Mega Beet Root Henry- Guess his weight & Knife Giveaway

Meet our mega beet root from the garden. We decided to name him Henry because we know of a cute, huge dog named by that moniker, and when we think of huge, we think of Henry. So, Henry is pleased to meet you all and wants all of you to guess his weight!

We tossed down some beet seeds back in the spring and couldn’t keep up with all the leaves that continually sprouted and swelled their roots. Normally, we’ll harvest beet greens for our salads and then eat the roots when we’ve got cravings for anything beets. But there were a few beets that we forgot about at the base of our oro blanco tree and were completely ignored for a few months.

When we decided to finally pull those beets from the ground, we were shocked to find one particular beet root exploded in size!

Henry gets a refreshing shower


Henry has got to be the biggest beet root we’ve ever grown and honestly, the biggest one we’ve ever seen. Henry still had plenty of wonderful tender leaves on him that we are still trying to eat. There’s just so much of Henry.

We tried to figure out how much Henry weighed and thought it would be fun to have you, all dear readers, guess Henry’s weight.

“Henry is bigger than both our heads!”

Henry is a special beet root who has hiding under the scraggly embrace of our oro blanco tree (story later) and fed off all the organic soil that he was living in.

Henry’s Contest: Guess Henry’s weight in grams (grams folks! 455g = 1 lb) and the person guestimating closest to his real weight will win a beautiful red Petty utility knifefrom New West Knife Works!  New West Knifeworks knives are beautiful works of art and thank you to New West Knifeworks for providing us with the knife for this giveaway.

Rules: Guess his weight in grams (guess in 5g increments, ex 615 g, 340g, etc.)  in the comments section. Person guessing the closest to his actual weight wins. If multiple people guess the same weight, the first to comment that weight will be the winner. Contest will be closed Sunday September 26, midnight PST. Winner will be announced Friday, Oct. 1, 2010.

Bonus entry to guess his weight: Just twitter the contest or mention it on facebook and leave your link below. Then guess his weight again for the extra entry.  Our Twitter : @WhiteOnRice , Our Facebook Page White On Rice Couple

Good Luck everyone!

After Henry got a hair cut, we weighed him in at…??? You Guess!

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  1. Elif

    This is cool! I’m going to share it on my blog!

  2. divya

    hey that’s a huge guess is it weighs around 3195g.
    happy eating

  3. Darya

    OMG, your beet root totally beats my beet root! Well played WORC!

  4. Soma

    OMG! I have never seen anything quite like this 🙂 Voluptuous!

  5. Erica

    2184 grams! Lovely greens.

  6. codruta

    can you tell us henry’s weight? i’m sure everybody is curious! at least, i am!

  7. shipwrek

    SO, how much did Henry weigh?

  8. grace


  9. Nicole

    2815g and congratulations, guys, he’s a keeper!

  10. Joanne

    Whoa Henry! 6,825 grams.

  11. Susan Nguyen

    My guess is 4231.5 grams! He’s a humdinger of a beet!!

  12. Caity

    3425.5 grams. I love beets!!!

  13. Nabeela

    3870 grams

  14. nicole

    6025 grams. Henry is a monster!!!

  15. Cari C.

    I think Henry weighs 6,370g. =)

  16. Carly

    i am going to venture…. 2,755 g.

  17. deborahinps

    Alrighty, it’s my birthday today!! So I’m going to guess it weighs 4,567.26 grams. And I hope I win that really groovy knife….cuz I like a groovy knife 🙂

  18. Xuanie

    2,275 grams.

  19. Grace

    4785 grams

  20. Laura (Blogging Over Thyme)

    3822 grams!

  21. Doug

    3245 grams

  22. codruta

    so, i’ve called my mother yesterday and asked her: “how much do you think it weights a root beet bigger than a man’s head?” “there is no such thing, dear!” she replied. like when i was little and afraid of monsters. “”no, but there is! i’ve seen it! and if i’m right i could win something!” :))
    so she finally give the verdict : 2835g
    my guess? mom’s always right!

  23. Chandra

    I am going to guess 6805 grams! Too bad I hate beets 🙁

  24. Kate

    I’ll guess 4747 g.

  25. Zohar

    Wow, huge beet for huge pot of Borscht!
    5555 gr is my guess!

  26. joe

    wow! let’s go with 1895g

  27. Kristen

    Holy moly – that is one huge beet root!! Wow. Henry is pretty special!

