White On Rice Couple

Mien (glass) Noodles – clear mung bean noodles

Identifying Vietnamese Noodles:

Miến Noodles – Round & White ( or transluscent)

Common English Names: Mung Bean Threads/Noodle/Vermicelli, Glass Noodles

We Call It: Round, glass, bean noodles or just Miến Noodles. Kinda Easy.

Miến are round and made of mung bean flour. Miến are sold in large packages or small, individual packages . Some manufacturers package these individuals in a pink, plastic netted bag, a dead give away as Miến. Miến noodles are white when dried or after hydration in warm water, but when cooked, they become transparent and much more slimy and slippery than other noodles. Because these noodles are so fragile when boiling, they should be pre-soaked in warm/hot water for about 15 minutes. These delicate noodles will expand and be ready for cooking. When are ready for boiling, they take just a few minutes to maintain the right, chewy texture. Anything more than that will be mush. Miến noodles will be found in soups, tossed in stir-fries or mixed with meat and vegetables as a filler for other dishes. For example, many Việt fried springroll (Chả giò ) recipes will use mien noodles as part of the filling.