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Classic French 75 Recipe from Chef Quinn Hatfield | @whiteonrice

There’s a little jewel of a restaurant nestled on a bustling street in Los Angeles. In fact, it’s located on a very busy street that if you blink, you’ll pass it four times, like we did. #*&%@!  Like pirates on a hungry looting spree (the sexy Johnny Depp kind of pirate, not the coast of Somalia kind 😉 ), we went searching for this delicious gem of restaurant called Hatfield’s in Los Angeles. We felt like pirates, ravenous for the Hatfield’s stash because after a long day of shooting in Los Angeles, we were ready to fight for some really good food.

Wow, were we impressed.  From the moment we walked up the steps up to the restaurant,  everything about Hatfield’s, from the culinary offerings to the space itself, excited our hunger and made us happy to be there. The best part of it all was meeting up with good friends who treated us this lovely evening.

Walking into Hatfield’s is like walking into a photographer’s paradise. Everywhere we turned, there were simple, clean, picture-less walls, not one piece of artwork or photograph could be seen. Why would it this be such a jewel to photograph? Because looking beyond the bare walls you’ll find  rustic, simple elegance in nearly every little nook and intimate space of this natural-light infused locale. The big windows that welcomed in the light, highlight the elegant grace of Quinn and Karen Hatfield’s intimate space.

Classic French 75 Recipe from Chef Quinn Hatfield | @whiteonrice

Hatfield’s is every bit worthy of their local and national acclaim,  Michelin star, and James Beard nominations. Both Quinn and Karen Hatfield, an amazing husband and wife Chef team, are the talents behind the food that bursts with seasonal flavors and ingredients. The dishes were sublime and every bite was an explosion flavor, balance, and texture calling to the freshness of spring’s bounty.  We had arrived at Hatfield’s with a pack of friends, and all of us were sharing one another’s dishes.  Frequently, however, there would be a dish that was so good it lingered in the pass down.  Sometimes the source of delight was the main as in  the “oh-my-god-fish” (branzino filet) or other times it would be the exquisite and perfectly paired side like the smoked potato puree with the hangar steak and short ribs.  Oftentimes, it was only the excitement about the next dish which allowed the fingers to be pried away from one’s culinary prize.

A word of advice when you go…  Save room for dessert.  We know it will be hard, because the food is so good, but the desserts are incredible. Each offering has it’s own special touch that leave you no choice but to savor every bite even though you may have thought you had no room left. Perfectly sweetened, exquisitely crafted, and again often reflecting the delights of what is currently in season, the desserts are a must have.

Here’s some photographs of our wonderful evening at Hatfields:


hatfields restaurant




Classic French 75 Recipe from Chef Quinn Hatfield | @whiteonrice


To give you a taste of the beauty of Hatfield’s here also a recipe for one of their signature cocktails, the French 95 (a twist on the French 75), and it was just what these thirsty pirates needed. The French 75’s & their kin are classic, sexy cocktails.  The French 75 itself dates back to WWI,  was named after the French’s 75mm howitzer cannon and combines gin, fresh lemon juice, a touch of sugar and a bit of champagne all in one delicious cocktail.  The French 95 variation gives it a little extra caliber by substituting bourbon for the gin.  When properly made these cocktails are incredibly well balanced creations that have a bit of kick and bubbly.

How can this cocktail not be loved?  We’ve rarely come across a woman who doesn’t love a little Champagne in her cocktail and  what man would hesitate about ordering a classic cocktail (or a variation of) that was named after one of premier heavy artillery cannons of WWI.  The wonderful chef/owners at Hatfield’s were kind enough to share this recipe with us for their take on the French 95.  Enjoy and if you are in the LA area, get yourself to Hatfield’s.  You will be delighted.

French 95 Cocktail Recipe

Yield: 1 Cocktail

Total Time: 5 Minutes

Courtesy of Quinn & Karen Hatfield (Hatfields restaurant)


  • juice of 1/2 an orange
  • juice from 1/2 a lemon
  • 1 oz good bourbon(knob creek)
  • 1/2 oz simple syrup
  • dash orange bitters
  • 2 glugs champagne or prosecco


  1. Combine all ingredients except champagne (or prosecco) and shake and shake with ice.
  2. Pour into chilled cocktail glass and top off with the champagne.
  3. Finish with garnish of an orange wheel.
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Classic French 75 Recipe from Chef Quinn Hatfield | @whiteonrice

Chef Quinn Hatfield


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  1. White on Rice Couple

    Thanks everyone for visiting and sharing your thoughts. So many of your comments made us laugh with your humor. If anyone is in the LA area, make sure you get the chance to eat at Hatfield’s. You won’t be disappointed. T.

