Portrait of a Gourmand – Amy Scattergood – Food Editor

Portrait of a Gourmand – A gourmand is simply, someone who takes pleasure in food and eating. This is a continuing photographic series of gourmands, from all walks of life. There are many gourmands that inspire us in profound ways that make us experience and think about food differently. These portraits essays share their amazing stories.


All of Los Angeles and beyond knows Amy Scattergood because of her journalistic prose. Currently she runs the helm as the editor of LA Weekly’s  Squid Ink Food, one of the most updated and informative food news sources for Southern California. Prior to that, Amy was a staff writer for the Food section of the Los Angeles Times and even before journalism, she graduated from The California School of Culinary Arts. Amy is a gourmand to the tenth degree and in divulges in practically every possible facet of food. She’s beyond a Gourmand, we call her a food bad-ass.

Amy is also our editor, our boss and the one that helps us become better food writers on Squid Ink. She makes sure all our “I”s are dotted and “T’s” are crossed and continually reminds us about good SEO and tags. If we brain fart (she’s gonna want to butcher this sentence) and can’t find the right opening paragraph or catchy title, she’ll help us discover a new flow of words. “How did she write that and make it seem so easy?” Thank goodness for Amy’s editorial guidance. She’s a bad-ass editor and amazing writer. We respect her work immensely.


She probably wouldn’t agree to anything we say here because Amy is one of the most humble and unpretentious people we know. Working like a machine everyday on LA Weekly and still balancing her time as a mom, she’ll never talk about her credentials, accomplishments, nor gloat about her impressive professional resume. Amy is a great listener and our mentor to all things beyond food and that’s why we’re speaking out about her with these photographs.

So, we’re going to spill it all out here because—she can’t edit–nor delete– this post! Ha! {Sorry, Amy}

Amy is a poet too, even before she immersed herself into a career in food. She has a master’s in Religion from Yale University’s Divinity School, a M.F.A in poetry and was a writing and poetry instructor. In her spare time, she authored a book of poetry called “The Grammar of Nails.” To add to her list of current projects, she’s co-authored a whole grain baking book with pastry chef, Kim Boyce called, “Good To The Grain.” Their cookbook is due out early next year.

How does she do it all? Heck if we know. Amy is amazing. But we’re thrilled that she agreed to let us share her with all of you in this photo series (it sure wasn’t easy). Amy is another one of those amazing Gourmands that make our world all the more delectable.


If you could have one big finale meal, what would your final feast be?

One Final Feast? I’d go back to the French Laundry, but this time not having eaten at Chez Panisse, Ad Hoc and Bouchon all in the 12 hours before I made my reservation like I did last time, and so actually be able to eat everything put in front of me.

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  1. Deb Chance

    You will love this! I have been following Amy’s writing and life for some time now because she is from Iowa, like me! But about a year ago I became so busy that I didn’t have time to indulge in my obsession with her. Today while reading your amazing blog, there she was!!! What a small world and what a wonderful life you must have to be so talented and able to follow your dream(s)!

  2. Leah

    What a fantastic portrait, T&D, both visually and in the literary sense. And it really does nail Amy – she is an incredible editor, a writer’s editor, and I’m truly blessed to be on her team, too. Her calm, her leadership and her knowledge make her such a gift to people who love to read about food, and her poetry seeps through everywhere. Thanks for capturing one of the outliers on the inside (if that makes any sense).

  3. foodwoolf

    I agree. Amy is incredible. And, it turns out, incredibly photogenic. I really value the lessons Amy has taught me and continues to teach me about writing, journalism and what it takes to be a writer in the world. Just when I think I have a clue what I’m doing, Amy gently shows me how to be better. I have a lot to learn about writing and I couldn’t think of a better teacher to have.

  4. Emily Green

    I especially loved everything.

  5. Broderick @ Savory Exposure

    I’m just in love with that first shot. Love this post

  6. Joy

    The photos are just plain gorgeous…and so is Amy, who sounds more like a good friend than a boss you don’t want to meet in the hallway!

  7. Gaby

    She seems like a fabulous boss… and friend too! Lucky you!

  8. The Italian Dish

    Geez, I feel like a total slacker next to Amy – food editor, culinary school graduate, MFA in poetry, Masters in Religion from Yale …. such an accomplished person! How can you stand her? I bet she’s nice, too.

  9. Jennifer

    It’s not often that one may conquer both the editorial and culinary worlds with ease and grace. Amy is an inspiration. This is a lovely portrait that is brimming with gorgeous photography.

  10. Amy J

    What a wonderful person to have for a boss – someone that pushes you just a much as she pushed herself on toward excellence.

  11. Rachael

    That was so lovely…

  12. Dominique (de vous à moi...)

    Beautiful portrait! I’m a “gourmande” (the french word) too!

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