Evening photoshoot with Chefs Wolfgang Puck, David Chang & Roy Choi

A few weeks ago we embarked on another photo shoot adventure with Chef Wolfgang Puck at his signature restaurant in Hotel Bel Air. We felt jazzed to be invited back again to document another special evening with Chef Wolfgang Puck and his guest chefs. The food that comes out of the kitchen is incredibly executed […]

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Video: Vietnamese Home Cooking by Charles Phan of The Slanted Door

Video: Vietnamese Home Cooking by Charles Phan of The Slanted Door

To be able to work with people who love what they do is why we always feel so lucky to be doing what we do. Being able to photograph and film someone immersed in their work is truly inspiring. Chef Charles Phan is the perfect example of dedication, passion and love of one’s craft. So […]

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Shooting the Chefs

Shooting the Chefs

Good people. A couple of our recent photo gigs have reminded me of why I diverged off of the University path to follow a life in food. I really like the type of people which gravitate to this industry.  They are good people. One of these recent jobs was for the Terranea resort, shooting the […]

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Cookbook shoot with Cristina Ferrare & New Oprah Winfrey Network show

Todd  &  Cristina Ferrare previewing the cookbook images We’ve worked with some lovely people during our photography career, but yet have we been able to meet anyone so sincerely generous and kind as Cristina Ferrare. And better yet, Cristina’s new cooking show,A Big Bowl of Love, will debut in January on the Oprah Winfrey Network! […]

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Momofuku Ssam Bar – New York City

As soon as we booked our tickets to New York City for a work shoot at The French Culinary Institute, we knew Momofuku Ssam Bar was on our hit list of “must eats”.  This is how we run our business affairs: secure the contract, book the clients, think about where to eat in the city […]

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Best Buttermilk Syrup & Thermador New Steam Convection Oven

Feasting your eyes on this amazing buttermilk pancake syrup just isn’t enough. You have to taste it to believe that it really is the best buttermilk syrup recipe around. We were completely won over after the first bite and once we licked the plate clean of the clingy decadence, we were convinced that it really […]

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Portrait of a Gourmand- Chef Hasty Torres & Madame Chocolat Video

Portrait of a Gourmand - A gourmand is simply, someone who takes pleasure in food and eating. This is a continuing photographic series of gourmands, from all walks of life. There are many gourmands that inspire us in profound ways that make us experience and think about food differently. These portraits essays and interviews share their […]

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Tokyo Today and Takoyaki Octopus Balls

Japan continues to infinitely amaze us. Everyday we’re embraced by images of historic Japan, where temples and old wooden storefronts tell compelling stories from the past. However, nestled within the pockets of treasured history, Japan explodes with the latest and greatest of modern conveniences and innovations. This side is electric, eclectic and energizing. There is […]

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O-hayō from Kyoto – and Mister Donut

Kyoto is the culinary heart of Japanese cuisine. It is here where many claim Japanese cuisine is done on it’s finest level.  Kaiseki cuisine (seasonal dishes, immaculately prepared and presented in the highest level of art) births from Kyoto. So what incredible meal did we have our first morning in Kyoto?  Mister Donut. Our first […]

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Kyushu-style Ramen: In the Heart of Tokyo

We were thrilled to be in the land of ramen, where it’s nearly impossible to find a bad bowl of noodles.  However, even amongst the all the subtle, delicious variations of ramen that Japan has to offer, there are some styles that stand out above the rest.  Kyushu Ramen is one of them. While exploring […]

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Perfect summer gatherings, crab fest & recipes for celebrating

A perfect summer evening happened last week. Wonderful food and captivating conversations in the company of great people, on a gorgeous summer day which couldn’t have been any better for a Summer fete. The loving and ever so gorgeous couple Brooke of FoodWoolf and her husband, Hans of BarFood, hosted a crab fest at their […]

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Edible Los Angeles, Chef Michael Cimarusti Sea to Plate

Eating locally means that we don’t have to look too far to feed ourselves and searching for our community based food news  is now easier with The Edible Communities publications. The Edible Communities provides quarterly publications that highlight local food news and connects consumers with their nearby farmers, artisans and other community based food sources. […]

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Thomas Keller’s Truffle Infused Custards – an Amuse Bouche Phenom

Sometimes you want a dish that is so incredible, the moment your guests eat it their eyes widen, vocabulary stammers and smiles start to stretch across their faces …. Then come the inevitable proclamations of wonder and adoration. No more pulling punches, you are going straight for the “wow” factor.  Something that may be one […]

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Madeleines w/ Chocolate Dipping Sauce

Madeleines.  Elegant simplicity, deliciously captured in small, shell-shaped cookies.   The madeleine has a quiet grace, not preening for your love with mind-blowing flavors or chocolate oozing goodness.  However that quiet simplicity inspires adoration and longing. A  well-made madeleine has the ability to pause time, and allow one the chance to reflect and savor the […]

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Club Med Bahamas- Green Flash Cocktail

I can’t tell you how much I love Curacao, a flavored liqueur made from the dried peels of the laraha citrus fruit which  grown on the island of Curaçao, hence, the name. The brilliant blue color, the bright citrus/orange tones and slight bitterness of this liqueur makes a perfectly delicious and beautiful cocktail. When Brandt […]

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Club Med Bahamas- Gazpacho Recipe + more blogger pic’s!

Chef Stephanie Izard I’m backtracking a bit here to the first evening at Columbus Isle. The first 1/2 day flew like the wind and I’m finally getting around to looking through the photographs of the whirlwind day. Thank goodness for pictures to remind me of what all happened or else I’d have little reminder of […]

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Tamarind Shrimp and “Secrets of the Red Lantern” cookbook Winner

This gorgeous cookbook has a new owner and it’s Pam!! Congratulations Pam and we hope you enjoy this beautiful cookbook. Thank you to you all for your amazing input and thoughts on what you love in a cookbook. We appreciate all your fabulous comments on this  cookbook giveaway! This was the most amazing forum of […]

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Tamarind Crab and Secrets of the Red Lantern Cookbook giveaway!

It’s not often that I can get excited about a cookbook enough to want to snuggle with it on the couch and to read it cover to cover.  Most of the time, I’ll scan through a cookbook and bookmark particular interesting recipes that jump off the page. But I found one book that not only […]

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