White On Rice Couple

Pho Noodles – flat & white rice noodles

Identifying Vietnamese Noodles:

Phở Noodles – Flat & White Rice Noodles

Common English Names: Rice Stick , Rick Noodles

We Call It: Flat , white , rice noodles or just Phở noodles. Easy.

Phở noodles are Flat and made of rice flour. Phở noodles are normally sold in long strands that are folded and bundled up. Also available in various size and thickness (pictured above), cooked Phở noodles should be slightly chewy and not too soft. In most good restaurants, the more commonly used Phở noodles in this popular beef noodle soup are the semi-dried types. These types are easily blanched and cooked to proper texture before the broth is added. When they are dropped into the bowl, they are usually still slightly undercooked, but as it simmers in the hot Phở broth, the noodles continue to cook in the bowl. If your bowl of Phở noodle soup has noodles that are starting to break apart right when you start to eat, then the noodles were overcooked. Other popular noodle soup dishes using Phở type noodles will be called “Hủ Tiếu”, with meat accompaniments and stock base as chicken, pork or duck. These flat, rice noodles are also commonly used in “Pad Thai” noodle dishes and Viet “Phở  Áp Chảo”, which are both cooked in a pan and tossed with meat and/or vegetables.