Bacon Potatoes au Gratin & more recipes on Cooking Channel

One of the best jobs in the world is doing what you love. It doesn’t really matter what it is, as long as you love doing it. For us, working with food and wonderful people devoted to their craft of feeding, cooking and creating in the kitchen keeps us satisfied and happy. The folks over at Cooking Channel are a fine example of dedicated, passionate individuals who love and care about food to the tenth degree.

We were super thrilled to be asked by Cooking Channel to contribute some recipes and photography to their blog, Devour. Working with the Cooking Channel Devour team is a dream. They’re all such terrific people and it’s such an honor to collaborate with each an every single one of them.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been sharing some new and original recipes and photography over at Cooking Channel Devour blog. Working on this project with them never felt like work because when does making bacon potatoes au gratin ever feel like work?

Please head on over to the Cooking Channel blog and visit some of our new favorite recipes.

Here’s a sampling to drool over and maybe gain a few happy pounds on:

Bacon Potatoes Au Gratin Recipe

Sweet Potato Fritters Recipe

Pumpkin Gyoza Dumplings Recipe

Turkey Sloppy Joes Recipe


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  1. Amy

    Lovely comfort food~ Congrats on your new venture!

  2. Brandon @ Kitchen Konfidence

    Congratulations!! Those sloppy joes look soooo good!!

  3. Stay-At-Home-Chef

    Congrats on the work with the Cooking Channel. Your recipes look fantastic – I can’t wait to give them a try. Especially the Sweet Potato Fritters!

  4. stephane

    WOW! I love your pictures. I wish mine were half as good! I love your blog and will follow!

  5. Stacy @ Every Little Thing

    Congrats on the new adventure! I’m sure it will end up being fabulous.

  6. Annette

    This food always looks great. Please keep up the posts!

  7. nicole

    I’m so glad that you guys are enjoying youarself at Cooking Channel blog.

    All of the recipes you guys posted there look amazing.

  8. Liz@HoosierHomemade

    How exciting! We just upgraded our cable last month, and I don’t think my office TV has seen very many other channels besides the Cooking Channel. I love it!

  9. Scott at Real Epicurean

    Fantastic, this is the kind of comfort dish I love.

  10. Yvette ~ Muy Bueno Cookbook

    LOVE their blog! And your photos as always are so amazing! Best of luck with this new venture. The Cranberry Cream Muffins are calling my name. Yum!

  11. Bunkycooks

    Congrats on your new venture! I will be making a potato gratin today or tomorrow, so maybe I will check your recipe before I use mine. 🙂 Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2012! Can’t wait to see you in March!

  12. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga

    Congrats on your new Cooking Channel adventures and pursuits..that’s fabulous!

  13. Snippets of Thyme

    Congratulations! I served the same bacon potatoes au gratin dish for Xmas. Doesn’t get too much yummier. I’ll head over to Devour and take a peek at your latest adventures!

  14. Apron Appeal

    mandoline? I wish I new how to spell better.

  15. Apron Appeal

    Perfect recipe to try my new mandolin out on.

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