Food Photography Seminar with Artificial Light at our Studio

How to photograph food in artificial light seminar with @whiteonrice

It’s finally here! After so many requests to learn more about food photography in artificial light, we’ve organized a seminar at our studio. For so many of you, natural light is limiting, you just don’t have enough of it in Winter or you want more flexibility to shoot longer hours.

We’ve gathered all your questions and struggles and compiled it all in an informative seminar. Watch us shoot and you’ll be able to learn it all yourself. You can register here for our Artificial Light Food Photography Seminar.

Yes, you can capture beautiful food photographs with fake light.

Have a great day!

-todd & diane

Learn Food Photography with @whiteonrice


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  1. Charlie

    I wish you could do a webinar! I struggle with artificial light while photographing for my blog. Natural light just looks the best! However, it is hard to cook during the light of day all the time since I have a full time job. Would love to see if you could post tips online for those who can’t attend in person. Thanks! – Charlie,

  2. mtkr

    Sounds wonderful, if only I was nearby I’d jump at the chance.

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