Perfect Summer Appetizers Paired with Hard Lemonades

Appetizer Pairings & Recipes with Mike's Hard Lemonade | @whiteonrice

Not everyone drinks beer and not everyone drinks wine. And if our friends don’t drink wine or beer, they definitely won’t be drinking all our cocktail experiments. One collective agreement to our Summer gatherings is that everyone loves to have a good time, munch on great appetizers and soak up the long days of sunshine ahead. Back when we were working on the garden because we were obsessed with backyard and outdoor entertaining, we’d always have a small stash of mike’s hard lemonade for everyone who didn’t drink “booze”, but they did drink “hard lemonade”. Go figure. They were finicky about what they drank and we always had their back and kept them refreshed.

Appetizer Pairings & Recipes with Mike's Hard Lemonade | @whiteonrice

Our friends always loved mike’s hard lemonade and so do we. It’s one of those drinks that are so easy to drink; fruity, flavorful, pairs perfectly with a multitude of awesome appetizers, and has just a touch of kick. When the folks at mike’s hard lemonade reached out to share news of their delicious Flavors of America Variety Pack that is infused with some of our favorite fruit: lemons, blackberries, black cherries and peaches, it was an easy yes.

Appetizer Pairings & Recipes with Mike's Hard Lemonade | @whiteonrice

Sierra’s favorite rest stop: next to all the food and people! Appetizer Pairings & Recipes with Mike's Hard Lemonade | @whiteonrice

Why we’ve always loved mike’s is because the fruity flavor truly comes through because of their use of high quality and natural ingredients. How fun would it be to be coming up with ideas that perfectly pair with their hard peach, blackberry and black cherry lemonades? Super fun and it doesn’t hurt to keep testing because it’s a hard job and we’re up for the challenge.

All you need is a little bit of prep and planning in the kitchen, a big tub of ice to chill all of mike’s hard lemonades and a whole lot of friends who love to relax and hang out.

Here’s some fantastic and easy appetizers that will be the perfect nibbles for this Flavors of America collection:

You all know about our sweet onion dip “crack dip”, right? If not, you should treat yourself to a batch and wash it down with mike’s hard Black Cherry Lemonade. Yum! And here’s a version with roasted tomatoes on top. Equally awesome with the black cherry flavor.

Appetizer Pairings & Recipes with Mike's Hard Lemonade | @whiteonrice

For all you spice lovers, our sriracha hummus (or spicy white bean dip) pairs perfectly with the bright citrus of mike’s hard Lemonade

Appetizer Pairings & Recipes with Mike's Hard Lemonade | @whiteonrice

Love goat cheese? This popular goat cheese and tomato dip goes down quick and sip it with mike’s hard Blackberry Lemonade.

Appetizer Pairings & Recipes with Mike's Hard Lemonade | @whiteonrice

Got some friends who love toast? Do it with our zucchini ricotta toast and mike’s hard Peach Lemonade.

Appetizer Pairings & Recipes with Mike's Hard Lemonade | @whiteonrice

You guys, Summer is literally here, can you believe it? It’s time to gather up all your friends to have a blast for this spectacular season. We’re gearing up for more party planning ideas soon so be ready to celebrate Summer with us!


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  1. sweetteasweetie (@SweetTSweetie)

    I’m not a beer drinker so I love to keep Mike’s on hand for those of us prefer them!

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    Looking Weekend Ready!

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    What an amazing backyard you guys have, perfect for the entertaining life. I’m jealous! That dark cherry flavor is right up my alley.

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