White On Rice Couple

Banh Canh Noodles – round/flat & thick rice noodles

Identifying Vietnamese Noodles :

Bánh Canh Noodles – Round and White

Common English Names: Tapioca Noodle

We Call It: Round, thick, chewy, “Udon” like , tapioca/rice noodle or Bánh Canh Noodles. Not so easy.

Bánh Canh noodles are Round, thick, pasty tapioca/rice flour noodles. Bánh Canh are normally sold dried as long sticks. Buying them in the fresh version is easier if it’s available at you Asian grocer. These noodles are similar in thickness to the Japanese Udon noodle. In fact, some Vietnamese restaurants will use the Udon noodle as a substitute for Bánh Canh noodle soups. Bánh Canh noodle soups usually have broths based with pork or chicken.