It would be an understatement to say that 2010 was a great year for us. The new friendships, tears of joy and sadness have led us across the country to so many wonderful people in the online food blogging world are too much to count. There is no way we can thank you all for making this blog so personally gratifying!

Our non-food photography and multimedia work keeps us stable and busy.

But all food related  friendships, meet-ups, gigs and speaking events that come from this blog keeps us inspired, energized and fulfilled. You all keep us grounded and honest when we share parts of our lives on this blog.

The amazing food blogging folks that we’ve been fortunate enough to work with and travel with are the most memorable and satisfying moments of 2010.

Our 2010 is not about us. It’s about all of these amazing people and all of you who keep us motivated to write, cook and share.

There are too many to mention in one video, but we tried our best to compile some fun out-takes of our favorite people during our work and travels.

So many of you make this online world a better place and we thank you for that.

Sincerely. Madly. Deeply,

– Todd Porter & Diane Cu


2010 Blogger Outtakes :

Here are some of the final videos from the out-take clips:

Other Videos: