Wine barrel seedlings

lettuce and mustard seedlings getting huge! mustard seeds are flowering

The seedlings are doing well! It’s been a few days since we walked the garden and being away for work had us really missing the morning strolls and weedings.

Today we checked on the status of our seedlings and they’re huge! It’s time to transplant them to more open space  and let them stretch their roots.

We most of our seedlings in recycled wine and whiskey barrels, which are fabulous starter containers and they’re cheap! The vintage look of the barrels also add a beautiful esthetic look to our nursery sideyard.

Happy Gardening!

above- beet seedlings that are ready for beet green salad

above- oops, kale seedling are popping up. Where did they come from?!! Probably seeds from last years plants that the birds decided to disperse for us. 😉 thanks!

walla walla sweet onions, french sorrel & mizuna mustard


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  1. Andrea at Heavy Petal

    Gasp! So beautiful. Love that you’ve let the mustard go to seed – brassica flowers are so tasty (not to mention ethereal and lovely).

  2. Andrea Meyers

    Beautiful, I adore old barrels for garden planters. We can’t find wine barrels around here, but whiskey barrels are available at some of the garden centers. Every year I tell myself I’m going to get a few, then I balk at the steep price. Never would have thought used whiskey barrels would be such a hot commodity.

  3. She's Cookin'

    Your garden photos are always so beautiful! Luscious and green and peaceful…..
    We have been getting fresh spinach from ours already. Love the recycled wine and whiskey barrels – where do you get them?

    1. White On Rice Couple

      She’s cookin’- we bought them from different nurseries, but the main one is Home Depot!

  4. Fuji Mama

    Those beet greens are STUNNING! Too funny that the kale decided to stick around. My mizuna did horrible last year and I just realized I forgot to plant some this year! Thanks for the reminder!

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