Our fremont tangerine tree story originally published on December 21, 2007. These citrus trees are super juicy, sweet with a rich tangerine flavor. There’s seeds in them but the flavor is amazing and worth every bite.

Fremont Tangerines Mandarin Varieties | @whiteonrice

Fremont Tangerine Tree

Warning to anyone who wants to walk under our trellised tangerine tree! At any moment, these tangerines can drop and cause a concussion, or at least a serious head ache for those who dare to pass underneath. This is our fremont tangerine tree. They have seeds, but they’re super juicy and sweet. This is the tangerine or mandarin that we prefer to drink. It’s the perfect juicing mandarin and it’s loaded with amazing flavor.

Fremont Tangerine Tree @whiteonrice

No one would ever believe that this tangerine tree was all but a skinny, struggling, “stem like ” specimen. Back in 2002 it was was the only tree left at the nursery, forgotten and literally the last pick of the litter. But believing that beauty lies skin deep (and because it cost under $20 bucks), we took this ugly, one gallon duckling home. Even after the first 2 years, it rarely grew past it’s original three, weak branches. Family members even encouraged us to replace our “Charlie Brown tree” with a healthier & heartier specimen.

Fremont Tangerines Mandarin Varieties | @whiteonrice

Luckily, we never gave up. Then all of a sudden, it must have hit a hidden cache of crack underneath the hard clay soil. This tree has EXPLODED with leaves, flowers and delicious fruit way beyond our imagination. It’s gone bonkers with fruit and we had get a heavy duty metal trellis to support the fruit infested branches. We can’t wait for about another month or so for the fruit to ripen to a sugary sweet and we can already smell and taste all the cooking and cocktails in the future. Here’s more info on different mandarin trees.