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How to Roll Fried Spring Rolls (cha gio) / Egg Rolls

How to roll for Fried Spring Rolls ( Cha Gio) or Egg Rolls:

“Tuck & Roll” : This is our motto for rolling all your spring rolls or egg rolls. Whether your creations are for fresh or fried rolls, it’s important to have them round and tight! Try to avoid loose rolls with all the filling falling out. Practice makes perfect!

Flour-Pastry Wrappers for FRIED / CRISPY Spring Rolls or Egg Rolls

Lay wrapper on your work surface, with one corner pointing toward you. Lay filling on this corner and slowly start to roll away from you.

Remember to “tuck” in your filling toward you as you roll to keep it tight and round.

After you have about 1 complete rotation, fold in both ends over the roll, then finish your roll. Seal your final edge with egg white.

Whole rolls or cut in half

spring rolls, rice paper rolls, summer rolls

below: Crispy Viet springrolls in rice paper wrappers

spring rolls, rice paper rolls, summer rolls

Tight and Tasty!!!