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Hi Friends, hope your Spring is going well and your weather is warming up! We’ve been busy on our end over here with so many client projects that’s had 2017 speed by like a lightning. We thought it’d be fun to share some of our latest work with you guys that we’ve been super proud to be a part of! It’s Thermador’s new and amazing Share the Exceptional project. It’s been an honor to take part in this project that is right up our alley because it’s all about food moments that make life so unique and memorable. We’re all about those food moments because that’s the reason why we started this blog long ago. It’s so cool to fast forward all these years and still be able to work on projects like these that celebrate the times that we’re in the kitchen and making memories with the people that matter most to us. If you guys have a really special or fond food memory you should share your story with Thermador over on their site and see what the world has been sharing. We’d love to read what has inspired you and your culinary moments.

So Thermador asked us to develop and photograph some very special recipes for this project and you guessed it, it was hard to pass it up. The studio was filled to the brim with amazing ingredients that is really was like a food paradise and playground. We also were able to prepare and style those recipes for a video project. It was so fun to watch the director, creatives and the talented production team film and make everything in this gorgeous this video happen. They had the hard part of the job! OMG if you saw all the hard work they put into this project for the past several months, you’d want to take a seriously long vacation on the beach. We were totally ready to take that vacation for them. And as always, we had the easy part: playing with all the food and making it pretty.

What do you think of this gorgeous and inspiring video? We’re in love with it. Give us the chills.

Here’s some of the fun photos and recipes produced:

Homemade pasta everywhere!

Thermador Share the Exceptional on

Of course, homemade bread is totally up our alley.

Thermador Share the Exceptional on photo by @whiteonrice

Thermador Share the Exceptional on photo by @whiteonrice

We raided our garden for the freshest ever citrus for a citrus salad recipe

Thermador Share the Exceptional on photo by @whiteonrice

We baked our hearts out and as always, flour filled the studio

Thermador Share the Exceptional on photo by @whiteonrice

Thermador Share the Exceptional on photo by @whiteonrice

There’s lots more we photographed but more to come on so keep checking back over there and make sure to share your memorable culinary moment. We’ll be reading!


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  1. Mary Seltzer

    Lovely photography. Are the recipes for the pictures you show on the Thermadore site? Thanks.

    1. Todd & Diane

      Hi Mary, the recipes will probably be published later. But definitely keep checking back at the site as they update it continuously with new photos and recipes. Thanks!

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