David Lebovitz’s Madeleines- “The Sweet Life in Paris” Preview


So, I come home from work and found a package waiting on the dining room table, untouched, glossy and still perfectly sealed. Todd has always been such a gentleman when it comes to waiting for me to open packages first, giving me first dibs at ripping open presents that come in the mail. He knows how excited I get when we get packages from the mail and honestly, I think he gets really roused up seeing me squeal like a kid when I tear in to mail like a kid on Christmas morning. Just for kicks, he could wrap up empty boxes, have me tear into them and I’d still have a blast.


We love getting presents, especially books written by our favorite food bloggers — especially food bloggers who are professional pastry chefs — especially American food bloggers living in Paris — especially gay American food bloggers living in Paris who talk candidly about living with Parisians!

Yes, we received a copy of David Lebovitz’s new book, “The Sweet Life in Paris” and it’s what we call, “Schweeeeet!!!”

Most of you are probably already reading David’s blog and are familiar with his rants about the Parisian lifestyle, how they cut in line, more quirks and of course, chocolate. Well, we’ve only scanned through the book (still fighting over who gets to read it first) and are already laughing at what he has to say about the beautiful, delicious city of Paris and it’s inhabitants.


Nestled between the witty pages of Davids humorous writing, lies some very delicious and inspiring recipes. Todd, obviously the one with the bigger muscles, took the book and pretty much inhaled it out of my hands when he saw David’s recipe for madeleines with lemon glaze. Just this week, Todd made madeleines already and obviously, the adrenalin of madeleine making was still there, like baking crack running through his veins. Before I knew it, Todd had his mixer whirling on high speed over his copper bowl to make the madeleines and gathering up lemons for the glaze.

I felt neglected, standing there empty handed, with torn up package material at my feet, while Todd made love to David’s madeleine recipe.

I cursed David via Twitter for Todd’s instant love affair with the book’s madeleine recipe because a girl should never, ever be snubbed by her boyfriend for a damn cookie– especially a cookie that he already made last week.  Being bitter was quickly subdued when Todd finished the madeleines with the fragrant lemon glaze.  I had to check out all the fuss and when I took a bite in to the first of 12 madeleines (that I ended up eating), I was humbled.


All that childish neglect that I felt while Todd was in the kitchen left me feeling selfish about my pouty-ness. The madeleines came out perfectly soft on the inside, slightly crispy on the edges and the sticky, addicting lemon glaze had me licking all my fingers clean. These have to be my favorite madeleines of all time and believe me, I’ve had many, many madeleines in my lifetime.


I feel special now because of David’s gracious gift of an amazing read, humor and wonderful recipes. And, I feel especially loved because I know Todd made these treats just for me, because he loves me. I feel so loved all around and I love both these guys. I’m so spoiled rotten, I know.



Madeleine’s with Lemon Glaze Recipe…

Nope, we’re not sharing it! You must get the book because it’s worth every single word, recipe and crumb. Believe me, if the 12 madeleines that I ate are proof of how good this book is, I’ll gain 100 pounds after Todd’s through with all of David’s recipes.

David Lebovitz’s ,The Sweet Life in Paris: Delicious Adventures in the World’s Most Glorious – and Perplexing – City, is available HERE.


Todd, the crazy madeleine maker


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  1. Lisa@The Cutting Edge of Ordinary

    Firs batch under my belt…more to come. I plan on trying every recipe I can find!

  2. White on Rice Couple

    Damn we are behind on responding. Sorry about that everyone. Thanks so much for sharing and all the love. We are trying to catch up so, I’m going to have to make this quick and just respond to the questions. We still love and appreciate you all, though.

    Manggy – Yep. First time ever buzzing the hair. Glad you like it. After a week of not recognizing myself, I like it too.

    Pat & Savor – We bought ours many years ago at Sur la Table. I don’t see the same ones online now. If we find some, we’ll let you know.

    Thanks for visiting everyone, and make sure to get David’s book. It is a great read and, of course, has great recipes. You will love it. -Todd.

  3. Savor

    I am aching for a madeline pan and yours is incredible! source?

  4. Sandie

    Looks like Todd is fast becoming the madeleine man! Glad to hear you’re enjoying David’s book so much, definitely worth investing in a copy. Great photos with this post (and I’m liking the blog re-design, very fresh). Take care! 🙂

  5. Pat

    I’m definitley getting the book, if not just for the madeleine recipe. I tried out a green tea madeleine recipe from a cookbook which I shan’t name a couple weeks ago and it was disappointing :(. Where’d you get your pans?

  6. Paula Maack

    I went back and checked and was wrong on the spoon. I almost used that same one, but switched to a more 70s feeling one. Silly me.

    Jeez, those are beautiful Madeleines! Daine, you are soooo fortunate! 🙂


    ~ Paula

  7. Eat. Travel. Eat!

    Wow, so many madeleines! They look fantastic. You can open up your own bakeshop now! They look better than some bakeries’ madeleines.

  8. desiree@lookiloos

    The UPS man just made my day! I got my copy this morning. It’s a gorgeous book. Have to look at it some more now!