  28. Cynthia Sims

    1390 grams 🙂

  29. Mary Beth

    5551 grams.

  30. thomas

    3,210 grams!

  31. Trace H.

    6991 Grams

  32. pete W

    3,310 g~ Pickle Henry, mmmmmm……

  33. yeon

    5,915 grams!

  34. Gertrude

    My guess 1,922g

  35. marné

    3526 grams!

  36. Brad Keller

    3175 gms

  37. codruta popa

    cool contest! my guess? 4965 g

  38. connie pashenee

    9 1/2 pounds

  39. Steve

    2250 g

  40. Sherry

    This seems impossibly high but I’m going to go with 6835 g.

  41. Christina


  42. Angela Li

    3835 g

  43. Nan@tastingoutloud

    2695 grams — it’s twice as big as my big boy beet so I’m doubling up! As Charlotte would say, “What a beet!”

  44. Kelsey

    My guess is 9075 grams!!!

  45. Jessie


  46. Gisele Mosier

    4,550 g

  47. Maura


  48. no no doubt

    with greens still on easily 10 lbs
    So make that 4500 grams for my entry

  49. Jacqueline Hein

    Holy Beetman! 3172 grams. Definitely not a Central Oregon variety!

  50. margie puckett


  51. margie puckett


  52. Amy Le

    10465g !! 😀

  53. Mackenzie

    3185 grams!

  54. Jennifer

    Maybe 4777.5 ? Very interesting article and fun to try and guess 🙂

  55. terri

    how about 5925?

  56. NancyO


  57. Rose Hess

    Henry is 3815 grams.

  58. maddie

    My guess is 1669.75 grams.

  59. laura

    my bonus guess: 4,355 grams

  60. Joanna

    4,185 grams

    Have you submitted a pic to the World Record about Henry??

  61. Jesse Boyd

    I guess the beet weighs 8300 grams.

  62. Carmen

    I’m going with 6,803 grams.

  63. Fran

    I guess 10,390 grams.

  64. Becky Edmondson

    5460 g

  65. allie

    I say 6835.

  66. Anne

    7735 grams.

  67. leah

    I guess 995 gram

  68. Lori Lynn

    I love that you anthropomorphized a beet.

  69. Carrie

    4502 grams is my guess!

  70. Christine

    My guess is 4185g.

  71. Erica

    i guess 2805 grams!

  72. Danny

    4315. I think it’s actually 4320, but someone already guessed that.

  73. Suzanne

    I’ll guess at 2105. I’d love to see some recipes for that beet. I love beets, but don’t have any great ways to use them…

  74. Carmen


  75. Nandinee

    1701 grams

  76. Urban Wife

    5,460 g

  77. Carrie

    We are guessing 2505g. What a fun contest!

  78. marta zabicka

    2345 g

  79. Gina @ skinnytaste

    Wow! That’s huge! I’ll guess 1945. Fun contest 🙂

  80. Alessandro


  81. Grace Hatter

    4354 grams

  82. Marion

    3900 grams for that happy fellow – sexy shower pic btw 😉

  83. Mrs. Meg C

    2410 grams.
    That’s one awesome beet!

  84. Christina


  85. Christina

    hmm, 4,094

  86. jamie

    about 5225 g…I had to use a converter for that one. Had my guess in lbs. Thanks

  87. macadi

    3985 gr

  88. Pogo

    That is the biggest beet I have ever seen!!!
    3,492 grams.

  89. Priscilla Lee

    I will guess Henry is about 4320 grams.

  90. Amy

    Here’s my twitter link for the bonus entry…hm…this is so much fun! LOL

    4985grams sound right! ^^

  91. Amy

    Wow, that thing is for sure bigger than my head! LOL I guess it’s 3385 grams! 🙂

  92. David Ekrem

    2635 grams?

  93. Kelly

    I’m guessing Henry’s 4750gms

  94. Renae

    My guess is 6276 grams I love beets

  95. Rose

    My guess is 3540 grams

  96. laura

    3,655 grams

  97. Beccs


  98. Jenny

    10,250 grams!
    I wonder how many beet dished you can make with that!
    You may even have to pickle some.

  99. BettyG

    4200 even. That is a thing of beauty (or alternatively, horror).

  100. BethieofVA

    2730 grams!

  101. Barbie Garrett

    I tweeted about it @Barbiecrafts
    I wrote an article about it on the Knoxville Examiner:
    My second guess, after consulting my husband, is 1365 grams.

