Valentine Cocktail & Our 13 year Anniversary

Between the Sheets Classic Cocktail Recipe from @whiteonrice

Gentlemen, Flash Alert! Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! (In some parts of the world, it is already here!) Are you ready to woo your sexy other?

If you’ve been a good man and have shown how much you love and appreciate your beau all year, then this little Love Holiday should be old hat for you.  However, if you need to make up for some past transgressions or have someone new who you are trying to impress, you may benefit from some advice.

Between the Sheets Classic Cocktail Recipes

Here’s some of the things I’ve learned in the 13 years (Feb. 15th is our official anniversary!) where I’ve managed to convince my beautiful Diane that I am someone worth hanging on to:

Personal and passionate trump purely purchased any day.  Don’t go out and buy and generic bouquet of flowers or some jewelry at the place with the cheesy, annoying commercial and think you are good.  Plan a fun evening, hand make a card (make it personal reminding them of how great it is to be spending time together, pictures of you together, or as simple as a heart made of glitter and glue), and make their favorite dessert for them.  Fill the day with meaningful personal moments.

Notice the details and compliment them.  Realistically and genuinely and particularly those non-physical.

A good home-cooked romantic dinner beats any restaurant.

Share.  Give your date some of your dinner, and let them give you some of theirs.  Two spoons, one dessert.  A passionate couple is one entity, not two individuals.

The day or morning before, clean the house.  Trust me and just do it.

Be generous and compassionate to everyone.  Take them out to a nice dinner, then leave a crappy tip, and you are letting them know you are a cheap-ass only looking to get them in bed.  Open the door for your date then let it swing shut on a little old lady, pure asshole.

Have fun.  Do what you love doing together and enjoy every minute of it.  Sounds simple, but oftentimes we get so wrapped up in making everything perfect, we forget to actually enjoy it.

Between the Sheets Classic Cocktail Recipes

13 years later we’ve affected each other psychologically: more madness…

Between the Sheets Classic Cocktail Recipes

There’s a little jump start, the rest is up to you, gents. If anyone has more advice as to what makes an unforgettable Valentine’s Day, please share (particularly you ladies, you know us men don’t understand you very well.)  As an added bonus, here’s a sexy, classic cocktail recipe you can use to start the evening off with, or to invite you date in for a nightcap. Or pull an Esquire tip and put the recipe out on a business card, then hand it to the bartender when out on the town. – Todd

Oh, by the way….we’ll be on KCRW’s (89.9 FM)  Good Food show with Evan Kleinman on Saturday, Valentines Day between 11:30am – 12pm. If you can’t get it, they archive all their podcast’s so you can catch it later…alligator!

Between the Sheets Classic Cocktail Recipe from @whiteonrice

Between the Sheets Cocktail Recipe

Yield: 1 cocktail

Total Time: 5 Minutes


  • 1 ounce (30ml) Cognac
  • 1 ounce (30ml) Light Rum
  • 1 ounce (30ml) fresh Lemon or Lime Juice
  • 1/2 ounce (15ml) Grand Marnier
  • 1/2 ounce (15ml) Simple Syrup, or to taste
  • dash Orange Bitters
  • optional, sugar for the glass rim


  1. If desired, rub the rim of a chilled cocktail glass with the lime wedge & sugar the rim.
  2. Put all ingredients (cognac, rum, lemon or lime juice, Grand Marnier, simple syrup, and orange bitters) into a cocktail shaker with ice, then shake it with passion for 15-20 seconds.  Strain into your cocktail glass.  Garnish if desired.
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  1. Kelly

    Just made this and it is delicious! I added 2 dashes of angostura bitters to round out the flavor. My beer-aficionado husband said it is the best cocktail he has ever had.

  2. Cynthia

    You are two of my favourite people. Much love to both of you.

    Thanks Cynthia!. You are such a sweetheart. -WORC

  3. Diana @ Appetite for China

    Congratulations on your 13 years! The photos are adorable. It’s so true that home-cooked meals trump all restaurants meals on V-Day…much more relaxed and intimate, plus you’re not getting ripped off! Here’s to many more years of food and love.

    After being on the inside of the restaurant biz, it just isn’t the best night to be eating out. Even the good restaurants that aren’t out to “rip you off,” are just stressed to the max. We’d much rather go to the restaurants on days where they can be fully appreciated. Plus it’s more fun to feed each other at home. Thanks for the well wishes. -WORC

  4. Ashley

    GORGEOUS cocktail! And congrats on the anniversary 🙂

    This is a close second to our favorite, The Sidecar. Thanks on the well wishes! -WORC

  5. Kitt

    Happy anniversary! Great tips … I’ll keep them in mind 😉

    Seconding Jen’s invitation. Colorado awaits you!

