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Warm Baked-Sweet Potato Soup for the Soul

Warm Baked-Sweet Potato Soup for the Soul

The past few days have been so chilly with early morning frost, it’s hard to believe that we still have a few tomatoes growing in the garden. Granted, the tomatoes are green, but it still feels awkward to be pickling a batch of green tomatoes in the middle of a West Coast January.  Gathering tomatoes in January from the garden is like a scene from the twilight zone.

Cold wind, dry weather and evenings full of bundled blankets and a warm fire calls out for »

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Dairy Free Butternut Squash and Pear Soup

Dairy Free Butternut Squash and Pear Soup

I know, many of you probably have a butternut squash soup recipe in your trusted cooking index. Your recipe is possibly the only one you’ll ever need because it’s simple, comforting and amazing. Am I right? We also have a stand-by recipe that we’ve stood by for years. It’s hearty and flavorful to the very last lick, so why add another recipe to the mix? I felt that way too, until I had a bowl of this new recipe.


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Ginger Chicken Egg Drop Soup Recipe for Sunday Supper & Good Bite

We should all take a break from our hectic lives and rejoice more with family at Sunday supper. It’s a perfect weekly occasion to gather up the family, wind down with a wholesome meal and enjoy one anothers company. Often times we all get so busy to have a dinner together as a family, and it takes a little more effort and reminder to realize how wonderful it is to gather around the dinner table with our family and friends.


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Ginger Edamame Soybean Soup (Bacon?) & How we took the photograph

Two weeks ago we had a mildly hectic week  planning for Food Blogger Camp and prepping for the Multimedia Presentation that we were giving. Normally, there’s a checklist of things to finish up before we head out and at the top of the itinerary is to cease all grocery shopping and eat everything left in the fridge. Being more attentive to eat leftovers and not wasting food has saved us a nice sum of money that went towards building new raised vegetable beds!

Hooray for »

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Beef Sukiyaki Hot Pot – Harris Salat Japanese Hot Pots Cookbook

Japanese hot pot, or nabe, are the perfect dish this time of year.  Quick, easy, and warm one-pot meals. This beef sukiyaki hot pot is one of our favorites.

We’ve been trying to catch up on our unarchived photos and after going through our recent Japan trip photographs, we needed some Japanese deliciousness, and quick.  What better way, than with some warm, comforting Japanese home food, Nabe, or hot pot.

In restaurants here in the US, most people’s experience eating Japanese hot pots are at »

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Salad of Edible Radish, Beet & Carrot Top Greens – Exciting, No Waste Recipes

It’s week three forSummer Fest 2009 and this week’s theme is Greens and Beans! Anything green, leafy or bean-y is up for sharing.

Margaret is continuing  this cross-blog event every Tuesday for four weeks, which will be acelebration of fresh-from-the-garden food: recipes, growing tips, even tricks for storing and preserving summer’s best. For this years Summer party, Margaret has collaborated with co-creators  Matt of Matt Bites (who also created the gorgeous plump tomato logo), Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen,  us of White on Rice »

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Club Med Bahamas- Gazpacho Recipe + more blogger pic’s!

Club Med Bahamas- Gazpacho Recipe + more blogger pic’s!

Chef Stephanie Izard

I’m backtracking a bit here to the first evening at Columbus Isle. The first 1/2 day flew like the wind and I’m finally getting around to looking through the photographs of the whirlwind day. Thank goodness for pictures to remind me of what all happened or else I’d have little reminder of what I ate and ……how skinnier I was 4 days ago.

Believe me, four days of Club Med gluttony has me wearing elastic waisted pants now. My size 9 jeans »

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