  102. Jenn


  103. Robertier

    Henry? 5,245 grams

  104. Radka

    5200 grams

  105. Ken


  106. Suzanne Collier

    2955 grams. GREAT blog and fun contest! Thanks for the opportunity!

  107. Carol Honeycutt


  108. Kate Sahler

    Holy crap. That’s a heck of a beet! Lets say…2575 g!

  109. Megan

    I shared a link on Facebook!
    3867 grams!

  110. Megan

    2765 honkin grams!

  111. barbie garrett

    what a fun time! 3,175.15 grams

  112. Sarah Montana Hodge

    Wow! 4,310 grams…

  113. Lori Riddle

    6825 grams

  114. sandra


  115. Christine

    Reminds me of the year I had golden zucchini “baseball bats”! Possibly 3400?

  116. Chris

    3245 grams What a whopper

  117. Chris

    3165 grams

  118. denise

    3071.25 Grams

  119. Amy C

    7.4 lbs

  120. Jennifer Lawrence

    5455 grams

  121. Emily

    2730 grams

  122. Carolyn Lightner

    I guess Henry weighs 6624.7 😀

  123. Debbie

    5680 – He’s a beauty!

  124. georgie

    oh wow…I think 4885g – never seen anything like it!

  125. Bhavana

    I guess 2275 gms

  126. Gabriel Hummel

    That massive thing looks like a phalange from the incredible hulk.

    My guess is 4783 grams.

  127. Madeline

    I think its 3,412.50, Can you eat that or will it be really tough?

  128. bunkycooks

    That is very cool! Mr. Bunkycooks guesses 8300 grams!

  129. Livia

    5105 grams

    I think I have some beets I forgot about, too – but we’ve been almost having a drought here, so I’m expecting it to be much smaller and probably fibrous. We’ll see.

  130. Laura

    6,930 grams

  131. lucy liu

    I’m guessing 8190g.

  132. Gwyneth

    7965 g, it looks like its bigger than a football! That’s alot of beet salad. Are you going to take advantage of the unusual size to to cook it differently from normal?

  133. Leslie

    3263 g

  134. Abby


  135. Tanya

    Followed directions badly last time (posted 4111). My properly rounded guesstimate is 4110.

  136. Sarah W.

    3225 grams!

  137. Judy from Philly

    my estimate is 5448 gms. What a HUGE beet it is! It would make lots of Borscht.

  138. Deborah M Jenkins


  139. Amanda

    2448 🙂

  140. Tanya

    4111 grams.

  141. Jenn

    My guess is 7500 grams.

  142. Tavia

    Congratulations on the baby boy! I’m just glad I didn’t have to birth it. Well, I’m guessing 8850grams. and Henry is a fine name for a beet root that size.

  143. Sacha

    I would have to guess 6800g. That beet is enormous!

  144. Sue C.

    6825 g!

  145. Brett Lynch

    3640 Grams of deliciousness!

  146. matt

    bloody hell! that thing is huge. Easily the biggest beetroot I have ever seen! 2267g is my guess!

  147. Julie (Bananas for Bourbon)

    2875 grams *crosses fingers*

  148. Vicki

    Yikes! 4225.

  149. Kristie

    I guess 6595 grams

  150. Jessica F

    Holy buckets that Henry is a big boy. I’m going to go with 2,820 grams.

  151. Guindilla


  152. Alisa

    I’m going to go on the high side of some of these guesses and say 4800 grams.

  153. SusieBee

    5015, wow BIG!

  154. Hannah V.


  155. Jamina

    2400 grams.

  156. Brit

    That is crazy!!! 5685!

  157. Jen

    I’m sorry I didn’t read the directions well enough for my earlier guess. My corrected guess is 2960.

  158. Jen

    2948 grams

  159. steph


  160. Lisa Da Kitten Williford

    Sweet Fancy Moses, Hank’s one super tuber!!! I’m gonna guess 5,915 grams (you’re going to need lots of chevre to go on THAT beet salad).

  161. Linda

    enormous! I’m guessing 5,555g. I had a 17 lb cabbage a few years ago that was slightly larger, but I’m guessing less dense.

  162. Huyen Nguyen

    3890 grams

  163. Maggie

    3276 grams

  164. Sarah E. Welch

    5445g. So how does it taste? I’ve dealt with a sweet potato about that size–made quite a few meals!

  165. wren

    i’m guessing 396g. he’s so beautiful! how will you eat him?

  166. Kari K

    6,825 grams!