    Time for a blogger buddy gathering in the Rockies. We can’t wait to get together and chat face to face with you, too. Thanks for the well wishes. Love ya, Kitt. -WORC

  6. Gastronomer

    WOW! Happy anniversary Todd and Diane. Your back-in-the-day pictures are freaking adorable. XO, CD

    Thanks, Cathy. Cute as two puppies in love, huh. Well, not really, but we were and are in love. I guess that counts. -WORC

  7. Melissa

    Hope you guys had a great anniversary today! Steve and I are doing 13 wonderful married years come September. It just gets better, doesn’t it?? 😉

    You guys were and are adorable. Your words are wonderful Todd and I agree with all of it – except I think that a passionate couple is both one entity and two individuals. I think you know that too, but I also think you know what I’m getting at, in that whole “remain your own person” thing. I especially like the compliment part, especially the non-physical. I feel so lucky that I have a man that tells me that kind of stuff all the time.

    I can tell you guys are best friends. And that’s the *best* it gets. Much love to you both!

  8. julie

    aww… happy 13th anniversary guys! Also I listened to you on Good Eats! Well done you two.

    Thanks. We were almost more nervous to listen to it than we were recording. They were very cool at KCRW. -WORC

  9. veron

    Happy anniversary !!! 🙂

    Thanks! -WORC

  10. Carrie Oliver

    Todd, maybe Steve has started surreptiously reading your blog – he vacuumed the house on Valentine’s Day 🙂

    Seriously, Happy Anniversary, you two beautiful people. I am so grateful to have had the chance to know you and I can’t wait to find my way back your direction soon. Smooch!

    I think you just have a good man on your hands. Thanks for the well wishes. Can’t wait to get together again. -WORC

  11. Bren

    i miss miss miss you guys! i feel like the thrown away kitchen sponge! 🙁 Great post Todd! You two remain the sexiest couple on line.. way to go on being together 13 years! I was just talkin’ about how a good friend ended my 11 yr itch yesterday (in that i had a fabulous Vday and hadn’t in that long). I can’t think of anything else you might be able to seduce her. Sounds like you have it down packed. Oh wait, a kick a** pair or shoes that she could wear on your anni would just take it over the top!!!

    Awww, you know you are our favorite sexy, chica. Sorry we haven’t had time to visit anyone lately. Glad you had a great V-day. Had to quickly check your post on it, and those rum balls look damn good. Want 10! Miss ya millions. -WORC

  12. Butterball

    Love the cocktail!!!! Wonder what it would be like with Blood Oranges….. off to find out!

    Let us know how it turns out. We are still waiting for the fruit on our blood orange tree to ripen. -WORC

  13. RecipeGirl

    Ah, how sweet. Neat to see the old pics of how it all began. Happy Anniversary to you! We’ve got you beat by just one year 🙂

    Congratulations on the sustainability of you’re long lasting relationship. Does it get harder the next year? “giggle” Thanks for the well wishes! -WORC

  14. Lisa@The Cutting Edge of Ordinary

    Awww you two look so damn cute! The last 13 years have been kind to you both. Happy Anniversary! I just sat down with a cup of tea and listened to you and Evan. Now I’m hungry for Bahn Mi. Love you guys!

    Thanks, Lisa. We had to grab something to eat after listening to her show as well. Almost as bad as cruising our favorite blogs. Love you, too. -WORC

  15. Hélène

    Love that way back then picture. So cute.

    Happy Anniversary & Happy Valentine!

    Hopefully we haven’t nauseated anyone with our mugs. Thanks for the well wishes. -WORC

  16. Passionate Eater

    You two look just as young and beautiful as you did 13 yrs ago! Happy anniversary!

    We’ve grown incredibly more bratty, though. Diane is lucky to have the ageless Asian face. She says her antics keep me young as well. Must be working. -WORC

  17. lisaiscooking

    Beautiful cocktail, and it sounds delicious!

    It is a tasty cocktail. Hope you enjoy. -WORC

  18. Food Woolf

    Here’s to another 13 years times 10! How great to see pictures of when WOR first started! You are such incredible people and so perfectly matched. I am lucky to know you both and to have such wonderful example of a great food couple nearby for inspiration!

    much love,

    Awww! You’re so sweet. You and your handsome man are an equal match. Love you, Brooke. -WORC

  19. Leah

    Get recommendations, kids. We’re having Valentine’s dinner with my folks tonight, trying to spread the love a bit. Have a happy anniversary. We wish you all the love and happiness.