  2. Amy Scattergood

    your picture of quinn and karen’s table is stunning (as is their restaurant and everything i’ve ever eaten there); it’s like an andrew wyeth painting without, well, paint. love the wrinkles in the tablecloth and the invisible chairs, as if the people are just outside of the picture, looking at the scene with silent, hungry anticipation.

  3. Food Woolf

    Wow. You’re absolutely right. The beautiful art of Hatfield’s is to be found on the plate…And in your pictures! Gorgeous!

    So glad you got the recipe for this cocktail btw. It was, by far, the winner of the night. You rule!

  4. Anne

    Those cheese rolls/breads/puffs or whatever are insanely addictive, no? I always try to eat one slowly throughout the course of the meal so I won’t fill up on them, but oy yoi yoi it’s hard. Their hamachi croque-madame is pretty much the perfect appetizer for me….*sigh*….I love their food. Thanks for the lovely photos.

  5. Chez US

    Very Romantic evening place for dinner! Lovely!

    When I am doing cocktails, French 75 is one of my favs – so smooth, so sexy!

  6. Manggy

    Those are beeeyoootiful pictures! Someday I hope to have one Michelin star under my belt (well, I just meant to eat in a restaurant with one, but having one of my own wouldn’t hurt either, heh 🙂

  7. Jaden

    Wow love the chef photo at the end….

  8. Angela@spinachtiger

    Oh my gosh. Do you think that drink will help my lemon craving? And my champagne craving?

  9. Bren

    you guys make this sound like a sexy place to visit for sure! love it!

  10. Lisa@The Cutting Edge of Ordinary

    Thanks for letting me share your dining experience guys. I say that after a very long day of working in the yard….and after reading that post I’m embarassed to tell ya I’m eating a leftover brautwurst, lol.

  11. Kate

    I’ve been meaning to go there forever (we live right down the street) and now it’s even higher on my list!

  12. flfarmgirl

    Too bad(for me) Hatfield’s and you are both on the West coast, or I’d be right over! I guess there would be no chance of either of you re-locating to Florida, boo hoo, waaa.

  13. Jen Yu

    Awesome! I love Johnny Depp *and* howitzers. What a special and wonderful dinner the two of you enjoyed. I guess they don’t allow dogs, eh? 🙁 I could have come over and dog-sat for you… but then you would have found the three of us passed out in the backyard stuffed full of fruit. tee hee.

  14. The Italian Dish

    Such gorgeous photos. You guys are amazing. We just had French 75s at an Easter dinner and I’ll be passing this new recipe on. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Kate Nolan

    I’m sure the drink is tasty. I mean, it has champagne, so that’s a guarantee, but I’m lusting over that roll a few shots up!

  16. Gastronomer

    Yipee—a resto review! Hatfield’s is definitely on the ever-expanding “To Eat” list. Those deviled quail eggs look delightful!

  17. Rachael

    What a great place! I love the style of the restaurant and it sounds like the food is fabulous as well! I love small restaurants like this one that don’t rely on flashy signs or decor to attract diners. They are obviously focused on high quality food and word of mouth advertising. Love it! I’m going to have to try out that cocktail sometime soon…

  18. Phoo-D

    Looks lovely! We’re big fans of Knob Creek.

  19. Marc @ NoRecipes

    Wow great photos! Tough to pull off in a restaurant. Adding this place to list of places to visit the next time I’m in LA.

  20. Victoria

    Well, first of all I like a little Champagne with my Champagne! My birthday treat is a bag (smallish) of delicious potato chips and Champagne to drink (followed by a dinner I make for myself and my friends using my own shrimp creole recipe.)

    This cocktail sounds delicious in both variations – 75 and 95 – so I think I will have to try them both – but not at the same time (he he he).

    I think the restaurant looks spare and lovely and elegant. Just like food looks best on a white plate, I think enjoying dinner in this space would be lovely. There is nothing I like less than going to a restaurant that has mean little wine glasses, so the wine glasses on these tables look just right.

    I’m glad you had such a wonderful time. Thanks for passing it on.

  21. Layla

    You are completely right about women loving champagne in cocktails (at least all of the ones I know). The restaurant looks gorgeous.

  22. Heather

    mmmmmmmm. johnny depp pirates…

    that martini sounds delicious, too 🙂

  23. Kitt

    Yum! I’ll take two, please.

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