New Potato & Pea Salad from Melissa Clark

Spring Fling is here and were celebrating Spring’s bounty with  Food NetworkAway to Garden, What’s Gaby Cooking and Food 52

This week’s theme is peas and to participate, just share your pea recipe link in our blog on the comments below, as well as the blogs of all our participating friends.

The end of Spring is fast approaching and we’re enjoying sweet peas as often as we can until the last pod appears at the markets. With another Spring Fling event planned for this week, we were searching for some interesting pea recipes to share. Nothing really unique came to mind and our collection of cookbooks didn’t have a recipe that really popped off the page either.

Then, as if someone was hearing our plea, Melissa Clark came to our rescue shared her recipe for Crushed New Potato and Pea Salad with Mustard Seed Dressing on Twitter. Gasp! The name of the recipe alone was a jubilation not only because it had peas in it, but the title embodied everything we were loving and craving.

Tender, baby new potatoes gently crushed with their skins still on with bright sweet pops of spring peas, all married together with lovely earthy toasted mustard seeds had us gasping for air. Just the thought of these three ingredients in a bowl together sounded magical and honestly, darn amazing.

In her post, Melissa said it perfect about the dreamy texture and flavor of new potatoes: “New potatoes, with their gossamer thin skins and moist, almost nutty-tasting flesh, really are different – and better – than old potatoes. They have a rich, buttery flavor that doesn’t need a lot of fat to bring it out.”

If you have the opportunity to get your hands on new potatoes, you’ll be in for a real treat, especially with this wonderful salad.

So thank you Melissa for saving the day. We made this salad our whole meal and enjoyed every single warm, flavorful bite.

For the this fabulous New Potato & Pea Salad recipe, please visit Melissa’s website.

last of Spring Peas

tender potatoes and mustard seeds


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  1. Borislava @ Sharemykitchen

    Oh, this looks soooo yummy. I particularly love the toasted mustard seeds addition – to be tried soon.
    Here my most recent pea recipe – savory muffins with peas and cheese –

  2. The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh

    I’m always looking for ways to sneak some veggies in for my Mr and this is a good way to get those peas in!

  3. Snippets of Thyme

    Hey guys! I made the New Potato and Sweet Pea Salad for Father’s Day yesterday. It was so delicious. I paired it with grilled pork chops with caramelized peaches. I’m going to bring all of the ingredients for the salad to the lake for the 4th and make it again for family. The toasted mustard seeds were such a nice flavor. Thank you!

  4. Bob Taylor

    My dad loves potato salad and loves peas! So I made this recipe for him today for Father’s Day lunch. It was a huge hit!! Thanks for the great recipe!!

  5. Kiran

    Holy yum, that recipe looks delicious 🙂

    Here is my favorite stir fry combo: Beans & Snow Peas with Portabella Mushrooms!

  6. laura k

    Mm, that looks lovely. I might have to add some peas to the potato salad I was planning to make for dinner this week.

    This was our favorite spring pea meal this spring:

  7. chef john switzer

    remeniscent of salade a la Russe.Nice!

  8. norma

    You make everything look so beautiful and dainty…

  9. Anu

    I came across your website just yesterday and it’s BEAUTIFUL! I love your photography. I am a recent entrant into the world of food blogging and your blog is one of my favorites! Here’s a link to my 2 pea recipes:

    Best wishes!

  10. Quyen

    Oh it’s beautiful! I love the addition of fresh peas – it adds a brightness to the potato salad. YUM.

  11. Aimee @ Simple Bites

    I’m definitely making this salad for an upcoming cookout!

    OK, we’ve been enjoying ‘Pea-camole’:

    It’s a fun way to get kids to eat their veggies, and is pretty fantastic spread on toasted baguette or layered in a 7-layer dip.

    Thanks for hosting Spring Fling!

  12. Michelle

    “This week’s theme is peas and to participate, just share your artichoke recipe ……. ”
    Opps! Peas, not artichokes!

    This recipe sounds fantastic! I can hardly ever get past eating the peas right from the pods!

    1. White on Rice Couple

      michelle- thanks for that correction! it’s fixed now.

  13. bellini

    This recipe screams summer with all of my favourites wtapped into one delightful salad!!

  14. Snippets of Thyme

    You’ve done it again. I have a pork chop meal planned for Father’s Day and was looking for a side dish. I’m going to make that yummy focaccia again for an appetizer! This potato and pea side dish sounds perfect. Thanks!!

  15. Stefania

    Una bella ricetta e deliziose foto, ciao

  16. Valeria

    I love this recipe, I am so into peas at the moment! I really want to take part to the celebrations! To participate you say that we have to share a recipe with peas –or artichokes?:)

  17. Melissa

    Baby potatoes and peas must be on everyone’s minds. I just posted a recipe for a very similar salad made with yogurt. I love her mustard seed dressing idea. I am going to try that next time.

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