White On Rice Couple

Know Your Noodle

Knowing your Vietnamese noodles can be extremely helpful, especially if you’re about to order a noodle dish in a Vietnamese restaurant for the first time. Though many Việt noodles are made of rice flour and appear white when cooked, not all these noodles are the same. Most of the larger Việt grocers will have at least one full aisle dedicated to the love of noodles. Certain traditional Việt noodle dishes use it’s standard noodle type, it can be daunting at times to decide which brand, size, type or texture to purchase when you’re wanting to experiment with a new noodle dish of your own. When shopping, preparing or eating noodles, understanding the breakdown of how these noodles are categorized in the store aisles or on the restaurant menu to help you know your noodles a bit more.