Year of Appreciation & A new year to Live Proudly.

Even if just for  moment, wouldn’t it be so lovely to think about gathering all the people you care about and who have made an impact in your life to gather in one room? Funny how some things seem so far attainable, but yet it happens every day. This blog, for instance, and many of your blogs and websites are gathering places for exactly that.

This is why we made our Life Recipe Video for New Year last year. You’re all part of the most important recipe of our lives.

Without you all, we’d be lonely. We really would and it’s not a statement that we take lightly. And we thank you, deeply, for being here.

All the memorable moments that make our 2012 list were the little things.

A little puppy came into our life and is now not so little anymore.

Todd received his black belt in Aikido and Elise came down to join us for the special event.

Diane turned 40 years old and finally got her first slow cooker. In fact, she now owns three slow cookers.

We didn’t lose any fruit trees to disease this year and our new citrus are going strong.

Our little project of hoarding garden recipes & photographs is becoming a cookbook. Ok, maybe it’s not so little, it’s huge for us.

Throughout the whole year of staying busy traveling and photographing for clients, blogging has kept us grounded and remind ourselves to take time to write and cook the things we love. It’s this little blog that keeps us happy and true to our hearts.

Amidst the different projects, styles and art direction we have to think about when we work with clients, this blog is what allows us to be just who we are and make things that reflect our voice and stories.

When presenting the morning keynote at BlogHer Pro a few weeks ago, we talked about always remembering who you are. In the big world of blogging and content creating and social media and all the craziness, it’s so easy to lose touch with what it is that truly makes you— uniquely you. Sometimes it’s easy to lose track of why we started blogging in the first place and get wrapped up in all the other things that blogging can bring.

Regardless of how much you blog professionally, for a business, or for money, don’t ever forget who you are and why you started.

We asked the audience to answer the question: Who are you? Why are you doing this thing, called blogging? Answers can range across the board and it’s ok.  It’s perfectly all right to be sad, frustrated, happy, successful and defeated. Just be prepared to make the best of the experience, pull yourself out of bad times and/or continue to rise with the good times.

Who are you? Share yourself in your comments.

Todd- I am a quiet observer, a listener. These traits when reflected in my personality lend to the impression of being gentle or kind. And usually I am, however underneath burns intense flames and which pushes me to be become better at anything I do and also drives me to be an intense protector of those I love.

Diane- I am a lover, a fighter and a dreamer. Being a lover reminds me to be kind. Being a fighter reminds me to always be strong. Being a dreamer reminds me to never let go of hope.

Here’s the new video we made for the keynote presentation- ” i am”

Thank you to you all for being you and helping us to live this life. Wishing you all a warm 2013, a year full of continued health, love, family and friendship.

Live proudly. And Appreciate. With Honor.

love always,

diane, todd, sierra and lexi

Don’t forget to laugh, be silly and enjoy yourself at yourself to the max! Be you. 


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  1. @rendezvoushotel

    Year of Appreciation & A new year to Live Proudly.: Even if just for  moment, wouldn’t it be so lovely to think …

  2. dervla @ The Curator

    HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS! Love the video, i want to kiss and hug those pups. And Todd eating the pepper made me laugh out loud at my desk.

    I’m a missmystoponthesubwayreader, a dreamsohardIcan’twakeupsleeper, a runnerwhoconstantlyfindsnewplacesincentralpark, and a possiblyannoyinghugger 🙂

  3. Ashley

    Beautiful. And such a great reminder coming into the new year. Best of luck in 2013 to you both!

  4. Eva @FoodVegetarisch

    Happy New Year to you and all the best wishes for 2013 from a curious German food and photography lover who luckily discovered last year your wonderful blog!!

  5. LiztheChef

    Happy New Year from your friend in San Diego – X0

  6. sreebindu

    wishing u a happie and gorgeous new year 🙂

  7. Lindsay

    Happy new year to you both! Can’t wait to see you again in May. 🙂

  8. Christine

    Your video made me smile. I needed that today. So now after reading this post and watching all of you play around (Lexi’s so big!), I can say I’m happy. Thank you! Hope the new year brings you continued success and happiness.

  9. Aggie

    You two always make me think and I love it. 🙂 Your video made me smile big.

    I am a lover. A feeder. A seeker. I am compassionate and protective. I am someone who craves peace and wellness and strength. I am a friend of nature, animals and people. I am me!!

    Happy new year Diane and Todd! Best wishes to both of you in 2013!

  10. JulieD

    Love the pictures of the girls. They are so cute!! And I love that video!! Lexi is sooo big now! It’s so true that we always need to remember and remain true to our humble beginnings. It’s hard not to lose sight sometimes but I always return and also try to be thankful for how far I have come. I’m thankful for your friendship and know, know deep down that 2013 will be another incredible year for you both!! xoxo

    And to answer your question:
    I’m a lover and a believer in all that is good in the world. I am a helper and a doer and I am an animal lover!

  11. Paula - bell'alimento

    Happy New Year to y’all! You continue to be inspiring! xoxo

  12. Shaina

    Happy New Year to you both! May your 2013 be filled with an overflowing abundance of life.

  13. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    Thank you for all your awesome and inspiring posts, recipes, thoughts, photography and for sharing it all! Best wishes for an amazing 2013 for you both 🙂

  14. Sharmila

    Wishing that your 2013 is filled with all things wonderful! Happy New Year to all of you. This space you have created is such a lovely, lingering sort of place.

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