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Cooking & Travel Videos

Welcome to our collection of cooking videos. Keeping in mind our spirit of adventure, humor, travel, cooking and teaching, all of our videos highlight at least one or all of our elements. We aim to share, inspire, educate and to just have a little fun. We hope that you enjoy watching these as much as we enjoy making them.  We shoot, photograph and edit all of our own material, unless otherwise noted.

White On Rice Couple Videos

banh mi

Video # 14- Winner of “Art of Food Photography” Class giveaway

Watch Sierra, our boxer dog, as she selects the winner of the online food photography class giveaway. She also showcases some of her ball handling talents as she announces the lucky winner of this great contest.

Couscous ginger zucchini shallot 023Video #13 – Yosemite Nat’l Park and Backcountry Couscous w/ginger, shallots, zucchini

We’re cooking alfresco along the beautiful Merced river in Yosemite National Park. The dish is an easy, quick and satisfying couscous for camping or backpacking. We also have some play time in the water too!




Video #12- PROOF that we really did have a party!

Watch our little party gathering of 75 hungry Aikido dojo members. After the black belt test, all the attendees headed over to our place for the post party. We had plenty of food and desserts to feed our starving guests.




Fruit 007Video #11- Fresh Jackfruit and Raffle for Briana

In search of the perfect jackfruit, we’re on a mission to find the best and ripest one for the big dissection. Jack is big, Jack is ripe and Jack is gooooood! Learn how to properly cut a whole, fresh jackfruit without the latex mess.



dante 012Video #10 – Singing Dante, the “Pupper-atti” Dog Tenor

Dante was getting a little bitter that Sierra received so much video time in the last garden video. So he gets a video all to himself to showcase is singing talents.





Victory Garden TourVideo #9 – Our Garden Tour & Swiss Chard Stuffed BBQ Pork Loin

Join us in our garden with our dogs for a little tour of some of our favorite fruit trees and vegetables. While you’re there, please stay for a BBQ of pork loin too!





Stuffed SquidVideo #8- Vietnamese Stuffed Squid & Wine Blogging Wednesday

Learn how to clean, gut fresh squid and make a classic Vietnamese stuffed squid dish. We’ll show you some easy ways to stuff and cook the squid so that they don’t explode in your oil or pan. Watch two different & delicious methods of preparing the squid.




asian nachosVideo #7 – Our Pantry & Asian Nacho’s

Come take a peek into our pantry and learn how to make the perfect appetizer, Asian Nacho’s. Learn how to create some delicious and crispy Asian style chips using won ton wrappers and prawn crackers.




Poppy Seed crackersVideo #6- California Poppies & Parmesean Poppy Seed Crackers

After a visit to the beautiful California Poppy Preserve in Lancaster, CA, we’re inspired to create something with poppy seeds. Learn how to make homemade poppy seed crackers that go perfectly with your favorite cheese!




Sweet Onion DipVideo #5- Goin’ Home To Oregon & Baked Walla Walla Sweet Onion Dip

Todd returns home to his Dad’s ranch in Oregon. Coming home to the horses and walla walla sweet onions is a sweet homecoming. Roaming through the ranch vegetable patch, we found some sweet onions for an amazing baked dip.




Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms

Video #4- Farmers Market Fresh – Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms & Crisp Purple Kohlrabi Chips

Support our local farmers and farmers markets. For this visit to the market, we found some zucchini blossoms and purple kolhrabi.

No Reservations Family Picture 020Video #3 – Finally showing our “mugs” to you and Anthony Bourdain

We finally show our faces for Anthony Bourdain’s Fantatic Casting.  For our submission to his “No Reservations” show, we try to entice Tony to come down for a culinary tour of Little Saigon in Westminister, CA.




Tofu Frites 060Video #2 – Tofu Frites, Fries and Mojo’s

Learn how to enjoy, appreciate and make Tofu in three ways: Thin frites, medium fries and hearty mojo’s. We show you how to prepare the tofu to get the best possible frites, fries and mojo crust.




Taiwanese Cabbage Saute VideoVideo #1 – Taiwanese Cabbage Saute

Our very first cooking video! We’re headless, slightly intoxicated and silly. But that’s what happens when all the editing occurs at 3am! Learn how to make a quick and fresh 15 minute cabbage saute with Taiwanese cabbage~