Video #15 – Club Med Food & Wine Blogger Bash & many pics!

club-med-colombus isle

Clearly, Todd and I don’t have tons of free time on hand, but the thrill of my week at Club Med and the gazillions of pictures and video clips forced us to free up some time. Making a video isn’t exactly a quickie project that we can do in front of the TV. A video will take us hours (tens) to complete because adding pictures, sound effects, transitions and movement suck up so much time. Honestly, learning how to use Final Cut Studio Pro is like learning to walk again, with plenty of frustrations, stumbles and falls. So venturing into another video projects takes a tremendous joint effort on both our parts, patience to not want to kill each other during editing, literally no sleep (cause we edit late at night) and lots of cocktails. Video editing can get ugly.

club-med-colombus isle

If I don’t get sleep, Todd doesn’t get sleep. That’s how we jam and when I have the itch to stay up all night to put together this Club Med video, my precious Todd is right by my side to see through some creative and  technical details that I sometimes don’t have the patience to deal with. He’s my hero.

So, I thought that a video would be most appropriate to convey the immense amount of fun that I had on this amazing blogger trip with Matt, Adam, Dave, Romain, Elise, Steve-Anna, Deb & Alex, Jaden, Morgan, Kate and Sara.

There was no possible way that I could share the amount of fun, food and sun at Club Med through posts. The gathering of talented chefs at Club Med’s Columbus Isle Food and Wine week surpassed all my expectations and I will be jabbering about it for years to come. To finally meet up with some of my favorite bloggers was the icing on top of the cake, the best and most delicious dessert that anyone could possibly ever give me as a blogger. But to make sure that I don’t bore anyone further with my endless chattering, this video will give you a quick visual and musical highlight.

Jaden wanted to bring together her blog buddies for a trip and Club Med was kind enough to answer her call. To provide an opportunity for food bloggers to get together in a positive forum such as this goes to show how much they value all of us, as bloggers and all the hard work that we put into our blogs. The strength and unity of our collective voice  is the reason why I love blogging so much.

One last word of  thanks goes to  Kate, Morgan and Jaden, (the gorgeous powerhouses) in organizing this trip of a lifetime.

THANK YOU everyone!


club-med-colombus isle

If I could highlight through photographs (for those who don’t have the internet speed to watch this video) what I loved the most, it was meeting the bloggers in real life, connecting with the fabulous people that worked at the resort, and the amazing architecture at this Columbus Isle location.

For me, it really all whittles down to the people. Nice, kind, generous, sincere people that became my travel companions. These bloggers had me laughing and smiling all day long, and the service staff  made sure I was fed, happy and warm. I felt like a queen for a week.

All of these amazing people enrich my life in so many wondrous ways. I’m grateful for experiences such as these that give me perspectives and experiences outside my comfort zone. I hope that one day ALL of YOU will get an experience like this. I really hope you do.


Adam- He can make a burnt cookie look sexy and appetizing (although he is too good of a cook to ever burn his cookies.) Adam is walking food porn (with red hair) and the most talented food stylist, ever. Period. Conversation closed.


David – As witty and insanely funny as his twitters. He can tell a joke with an effective punchline in 140 characters or less. And, David inspires me to make better ice cream (I hope). Gosh, he’s such a cool Parisian cat and looks fabulous in a speedo too.


Deb- Crafty, funny and great with words. Listening to her talk is like reading her blog, like eating candy. She also makes mean, kick ass chocolate desserts. I gain 10 pounds just looking at her scrumptious blog.


Elise- A renaissance woman that EVERY SINGLE BLOGGER IN THE FACE OF THE EARTH needs to meet. Her wisdom, talent and warmth are just a few words to describe the genius behind Simply Recipes. And, she’s an avid gardener too.  I’m inspired.


Jaden- An incredible mom of 2 boys, blogger, cookbook author and TV cooking teacher that can be seen on practically every channel on TV. Well, if not all, it’s only a matter of time. Her top blog is a perfect example of how kindness, generosity, hardwork, talent and beauty can bring success in all forms. And, Jaden is so deserving of all her success. See? Good things do come to nice people.


