Crispy Chicken Vegetable Spring Rolls (Egg Rolls) – A Neighborhood Favorite

chicken egg rolls with vegetables recipe

This is a new recipe we’re featuring over at Chicken Recipe Box. Please head on over there for this Crispy Chicken Spring Roll recipe.

When we moved to our current neighborhood almost 10 years ago, there many little kids in the hood, scurrying past on their bicycles and skateboards. Although we didn’t have kids of our own, we quickly made friends with them because we were the “cool” neighbors. This was quite an honor, especially coming from a bunch of 7-11 years old whose only occupation after school was to play basketball and video games.

What was the cause for our status as “cool adults”?  Chicken vegetable egg rolls. Yup, to be cool to a group of grade school kids, just make them batches of chicken egg rolls.

To say that our neighborhood kids loved these chicken vegetable egg rolls is an understatement. They were always super duper polite and gracious to us when they passed. They even offered to help us garden and take care of the pups. Now how many kiddie critters would offer such a thing?

crispy chicken spring rolls

In exchange for their smiles and waves every time they passed our house, we’d deliver a hot batch of egg rolls to their houses. Their squeals could be heard across the street and most importantly, their parents were glowing brighter with delight. It wasn’t only the kids that loved these chicken egg rolls, it was the parents too. Their parents would come tell us that their kid wouldn’t eat anything that they cooked. But they LOVED and always ate every single of our egg rolls.

Ok, so your kid won’t eat your cooking, but they’ll only eat these egg rolls. We get the hint. A hot batch on your doorstep tomorrow.

Then the parents would mention how they loved the egg rolls even more and how they didn’t want to eat all the egg rolls because they wanted to leave them for the kids.

Ok, so you’re saying that you, the parents, won’t eat your own cooking and want some extra hot chicken egg rolls?

Again, we get the point and next time made sure to deliver enough egg rolls to feed the whole household, parents included.

So if you want to make friends with your neighbors, here’s the magic formula: make a batch of these chicken vegetable egg rolls and make peace with the world!

For this Chicken Vegetable Egg Roll Recipe visit Chicken Recipe Box and there’s a How-To Video on making these too!


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  1. Christine

    Made these. Sent some around to neighbours for SuperBowl (and they were probably relieved it wasn’t sugar coming from me!) They were so good! And instructions made it simple, thank you! I halved the sauce recipe and still had a TON leftover. Any ideas on other great recipes with which I can use it all up? (PS Felt compelled to use leftover wrappers to fry bananas and chocolate. Blaming you.)

  2. Lisa Cornely

    These look wonderful. I love that they’re made with chicken. The filling sounds amazing, they are rolled so perfectly, and beautifully crisp. This would be a great snack for anytime.

  3. Herbivore Triathlete

    Those look so perfect! I can’t say I blame your neighbors, those are some fine looking egg rolls.

  4. Abbe@This is How I Cook

    Eggrolls in any form or flavor is a good thing. who’s frying?

  5. Colette @ JFF!

    I can almost hear the crrrunch!

  6. TheKitchWitch

    I am moving in next door. Pronto.

    For those egg rolls, I’d even offer to pull weeds.

  7. Emily

    I shouldn’t look at these posts when I’m hungry. Now I want crispy chicken egg rolls for breakfast!

  8. Cassie | Bake Your Day

    I love the sound of these, you guys. I’m all about a crispy egg roll!

  9. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    They’re absolutely perfect! They’re wrapped so tightly and neatly and just…perfect little bundles 🙂

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