  167. Alyse

    2313 grams.

  168. Jaimie Dee - Atlanta Wedding Photographer

    OMG That thing is a MONSTER!!!!! Aaaah!!! Hahahaa

  169. Jenny

    I’m guessing 2575!

  170. CarolineAdobo

    I guess 7,110 grams

  171. Christyna

    I say 5,464 grams. That’s the biggest beet I have ever seen. Congrats!

  172. Shaina

    That is one massive beet root! I’m going with 2755 grams for Henry.

  173. Stylish1

    I tweeted about your enormous beet and giveaway 🙂

  174. Wendy Jo


  175. Betz in Pagosa

    I’m not sure my first post was sent, so if this doubles up o.k. I’m submitting my best guestimate: 7109.375
    Henry looks like a BIG GUY!

  176. Rebecca

    Dang, you have giant beets! I’m going with Henry weighing in at 5470 grams.

  177. Stylish1

    That is the BIGGEST beet I’ve ever seen! I’d guess maybe 3,412.5 g!

  178. Tina

    What a beauty – my guess is 3855.535 g

  179. Betz in Pagosa

    He’s a BIG GUY1 So, here is my guestimate: 7109.375

  180. Lindsay C

    That is the largest beet room I’ve ever seen! I didn’t even know they could grow that large, but I guess it makes sense. My guess for the weight is about 2275 g.

  181. Asha@FSK

    Wowzer.. that’s a root indeed!!!
    I say 9,145 grams

  182. Millie L.

    holy cannoli, my guess is 3400 grams

  183. mimi1214


  184. Lilly

    my guess hm.. is 6755 grams.. woo!

  185. Joseph's Grainery

    Holy Beet Root! That’s huge. 4,455 grams

    1. Tanya

      You know, we’re in the minority here in the 9-10 lb range. I’m guessing 4110 grams. My comments are not posting though so maybe I’m doing it wrong.

  186. Jalanda

    7550 grams!

  187. Cat K.

    And I tweeted about your big beet:

  188. Cat K.

    Let’s go with 5,690 grams. That’s one big beet.

  189. Cheryl Arkison

    HOLY CRAP! Hmm.. Let’s go with 3995 grams

  190. KarenLana

    9,100 grams =D

  191. Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets

    3636 grams. That’s a big boy you got there :).

  192. Ben

    2380 grams

  193. maria

    WOW!!! How about 5967 grams!!

  194. ed

    i guess 3870.

  195. bunkie

    awesome! i guess 3450 grams.

  196. deeba

    Oooooh look at Henry! Off the top of my head 3800gms. I love guessing games but never win! This is fun!!

  197. Sara

    3,725 grams

  198. Ms Pink

    Holy cow, that thing is huge!

  199. a2

    2882 grams.

  200. Pat

    I’m guessinf 2278 gms

  201. Annie

    Beautiful knife, beautiful beet! I’d guess 4,455 grams.

  202. Sandy

    6,570 grams

  203. Aunt Lollie

    3,685 grams!
    I think plenty for borscht and a big beet salad.

  204. Kelly

    2485 grams

  205. slammie

    3412.5 g

    We had something similar one year with a sweet potato. That sucker was HUGE!

  206. Simona

    5,828 grams. That would last you all winter!

  207. Ana

    6,066 grams.

  208. Pavel Ondreicsik

    here goes nothing: 5885 grams…..

  209. Hobz

    My guess is 5500g

  210. scot

    5694 g

  211. Hobz


  212. Alex

    I am really bad at this game but let’s go with 1500

  213. Lardon My French

    I’m going to say 2630g! That’s one huge beet!

  214. Andrea (Off Her Cork)

    Alright I’m placing my bet high because Henry is huge! I say he clocks in close to 9,100g. Plain old roasted beets are great and shredded in salads are good too. I love beets!

  215. alison @ Ingredients, Inc.

    1020 grams! Cool post!

  216. ephraim

    well, it looks about as big as my 12 kilo kettleble, but i’m imagining it’s way less dense. I’ll go with 2255.

  217. sveera

    6812gms & what a ginormous beet. Do tell how you plan to eat Henry 🙂

  218. Kate

    I’m guessing Henry is approximately 5,233 grams. Give or take.

  219. Courtney F.

    I guess 3870 grams!

  220. Brian

    It’s definitely 2040g.