Blogger DOG Pile!






Check out Club Med Insider for much more great pictures and stories!


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  1. Food Woolf

    I know I’m a sap, but your video made me cry. Twice.

    We are all very lucky to have found you and Todd here on WORC! You’re incredibly talented, sweet and always generous with your warmth.

    One of your biggest fans,

  2. Sarah

    I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  3. Rasa Malaysia

    Jaden looks like a newly-wed bride.

  4. Victoria

    Great video and the photographs are fabulous too.

    Glad you had such a wonderful time and congratulations on the fish!

    I’m really jealous s since WE ARE STILL WEARING DOWN COATS IN NYC!

  5. bren

    oops. comment posted somewhere else. weird.

    u remain to be all that and then some! great pics and vid… hope uve worn the huaraches!


  6. The Italian Dish

    Thanks for sharing! The photos are wonderful. All you guys rock.

  7. mikky

    how fun!!! you guys all look so great… 🙂

  8. Allison Day

    That’s a fantastic video, you guys are awesome! That put such a huge smile on my face while I was watching it, it looks like all of you had so much fun. 😀

  9. Lily

    I used to work as a GO at Columbus Isle (and several other Club Meds…) Great pics and video!!!!

  10. Phoo-D

    Beautiful and touching video Diane! You conveyed the spirit of the trip so well through the shots and music-what a lovely time with lovely people. Todd, I think you deserve the husband of the year award for helping put that together when you weren’t able to be there! Kudos.

  11. brilynn

    That video was amazing! Very well done!
    I’m just jealous I wasn’t there too, it looks like an awesome trip.

  12. Leah

    Nice work, chica. You made me a little teary at the end there! All of your time, energy and dedication shows here – now everyone else gets a snippet of the T&D teamwork and fabulousness that those of us who know you see all the time!

  13. Gastronomer

    The narration was wonderful. Your voice is so genuine.

  14. Susan C

    Amazing narration, photography, story and editing. I can’t believe you just learned to walk, er edit.

  15. pam

    It looks like such a blast!

  16. Hélène

    Beautiful pictures. This is so nice of your to share.

  17. veron

    Such a fun time you all had! Okay, who is that cutie in the last picture…bottom right.

  18. Justopia

    Great post. Wonderful photos and awesome video. Thanks for taking us along!

  19. Jaden

    omg, I’m sitting here at Club Med Punta Cana, right on the beach and sooo wishing you guys were here! I watched this video and am crying! We had such a fabulous time….such good friendship…

  20. Lisa@The Cutting Edge of Ordinary

    Cockburn…..LMAO….I almost spit milk through my nose! Too funny!
    The video was awesome! Thanks for taking the time to do that make it for us! You are right….there are some awesome people on the Internet.

  21. David

    How do we get to see the Director’s Cut, which includes unedited footage of Jaden on the boat? Although I should be glad that some of the footage ended up on the editing room floor. Loved spending the week with you. When can we go back??

  22. amy

    Diane, Todd, this is a BEAUTIFUL video.
    Thank you for sharing : )

  23. Garrett

    OMG, amazing video. After talking to Elise and Jaden I am so full of envy but this just makes me green with it. =)

  24. Nurit - 1 family. friendly. food.

    You guys are awesome!!!!

  25. Angela@spinachtiger

    Really enjoyed not just what you showed us on video, but the words you used to express your appreciation. Nice job.

  26. bron

    Super FAB video! Thanks heaps for sharing!

  27. Judy

    Great job on the video! Looks like such a good time you all had!

  28. MsGourmet

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful “box of chocolates” with us!

  29. Broderick, Savory Exposure

    Wow! What an amazing video, it looks like it was definitely a trip of a lifetime.

  30. Chez US

    Great Video!!!

  31. Carolyn

    Great video! Loved the part where you were upside down! Thought you should know, though, that some of the photos don’t load.
    It’s been fun talking to you guys on twitter. Thanks especially for the camera help

    Thanks Carolyn. Pics should be fixed. Good luck with the photos. -WORC

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