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Mi Noodles – yellow Chinese noodles

Identifying Vietnamese Noodles:

Mì Noodles – Round or Flat & Yellow

Common English Names: Chinese Egg Noodles, yellow noodles

We Call It: Same as above or Mì Noodles. Easy.

Mì noodles are round or flat made from wheat flour and are commonly available in both the semi-fresh and dried forms. Most Chinese influenced Việt Mì noodles soups use the round noodles, although there are always exceptions to the rule and some cooks use the flat ones. These common and hearty noodles are used throughout many Asian noodle soups, stir-fries, & deep fries. The texture of these is more like pasta because of the use of wheat flour and/or eggs, so collectively most Vietnamese like them cooked just enough to maintain a bit of bite “al dente”. Việt Mì noodle soup bowls will have many varieties of soup stock bases, toppings such as meat balls , sliced meats and even meat filled wontons and dumplings.