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Pomegrante Margarita Recipe for Best Holiday Cocktail Recipes @whiteonrice

Pomegranate Margarita

How many versions of margarita recipes do we have? Oh, more than we can count on one hand so it’s pretty obvious we’re obsessed.  Our favorite is always the...

Coffee Toffee

Diane would like to apologize in advance for anything I am about to say. She says I’m a coffee snob. I don’t know whether to respond with a “Duh!” or...

Tired of Leftover turkey sandwiches? Try Thanksgiving Leftovers Galette Recipe - @whiteonrice

Leftover Thanksgiving Galette

This leftover Thanksgiving galette is the answer to all our post-holiday leftover problems. We all have leftovers after Thanksgiving feast and at some point, we might all be tired...

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