Nail Shop Eats #3- Kumquat Tea to soothe salon anxiety

kumquat tea

There’s been way too much drama at the Nail shop over the past few weeks and my nerves have had it with my staff of 12 emotional cosmetologists , at least 4 of which always have their PMS cycle fall during the same week! It’s times like these that make me just want to hire male manicurists just to avoid the monthly overlap of menstrual cycles.

Unfortunately, female customers aren’t comfortable with the idea of having a male perform their Brazilian bikini wax (ouch!), so having a full male staff would be very counter productive.

The timing could not have been more perfect for Carol (aka Huong) to bring in some fresh kumquat’s off her tree. Thanks to Carol’s krazy kumquat harvest this year, I can now make some soothing kumquat tea that so many of the manicurists at the Nail shop have been talking about.

This kumquat tea is a therapeutic treatment for sore throats and for anyone who is in need of a some tension relief from managing a hectic, and sometimes over the top group of Vietnamese women. I wonder who that person in need could be? I can tell you for sure it’s not my Mother, who has been having a grand time disappearing into all the post-Christmas, “five dalla” clearance sales.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’ll give you a hint….Me, myself and I, of course! Can you hear the strain of my keyboard from my pounding on the keys?!

kumquat tea

Thank goodness I have these cute, little egg-shaped citrus “gems” to sooth my nerves.

Not only are they so plump and adorable, they are something we’ve been wanting to grow for a while now. Although there really isn’t any fruit to actually eat from, it’s the kumquat rind that possess so much flavor and aroma. With the addition of some of the sour fruit juice (what little there is of it), kumquats make a perfect infusion for beverages.

Tonight will be kumquat tea and tomorrow, we’ll take the rest and infuse them in vodka to make a kumquat liquor. So if my sore throat and tension don’t soothe within a few days, you can bet whats next on my medicinal agenda….kumquat cocktails!

Thanks, Carol. I needed these.

Just another day at the nail shop.


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  1. momgateway

    I enjoy your entertaining posts and lovely anecdotes at the Nail shop!

  2. Garrett

    Drinking it now. Lovely. Used four kumquats for a more intense flavor. =)

  3. garrett

    Love this. And my kumquat tree is still going bonkers so this will do well for tonight. =)

  4. Sharon

    LOVE reading about your garden. I live in Los Alamitos and have 26 fruit trees in my backyard and about 500 sq. ft. garden – more if you count my additional container garden. I fell in love with the “genetic dwarf” – or Ultra-dwarf – fruit trees and they produce so much fruit in so little space – hope you have some.

    I grow just about everything – totally organic – huge compost pile – many worms – and SO much fun, not to mention the fabulous food. One of my favorites to grow is potatoes – and onions. Nothing like digging up a potato and going in and sauteing it up with some fresh green beans – then melt a little mozarella cheese on top!!

    Anyway – enjoy your site. Sharon

  5. Alita

    These fruits looks very interesting, I should try them soon. It’s a shame I’ve never heard of them before 🙂
    Elegant recipe!

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