Announcing Food, styling & craft photography workshops at our studio

We finally did it! We’re happy to be announcing new photography workshops at our studio.  Thank you to all our readers and supporters who encouraged us over the last few years to have photography workshops in our home town in Orange County, CA.

For the last few years, we’ve traveled across the country and around the world teaching workshops and speaking at industry conferences on photography. But we’ve never really formally organized local photography workshops in our town. We knew eventually we’d be announcing workshops, but it did take a few years to finally organize this. So many of you were patient to wait and keep emailing us  reminding us about organizing these. Your push made this happen!

Vignette: Photography workshops for Your Life Story. 

Please welcome our series of photography workshops called Vignette, where we offering a variety of photography workshops specially designed for the specific needs of artists and online bloggers.

After traveling across the country, speaking at conferences and  meeting so many bloggers in different niches, we learned so much about the unique photography needs of their individual blogs. All this advice, suggestions and guidance from our valued attendees and readers allowed us to create these unique workshops that go beyond food.

Our vision for making our personal series of workshops is to make each one a unique, hands-on experience and encourage the feeling of community.

Vignette: Photography workshops for Your Life Story

Food, Lifestyle, Crafts, Portraiture

We witness life’s beauty, joy, pleasure, sorrows and pain. Learn how to capture and document those life moments that are dear to you, no matter how simple or enormous.

Our Philosophy:

  • no one should feel alone when you want to learn
  • learning is always more fun as a group, make new friends and to be creative together as a community
  • everyone has something to share and teach
  • Be inspired to find and craft your unique visual voice. Share your story.

We’ll be offering a variety of these classes at various dates, so stay tuned as we announce more dates as we progress.

So without further ado, were announcing 2 dates and one TBA (after we finalize more details).

Here are the workshop dates and registration info: 

  • Food Photography, Food Styling & Business of Food Photography – Registration Here March 30-31, 2012.
  • Craft, Design and Lifestyle Product Photography – Etsy & Pinterest inspired!  Registration Here June 23, 2012
  • Portraiture, Life Faces. Captured – TBA- but you can find details here and be on waiting list.

We look forward to finally meeting so many of you and learning together!

diane and todd


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  1. lynn @ the actor's diet

    so great! have always wanted to learn from you guys…hopefully i can make it to a class one day…

  2. Jane Bonacci - The Heritage Cook

    Are you planning more of the food related classes? I can’t make this date but would love to attend at another time!

  3. Renee Catlett Moller via Facebook

    Too bad it wasn’t online! *smile* Congratulations you two!! 😀

  4. Chef Connie

    Hope you have more of these. I cannot get out there by the end of the month but will definately attend a workshop that is planned further ahead.

  5. Lori @ Lemons and Lavender

    Congratulations to you! It is such an accomplishment to have a vision and then live it. Wishing you every success in your new venture of sharing and teaching. I’ve had a taste of the T&D Koolaid, and hope to come back for seconds very soon! xx

  6. susan

    I am so putting this at the top of my bucket list. Would love to spend the day with the two of you! x

  7. Kay

    Wonderful news! You will be a great blessing to so many photography students who want to learn more! Looking forward to meeting you both in Orlando this weekend! 🙂

  8. Susan in the Boonies

    Attending a food styling/food photography workshop at your place is on my bucket list.
    And until I wrote this comment, I never even HAD a bucket list.
    If God sends my sweet husband a huge jingle account that pays royalties? We are so there!

  9. binhtheredonethat

    This is awesome…wish I live in CA.

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