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Turkey Sloppy Joes on Gluten Free Rosemary Rolls

Gluten-free what? Do you mean there’s people in the world who can’t eat wheat bread? pasta? No pizza? What does being gluten-free actually mean?

Those were questions we’d often ask ourselves, but never delved into because we never spent any considerable time with someone who had celiac disease or who were gluten intolerant. We first were given a glimpse into the gluten-free world a little over two years ago when we met up with Carol at Simply Gluten Free. And now, thanks to our blog »

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Nail Shop Eats- Vietnamese Chicken Cabbage Salad Competition

DeliciousVietnam is a monthly blogging event celebrating the love and diversity of Vietnamese cuisine.  Delicious Vietnam was  founded by Anh of Food Lovers Journey and Hong and Kim of Ravenous Couple.

I’m joining in on this month’s festivities and sharing my Vietnamese Chicken Salad Recipe. If you love Vietnamese food and have a great recipe post to share, please join the community!

My Mother has acquired an unprecedented fan basehere on our blog since I started writing about her Nail Shop Eats escapades and she »

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BBQ Chicken & Corn Pizza – Summer Fest

BBQ Chicken & Corn Pizza – Summer Fest

Summer Fest is in full swing and  the theme for this week is corn, lovely sweet corn. To participate, read more about Summer Fest on Away To Garden from Margaret then come join the community!  Catch up on  last week’s theme on the bounty of Cukes N Zukes.

As a kid, I wasn’t particularly picky, but I had my likes and dislikes. We were lucky to grow up in a farming valley and during summertime there were the little farm stands filled with amazing freshly »

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Teriyaki Burgers w/Homemade Teriyaki Sauce – Think outside the bottle

A while back, we were lamenting about how overly sweet and artificial some bottled teriyaki sauces were. With the exception of one that we liked on our teriyaki burgers, most were too sugary. Fake tasting. Processed. Yuck.

With the grilling season underway, we wanted some teriyaki variety to our bbq menu and it was always a struggle to search for a bottle that didn’t look like a goop of sugary, sticky brown blue. We needed to think outside the bottle and needed to be quick »

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Ginger Chicken Egg Drop Soup Recipe for Sunday Supper & Good Bite

We should all take a break from our hectic lives and rejoice more with family at Sunday supper. It’s a perfect weekly occasion to gather up the family, wind down with a wholesome meal and enjoy one anothers company. Often times we all get so busy to have a dinner together as a family, and it takes a little more effort and reminder to realize how wonderful it is to gather around the dinner table with our family and friends.


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Sriracha Chicken Wings – Perfect party food for New Year’s or any Eve

Sriracha Chicken Wings – Perfect party food for New Year’s or any Eve

All right folks, hold on tight because you’re going to be blown away at how amazing these sriracha chicken wings are. If you’re a lover of Sriracha hot sauce, or any sriracha brand of hot sauce for that matter, these chicken wings will fly off your platter. The first test batch of these sriracha chicken wings almost disappeared within seconds of coming out of the oven. We literally inhaled eight of these chicken wings in 3 minutes  because the sriracha sauce was so good. So »

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Grilled Chicken Rosemary Skewers – ode to simplicity

Grilled Chicken Rosemary Skewers – ode to simplicity

The beauty of simplicity. It seems to be a reoccurring theme for us lately, but it is one that holds true for our approach to everyday cooking.  Now, we could start getting all artistically mental and begin discussing the aesthetic appeal of a minimalist approach where by stripping something down to it’s most basic form, by omitting all that is needless, one is able to truly and fully appreciate the object of attention. However, we are not going to do that to you.  No need »

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Asian Crispy Chicken Wings + sweet, spicy chili sauce

Asian Crispy Chicken Wings + sweet, spicy chili sauce

Tis’ the season for appetizers, delicious and flavorful small bites that we never, ever get tired of.

When the jolly and hectic holidays arrive, we’re in a non stop dinner party mode, which can be either jolly or hectic. Between our weekly gathering of friends, family, neighbors and staff, thinking about what to serve small to medium to large groups every time can be very time consuming.

Appetizers are our tried and true dishes that are easy to make and easy to please. Having a »

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Asian Food Wine Pairings

Asian Food Wine Pairings

Thanks to Lia and her wonderful wine inspired blog, Swirling Notions, we’re finally writing out what we enjoy drinking when we eat Asian foods.  Lia’s Pairing Primers is a series of excellent and educational write ups on pairing foods.  Lia asked us to share our favorite Asian-inspired food pairings and getting this post together required alot of thought, drinking and tasting!

Spicy, Salty, Sweet, Sour, Bitter. Pairing wine with Asian food can often be a bit daunting and complicated.  For so many Asian dishes, »

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