or three – of these, I’d have to incorporate them into the rotation. I’m sure folks are getting tired of the same ol’ background in my pics. 🙂

  374. Amy

    I would use them as serving pieces. Anything would look great on them!

  375. Lori @ RecipeGirl

    Use for my blog posts, of course! And cheese & crackers w/ friends. What a beautiful giveaway!

  376. laurie

    I would use one to take photographs for TWD, and the other I would give away. 🙂 Pay it forward!

  377. Maria

    Love these! I would use them as props for my blog posts! And stare at them because they are gorgeous!

  378. Angela

    Read the post, cried and had fun poking around the rest of the site. Thanks for pointing me to a fun new site to visit. I can think of lots of friends that would love to get a handmade bread board.

  379. Jennifer Raper

    What a touching story! We all have an attachment to certain things, usually because of the memories they hold.

  380. Diem

    Following and tweeted:!/diemk

  381. Jennifer Raper
  382. Angela

    If I win the 2 little bread boards I will be very happy ;-). Sometimes my son and I have a baked potato bar for dinner and I think it would be lots of fun to put our potatoes on a board instead of a plate.
    OR when company comes each board would feature a beautiful and delicious cheese from Cow Girl Creamery because if there was ever a cheese that deserved its own board it would have to be Red Hawk or Mt. Tam.

  383. hannah

    gosh, those are gorgeous. i’d use them as photography props, for sure. some soup bowls would look gorgeous against that wood.

  384. Julie @BananasForBourbon

    Read Diana’s story. Totally cried.

  385. Jean

    I read the bread board story – awesome! I was reminded of my Uncle Nick’s bread board that had to be about 50 years old. The top had curves in the wood from years of use.

  386. Julie @BananasForBourbon

    I tweeted the giveaway and follow you on twitter. 🙂

  387. Jennifer Raper

    These bread boards are darling! I would definitely use them for my blog photos.

  388. Diem

    So pretty! I would definitely use it for food photography (something I hope to get better with!) since my selection is very limited.

  389. Anne

    I am the regular hostess for my group of friends – they are all in grad school – so once a week they come over and we have a quick homemade meal together and then they scurry back off to the library – so one board will go to putting delightful treats on display for them.

    The other would go to my friend who always supplies us with delicious homemade bread. He has a great starter.

  390. Angharad

    Annnd I read the story. LOVE the idea of making a mini bread board for each person at the dinner table – just lovely.

  391. dtr3

    When I’m not using them, I would hang them on the wall along with my handmade wooden spoons.

  392. Linda B.

    Love the story!

  393. Linda B.

    I’ll use them for cheese and fruit

  394. rachel

    I read the story, it’s really sweet

  395. Nancy G.

    Very nice story. I love that she used the mini boards at each place setting.

  396. Julie @BananasForBourbon

    I would probably use them for any and all food photography for my blog from now on. They are so cute!!!

  397. Angharad

    I also tweeted about your giveaway here:!/Eating4England/status/147722440716451840

  398. rachel

    I would use the boards in my kitchen and as props for photos- I’m currently making a cookbook for my family and friends. These are beautiful!

  399. Angharad

    These are absolutely gorgeous! One word for you: cheese. That’s what I’d do with them 🙂

  400. Nancy G.

    I love bread boards in general and these would be lovely for entertaining as well and would be a nice addition to my very limited food prop box.

  401. My Man's Belly

    Love the worn and rugged look of these boards, they remind me of my grandmother’s. I would use these for charcuterie and cheese boards. I don’t think I could bring myself to cut on them.

  402. Jean

    I have a mild obsession with small cutting boards. I would love to add one of these to my collection – they’re beautiful.

  403. Maggie

    After reading the story, I think I would have to give it to my dad.

  404. Magdalena

    I visited Diana’s blog and read the story. It is so touching that she started making these boards to remember her father and feel closer to him. Really touching. This makes them even more precious! I do hope I win 🙂

  405. Fuji Mama

    Oh my goodness! I read Diana’s bread board story. Now I think EVERYONE should own one of these boards. To have something made with that kind of history is a treasure!

  406. Magdalena

    I would use these boards as serving platters for small tarts. They look so pretty.

  407. Vy

    I would use them to display cheese and roasted vegetables.

  408. Fuji Mama

    I tweeted!

  409. JoAnn

    These are so pretty! I would give mine as a present for one of my chef friends… who happens to be my roommate. (It’s still selfless if half selfish, right?) Thanks!

  410. Shari
  411. Denise

    Just read Diana’s story. A father/daughter relationship cannot get any closer than caring on a family tradition. What is best is that everyone who buys her board and reads her story will share the close bond between a simple board and their time spent during those weekends, to their friends/family.

    Simply lovely.

  412. Kaitlin

    Ok, I did go read the breadboard story. Very touching you’re right. I know her dad looks down on her as she’s doing this now…

  413. Kate

    I read the story. Very sweet about her Dad and the go-get-em spirit.

  414. Fuji Mama

    So many things I would do with these! I would use them in photographs, hang them in my kitchen as decoration, and use them at parties to serve things on. SO PRETTY!

  415. Kate

    The boards are so beautiful. We don’t have any wooden boards so I would use them and mark them up and watch their individual character come out. Thanks for the chance!

  416. Kaitlin

    If I won these beauties I think I’d be inspired to host a wine and cheese party just to show them off 🙂

  417. Shari

    Beautiful bread boards. I love to put cheese and crackers out on beautiful flat surfaces and these would be great. I love how rustic they look

  418. Sam @ The Second Lunch

    These are absolutely beautiful, and I too read her story and got up to get a tissue. It gave me the strong urge to go up and do something, make something, live out a dream. I have a feeling that I’d end up putting one on the counter, and using it in any way possible.

  419. kate

    I would give them to my boyfriend. He makes amazing bread, and I bought him a Shun knife already for Christmas, so this would be the perfect addition to his present.

  420. Heather Mulholland

    Wow … what a very heart filled story that makes such a peace even more beautiful knowing the history behind it. After having a big argument with my Father several months back, which now reading that story seems so petty, this has made me want to rekindle our relationship. Thank you so much!

  421. Denise

    Thank you for doing this! Would love to have a real wooden bread board. As of now, my wooden board is used for daily and one can only capture so much with a single board until you can bored or the picture looks dull. Certainly will use it for styling, with friends over bread, good wine and cheese, and hang it up to give the kitchen a rustic look (when not used).

  422. Stefan

    Lovely boards. I would use them to photograph food on, and of course as they were intended, to cut things on!

    Really nice memory for her father. It is a shame he couldn’t see the boards she made.

  423. Mike

    I would give one to my fiance and keep the other for myself. She is not a fan of the gooey pungent cheeses that I like. This way we can keep our cheeses apart but enjoy them together. Haha!

  424. VA DE PAN

    These bread boards are so beautiful!!!!! and the bread board story…so tender!!!!! so, good lucky everyone, I would like one of these, but I’m too far away, so I can’t get one!!!!!!great post!!!!!!awesome bread boards!!!!!

  425. Blog is the New Black

    These are beautiful! I would serve delicious bread for dipping!

  426. hope

    beautiful honor to Diana’s dad

  427. hope

    I would use them as a sandwich board instead of plates for my husband and me

  428. Sarah

    I would save them to use for the best cheese plate ever! 🙂

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