White On Rice Couple

Bun Noodles – round & white rice noodles

Identifying Vietnamese Noodles

Bún Noodles – Round & White Rice Noodles

Common English Names : Rice Vermicelli, Rice Noodles, Rice Stick

We call it: Round, white, rice noodles or just Bún noodles. Easy.

Bún noodles are Round and made of rice flour. Bún comes in two package forms, long strands that are folded and bundled up, and the other is in stick form. They’re used in a variety of brothy bowls of soup and fresh noodle dishes tossed with meat, lettuce and herbs. These noodles are used widely as a the starch base (like rice), then topped or eaten along with meat, vegetable and/or herb accompaniments. Bún noodles are available in different sizes, depending the chefs preference, or their regional specialties. When eating cooked bun, they should always be plump and still in it’s original long strands. If it’s in short, broken up strands, then it is considered overcooked and handled too roughly. Cooking bún noodles can be tricky because it takes just one minutes difference between a great batch of plump bún noodles to a bad, mushy batch.