Dear Autumn, as your beautiful season slowly comes to a close, it’s so appropriate to wave away your warm charm with a feast full of thanks. Your quiet grace on this celebratory day brings us all together and reminds us just how enriching our lives are through the love of family and friends. As we walked our garden today, collecting these butternut squashes and gathering the ripened peach leaves reminded us of your magical, stunning hues.  This photograph is a reflection of your voice. It is for you.

To everyone, Happy Thanksgiving to all. We hope your gatherings today are filled with laughter, love and delicious foods! We’ve definitely planned, as always, a large multi-cultural meal. Today, we’re spending it with half of our family. But for the following years, we’re looking forward to being able to spend it with our other family that lives further away.

Who are you spending your day with today? Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!