Cookbook shoot with Cristina Ferrare & New Oprah Winfrey Network show

Todd  &  Cristina Ferrare previewing the cookbook images

We’ve worked with some lovely people during our photography career, but yet have we been able to meet anyone so sincerely generous and kind as Cristina Ferrare.

All her success, both past and present, are well deserved. No wonder Oprah Winfrey loves Cristina so much and we adore her immensely.

Cristina Ferrare is an author, TV personality and former supermodel who graced the cover of such fashion magazines as Cosmo and Harpers Bazaar, but she’s so down to earth and humble and never talks about herself.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been working diligently on Cristina’s new cookbook ( A Big Bowl of Love) due out in May 2011. This cookbook will have over 100 recipes that Cristina puts so much love in, thus, it’s all A Big Bowl of Love.

We photographed all the recipes and lifestyle shots for her cookbook in her home, where we created a makeshift food photography studio in her dining room. She was patient and kind as we swallowed up a part of her house to find the right lighting and shoot!

Cristina, a master in the kitchen, cooked all the dishes with the same devotion as if she was cooking for her family and friends. All the food we photographed was real, edible and fabulous. I think we all gained about 10 lbs. each while shooting the cookbook.

Hopefully all of you will get a chance to meet Cristina one day because she truly is a grand soul and genuinely loves people and embraces everyone and everything that comes her way. She’ll be giving a cooking demo in Los Angeles at Surfas on Saturday November 13th and she’ll be back on the Oprah Winfrey Show next month for a holiday cooking segment!

And of course, look out for her cooking show, A Big Bowl of Love once the Oprah Winfrey Network launches at the beginning of the year!

Please say hello to Cristina on Twitter at @CristinaCooks, we’re sure she’d love to say hello to you all!

Cristina arranged all the flowers in the cookbook, as well as cooked & help style the recipes!

Todd checking exposure & focus for the action chocolate shots

Adorable Cher watching the shoot and patiently waits for a treat. Such a good girl!


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  1. Sureeta Harris

    I enjoy your show, keep up the great work. You are helping a lot of us who has know cooking skills! 🙂

  2. Gloria

    I have loved Christina since “way back when”, was it with Regis? She is a joy, very real, as well as very beautiful.
    I am trying to find the recipe as shown on OWN, 2/7/11. It was an ice cream desert with chocolate sauce, an Italian desert I believe. Can you help me, I am dying to try it.
    Thanks for listening!


  3. judy cramer

    I always loved watching the Home and Family Show in the past. So happy you have anew show. Is the any possibility you will be having Mike Berger or Candace Garvey on? Love the new recipes!

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Hi Judy,
      We don’t really have any say in Cristina’s show, we only shot her cookbook. You might want to pass on your suggestions to Cristina on her facebook page or on her blog over at
      Have a great day.
      Todd & Diane

  4. Monica F.

    I really miss the home & family show and so glad Cristina is back on TV. I love her focus on family & relationships. I will be DVRing her new show!

  5. colette

    I so watched her old show HOME AND FAMILY..everyday I also wrote down everything have her old cookbook and so look forward to seeing her on the new network…God Bless you Christina…bon appitette

  6. DJ

    lol I worked on that cooking show. Small world.

  7. Carmie of the Single Nester

    Been lovin’ Cristina for years . . . good to see she will be sharing her tasty and simple recipes in a cookbook.

  8. Rasa Malaysia

    Congrats, that’s a huge gig. Your food photography rivals any big-name food photographers now, seriously. Good job!

  9. Stay-At-Home-Chef

    Can’t wait for her show AND cookbook…both sound great!

  10. CK

    She’s back with a new show? What a hoot! I also remember her from back in the day – looking forward to seeing this show.

  11. Cookin' Canuck

    It is so fun to see the two of you working on fantastic jobs like this. You truly deserve it!

  12. jenjenk

    This is so darn exciting! I can’t wait to see the cookbook & to watch her show!! Wonderful!

  13. Liz

    I am adding this cookbook to my wishlist! Great photos!

  14. Yvette

    WOW!!! What a dream come true!!! That truly exciting! That just goes to show all us foodies that food is truly beautiful! YAY!!!

  15. Veronica Gonzalez-Smith

    What a lovely shoot…You two take the most amazing photographs…besos…

  16. bunkycooks

    I look forward to seeing Christina on the new show and to seeing her cookbook (that I am sure was photographed beautifully!). I remember her as always having such a lovely presence on television and will be happy to see that return with this show.

  17. Alison @ Ingredients, Inc.

    What an incredible experience! Y’all are the best, and I am honored to have met you!

  18. the urban baker

    Todd, I have been following Christina since she was on an L.A. morning show back in the ’80’s. I think I may have even designed some furniture for her in the previous chapter of my life! I love how this is documented and I am so happy for you!

  19. Maria

    So very cool! I can’t wait to see the show and cookbook!

  20. Louise

    what a lovely shoot, the colors and light are just gorgeous. i’ll be looking out for her new show

  21. Lisa@The Cutting Edge of Ordinary

    Smith – This will be her 2nd cookbook. Her 1st cookbook is called Cristina Ferrares Family Entertaining – I bought it for my Mom a long time ago. She loves it! I think I’ll have to borrow it back! Here’s a link to it on Amazon.

  22. TheKitchenWitch

    I’m ashamed to admit that I hadn’t heard of her, but anyone that you endorse as a Lovely Person must be so–I will definitely be looking for her (and purchasing the cookbook with, of course, brilliant photographs).


    OMG – I ADORE Cristina Ferrare!!! I’ve made every single recipe she’s ever posted on Oprah – I can’t wait for her book (had no idea she was doing one) and am over the moon that she’s got her own show on Oprah’s new network – oh happy day!!!

  24. The Italian Dish

    Oh, gosh, I love Christina Ferrare. I didn’t know she was getting her own show. What a great experience for you guys. Can’t wait to see the cookbook.

  25. Lisa@The Cutting Edge of Ordinary

    I love Christina! I used to watch her back in the 90’s on the Home and Family Show. She shared her recipes back then and I remember frantically trying to write them down (this was before I had a computer!). I love watching her on Oprah and now I’m even more excited that she has a cookbook coming out! Yeah! Thanks guys for sharing, I can’t wait to see all the gorgeous photos I know you shot!

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