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A Thanksgiving Story – The Hungry Travelers Video

A Thanksgiving Story – The Hungry Travelers Video

Many folks we know are thankful for a warm meal at Los Angeles Mission this Thanksgiving. We’re thankful for that, along with our families and dear friends.

What are you thankful for?

Hope you all have a warm, safe and terrific meal with loved ones. Everyone deserves such basic human compassion and sustenance.

-Todd & Diane

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The Courage of Ideas – Video: Michael Ruhlman Had Something To Say

We’ve always been drawn to hubs of ideas. Terrific thoughts that are different and that pull us from our everyday norm. Ideas that  inspire and stimulate us, lighting a spark which leads to inspiring creative outbursts, open minds to different perceptions, challenging viewpoints and standards. Without them we’d be bored beyond imagination, and we don’t like to be bored.

Moments of inspiration that ignite a fabulous idea can come often, but it takes courage to follow through with them, especially if they’re ideas that challenge your skills, »

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The Hungry Travelers Video- A California Avocado Story & Guacamole Recipe

Can’t believe it’s been one year since we first talked about launching our online documentaries: The Hungry Travelers! Well it’s finally here and we’re proud to launch it with this one: A California Avocado Story.

The California avocado growers are a close, tight knit and hardworking group of growers who are dedicated to producing some of the best avocados in the world.

The California Avocado Commission recently had a guacamole contest and we were one of the lucky judges on their panel of 6 judges, »

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