  9. Paula Maack

    Beautiful preview, Diane and Todd! I can’t wait for David’s book!

    I will have to go out and buy a Madeleine mold just for this recipe. Leave it to Lebovitz! These look and sound so absolutely delicious!

    Funny, I think I used that same exact spoon in my recent Raspberry Bavarian Cream post. Ha! Ha! – only a fellow blogger would notice a thing like that.

    ~ Paula

  10. foodwoolf

    yeah, I’m going to second the “Swoon” comment. Totally. What a beautiful thing–fresh from the press books and men making sweets. I wish I lived right around the corner so I could “stop by” and “see what you were up to,” just so I could steal a madeline. Or twelve.

  11. Nan

    Okay, you got me…I just ordered a madeline pan and the book from Amazon…and since I’m only about 20 miles away from Amazon, it will be here tomorrow, hopefully before noon, and then I can be making myself some by 1:00…I love planning my day around something sweet! Thanks for letting us know about the book and the madelines…I’m impressed that you stopped with just 12! xo, Nan

  12. veron

    Ah, definitely need to get me a madeleine pan!

  13. toontz

    Lemon madeleines *swoon*

  14. Tartelette

    Bill says he fell in love with me for my lemon madeleines. What is it with men and madeleines I wonder…At least Todd makes them…that my friend is something to be treasured 🙂
    Wonderful shots!

  15. pam

    If my husband made me those, he could go ahead and ignore me all he wanted.

  16. Judy

    Oh how I want those!!! I am so addicted to anything lemon right now and those would just be perfect!! I guess I need to buy a new book huh?

  17. Stephanie in Idaho

    Madeleine pan… must have madeleine pan. And you guys are CRUEL for showing such a beautiful cuppa espresso, cookies, etc. and NOT POST THE RECIPE! Oh well, I can buy a book just as easy as I can a madeleine pan. So there… whatcha gonna do bout that? huh?

    Thank you guys for your inspiration, I love reading your blog. With no small amount of envy I get to see you gathering produce from your beautiful garden in what is the ‘dead of winter’ here, and feel absolutely GREEN. You have inspired me, and will continue to inspire, I am sure…

  18. Jessica

    These look wonderful! I really want to spulrge and buy myself a Madeleine pan!

  19. Hélène

    Oh my, now I have to get the book and buy Madeleines pans. I want to make these so bad. Great review and pictures.

  20. Toni

    You ARE spoiled rotten! And you know what? You should stay that way. Definitely. Why not live the sweet life in OC, I ask?

  21. Nicole

    I can’t wait to get the book, I already pre-ordered it! I’ve never baked madeleines before, but have been talking about it for a couple of months now. I guess I can hold out for another couple of weeks, and let David’s recipe be my first 😉

  22. Heather in sf

    How delightful! I must say I have book and pan envy going on, my ancient pan only makes 12 at a time! Hmmm, maybe there is a reason for that?

  23. krysta

    i preordered sweet life and amazon says it’s not coming until the 11th!!!!! seriously wtf?

  24. Lisa@The Cutting Edge of Ordinary

    DONE! Ordered a pan and also ordered Perfect Scoop and The Sweet Life! Can’t wait to make madeleines, ice cream and Parisian food! Oh la la!

  25. Lily

    More of those perfectly shaped cookies… YUM! Not a bad thing to come home to (the book) or have made for you (the madeleines). I am very VERY impressed with the precision in which Todd fills the trays. I usually spoon the batter in, which can lead to less than neat results around the pan. However, now I can do it more efficiently!
    Thanks so much,


  26. The Purple Foodie

    The madeleines look gorgeous. This just makes me want to get out right now to go buy a madeleine pan! And now I’m going to show the OH this post so he knows how he can spoil me. 😛

  27. Lisa@The Cutting Edge of Ordinary

    Ok you’ve done it now….going to look online to buy some medeleine pans now…anyone have any suggestions??

  28. Phoo-D

    Okay, after two madeleine posts in a week, you have me. I’m ordering a copy of David’s book and a madeline mold pan! The lemon glaze got me in the end =).

  29. Manggy

    I believe you! I already couldn’t stop eating the madeleines from Entemann’s, which were completely lacking in personality, ha ha ha 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing David’s book on the stands.
    Did you post Todd’s new ‘do before? It’s my first time to see it! I think it suits you man! 🙂

  30. White on Rice Couple

    Kitt- You must try this recipe, it’s outstanding. Todd’s tried many madeleine recipes, and this is only one of the two that he swears by.

    Jen- Thanks, chickie! And, all were shot with the new 35mm 1.8 lens!

  31. Jen Yu

    Twelve! Wowee, girlfriend. That Todd is a sweetheart 🙂 Those madeleines-in-the-making shots are great. I’m sure Dante and Sierra were close by. Seeing as I worship The Lebovitz’s ice creams, this book is a no-brainer, fo shiz.

  32. Kitt

    Wow. You didn’t waste any time!

    I saw madeleines being offered by a sample lady at Costco the other day and joked about Proust, but it didn’t translate very well, alas.

    These look pretty good.

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