This video is dedicated to you all, to each and every single person who has impacted our lives this year. Because of your friendship, our lives are richer in ways that we never, ever imagined.

2011 was tremendous for us. New friendships forged and fresh faces that we were finally able to meet at our workshops and conferences. To connect with those of you that we only knew online and to hear your stories strengthens our commitment to share, embrace and give back. Thank you to all our old, forever friends who inspire us to be better people.

The world was our playground of dreams this year. Travel was our palette for creativity and inspiration, but we had to take chances, make big risks to get there. Those valuable experiences remind us to never look back.

We wish you all a new year of continuous laughter surrounded by your loved ones. Immerse yourself with people and things that matter to you most. At the end of the day, that’s what really counts. And nourishes us deeply.

Thank you. Thank you. 100 times over.

hugs and love. always,

diane, todd and sierra

**Music Update- Many of you asked us about the song used in the video. It is a licensed song called Gravel Lines by Amy Seeley. You can view it on YouTube here. We were told by a blogging friend that it was available for sale for personal listening use on iTunes. Try to search iTunes and you might be able to purchase it to listen to. Have Fun!