Mom Loves Jack

Not only does Mom know “Jack”, but she love him as well. Introducing her to Jackfruit during her visit this year was not only new, but memorable. A new episode in this “Little Saigon Tour” was to the Viet fruit markets, where she was introduced to some exotic and pungent Southeast Asian fruits. A far cry from the normal fruit department at her local grocer, this local Westminster fruit store provided her with her first, and hopefully not last, taste of fresh Jackfruit. She pleasantly surprised on the sweet flavor of Jack, and now she is able to make claim to be one of the few (if any at all ) in her circle of friends to have experienced Jackfruit. In addition to her many Viet munchies, we had to make sure Mom had another big bite of one of her favorite shrimp on sugarcane (Cha Tom).

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  1. jackie mcclure

    Hi, Diane and Todd, finally found my way to see your moms. Enjoyed the trip and my mouth watered at the description of all your foods. Must all be low cal or you two wouldn’t look so slim and trim! What a journey you both have made. The girl from DaNang and the boy from N.E. Oregon. Who could have imagined that you would find each other. Live Long and Prosper!, as Spock would say.

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