  221. Audrey

    Is this like the Price Is Right? Closest without going over? ;-P

    3045 grams

  222. Lucy

    4995 g

  223. Melanie

    5459 grams! 🙂

  224. Sarah

    1955 grams!

  225. Phoo-d

    That beet is huge! It’s like sputnick, like an orange on a toothpick! =)

    My guess is 3070 grams.

  226. Liz

    that’s a lot of borscht! – 910 gms

  227. Melani Bauman

    I appear to be after the deadline (my RSS Feed only showed this today!) but I felt like playing for fun. I’m guess in 2945. Amazing beet!

    1. White on Rice Couple

      You didn’t miss at all. We just lost track of our dates! Glad you commented anyway. Post has now been corrected with correct date.

  228. Sayer


  229. Alesa Warcan


  230. Saša Miličević

    3479 grams

  231. Stacey Ballis


  232. wil

    holy …!! my wife just showed me this; very impressive!
    um… 4205?

  233. kristen

    wow…it’s a good thing you like beets! 4325 grams is my guess.

  234. Nicole

    My guess is 3470 grams.

  235. Shoshanna

    My guess is that Henry is 2505 grams!

  236. Ann B

    2958 grams.

  237. Susan

    My guess is 2925 grams. I LOVE that photo with the dog. Looks like he’s thinking the same thing I am–what the heck is that?!?!?

  238. shipwrek

    6600 grams

  239. Ilana

    5915 grams I’ve never seen such a humongous beet!

  240. Ally

    2734 grams!

  241. Chaitali

    4125 grams?

  242. RamyaRaj

    Wow! might be 1750 grams

  243. Treats

    3220 grams

  244. Lisa

    OMG that looks like it would make enough beet salad to satisfy one beet craving monster I know (me). My guess is 4,309.5 grams.

    I hope you post what becomes of dear Henry. 🙂 I’ll put down 3 suggestions: Lithuanian cold beet soup, beet salad and beet miso.

  245. RamyaRaj

    Wow! Henry might be 1750 grams!

  246. matt

    4793 obviously

  247. Pioneer Cookerella

    Can I guess in pounds? I’d say 4 lbs 6 oz. 🙂

  248. steph

    7400 grams!

  249. Sues

    Whoa hugest beet ever!! I’m going to guess 3,325 grams! 🙂

  250. Vivian

    That is one big beet! I am going to guess 5500 grams

  251. Beth

    Wowza! 4231g

  252. Simon Ignatowski

    2,720 grams

  253. Kayce

    4,322.50 grams. That is a big ole beet!

  254. Bronwen


  255. metapundit


  256. Dee

    wow!! thats a lot of pickled beets!! 🙂 my guess is 5280g

  257. Angela

    1820 g

  258. Blada

    It’ll make a really big beet salad! We’ll say 6825g

  259. Geneva

    Wow, that’s a huge beet. My guess would be 3455 g.

  260. RH


  261. Naomi

    5905 grams.

  262. Lindsay

    5,690 grams!

  263. naomi

    5905 grams

  264. Holly

    My guess is 2775 grams.

    That is one mighty beetroot.

  265. ladywild


  266. Terri

    5005g! WOW, that is one big beet!

  267. Rona Y

    Going a bit lower this time–1880grams!

  268. jeff


  269. mitzi


  270. Jessica

    5687….Love your blog!

  271. Audrey

    Whoa! How about 5470 grams…

  272. Sig

    2775 gms.

  273. Craig

    Very impressive….I guess 2616 grams

  274. Michael


  275. Misty

    4620 grams

  276. Anh

    How about 4978gram…..

  277. Debra

    Whoa…2,821 grams.

  278. Sonya

    I’ll guess 4210g

  279. Starla

    I’m going to go with 2815 g.

  280. Rona Y

    I think it’s about 2685grams!

  281. Liz

    I’ll go with 3800g.

  282. Geri Miller

    4440 🙂 Fat and happy (me not Henry)

  283. carissa


  284. Rachel (Hounds in the Kitchen)

    I’ll go with an even 4000 g.

  285. jacquie

    5415 grams

  286. Heather

    I say 2875! What are you going to do with him?

  287. tcjmom

    2400 grams

  288. Debra Smith

    3185 grams

  289. Lisa

    Whoa that’s one ginormous beet! 2590 g ???

  290. Rachel

    Hmm, those seem high to me. I’m going to say 2003 grams.

  291. carole

    I guess 3285grams.

  292. Kristi

    Whoa! Maybe 5460 grams?

  293. Stephanie


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