    XO, L

    Happy Valentine’s to you and you’re soon to the legally bound man. Love you guys. -WORC

  20. Rita

    Happy Anniversary to you guys! I always enjoy reading your stories. I can’t wait until I’ll have 13 years together with my valentine, but I am enjoying every moment, that’s what matters, right?
    I don’t have any tips on how to make a perfect valentine’s day, except to have the right valentine next to you…..

    That’s what matters, indeed. It isn’t the quantity, it’s the quality of the time together. Hope you had a great Valentine. -WORC

  21. toontz

    Happy Anniversary! Loved the photos and insights. One of those tips ring true for me – cleaning the house! Always a pleasant surprise for me. Wishes for many more years for you two.
    Thank you! See gents, some things you don’t try to understand, you just do it. They’ll love you for it. -WORC

  22. ovenhaven

    Happy Anniversary you two! I love all the tips, particularly the last one. I think you’ve summed it up succinctly; we tend to forget that having fun definitely outweighs perfection! 😛
    Thank you. Yeah, those damn anal retentive qualities keep biting us in the butt. We always have to check ourselves up. -WORC

  23. Tiina

    Happy Anniversary!
    Thank you! -WORC

  24. Julia

    Happy Anniversary! So fun to see all the old photos ! Have fun on the radio today.

    You offer some great V-day tips, I don’t have any of my own — my favorites have been evenings spent with my girlfriends, eating dinner in front of the fire.
    Thank you. Love between friends can go just as deep as between lovers. That counts. -WORC

  25. Quyen

    Happy Anniversary! Loved the early photos, you can totally tell that you were made for each other.
    May you have many more years of love and devotion.
    We are totally devoted to being total Turkeybutts to each other as much as we can. So far, so good. 😉 -WORC

  26. Abigail

    Happy Anniversary, Rice Dude and Dudette! 🙂 Valentine’s Day was good here in Japan – we’re lucky we got to celebrate it before all you guys!
    Thanks! Glad you had a good Valentine’s. Let the love begin! -WORC

  27. mikky

    Wow… Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentine’s Day to both of you… may God continue to bless your union… Cheers!!!
    Thank you very much. -WORC

  28. evil chef mom

    happy anniversary to two of the most beautiful and kindest people i know!

    now that song between the sheets is going to be stuck in my head it’s like bad porn music and i don’t want to associate you two with bad porn music!

    can’t wait to hear worc on the radio tomorrow.

    Awww, we’re blushing. No good on the song. We only want to be associated with good porn music! We’re nervous we’ll sound like total dorks tomorrow on the radio. Love ya lots, Krysta. -WORC

  29. Phoo-D

    No wonder she’s kept you around! Happy anniversary you two. The world is a better place since you’ve combined.
    Yeah, I’m pretty lucky. Thank you for the well wishes! -WORC

  30. Heather

    happy anniversary!!!! i love your pictures! you two are just adorable! and, this cocktail sounds delicious!
    Thank you!. Don’t be fooled by the cuteness, we have a bite! -WORC

  31. Colleen

    Boy, do you WARM MY HEART!!!
    Thanks Mom. We love you, too!- WORC

  32. Jen Yu

    Congrats on 13 years together, and what a great pair. I *love* that old photo with the puppy (whose pup?). You guys were so young and impressionable and cute 😉 Now you’re old and crotchety and cute!! Ha ha ha. Cocktails for me are more like 3 sheets to the winds instead of between the sheets *snort*. How are you going to celebrate 13 years? Here’s a suggestion, put a few thousand more miles on that trusty truck of yours and come to Colorado. Kaweah is waiting. xxoo
    The pup was is my mom’s (Todd here) and she is such a sweet dog. We may just have to take you up on that. We are needing our mountain and Yu fix.-WORC

  33. Manggy

    Wah-hoo! Can the cocktail apply to me? It sounds fairly creepy to have a “between the sheets” cocktail for one! 😛 Good tips, Todd… Unfortunately I have nothing to add except probably what *not* to do, maybe. Ha ha ha. You guys are so adorable! (You know, they had color film back then too! Kidding!)

    Stealing from the adorable Jen in the next comment, we’ll rename it 3 Sheets to the Wind for the singles out there. Color film was very rare way back then 😉 . – WORC

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