Welcome, friends , to a more intimate journey into our lives. Our whole personal trek to discover and understand more about the world food, culture, people and the web that connects us all started almost exactly 3 years ago here, on White On Rice Couple.

We started the blog as a creative space, an escape from our hectic lives in the photography profession. Our longtime love of food drew us to the internet to seek out like minded and curious cats. The name White On Rice Couple was chosen as a fun, humorous take because humor and an occasional good belly laugh is what grounds us to be real and honest. It was a random name and not really relating to anything but a chance to make fun of ourselves.

Never, ever in our wildest dreams would be ever have imagined  that this blog would open up our world to something more than food. All of the new friendships and family that we’ve added to our lives make this blog complete.

Thank you to all of you for continually inspiring us to be better people and help us understand your food world on a deeper level.

This project has been a long time in the making. We’ve been building this site ourselves, often times with the occasional crashes. We’re not professional web developers and we would never want to be. Help was needed. Good technical, skills that we didn’t have.

We had ideas for designing our website, lots of them that we couldn’t ever accomplish ourselves on this blog.

Today we’re launching with a new home-page for Phase 1. The next phase of updates will happen soon.

We knew we needed someone skilled, patient and precise to build out this site to our creative specifications and functionality. It took us a while, but we found the expert  and his name is Paul from ZelCreative.

We collaborated with Paul and sent him our requests for functionality and design with specific ideas that were not the easiest to render. Paul did a wonderful job and making sure everything worked smoothly. Thanks Paul for doing such a wonderful job!

This is just Phase 1 launch for the home-page and we’re excited to start Phase 2 of this new website and the launch of our another personal project soon!

-Todd and Diane