Announcing Food Blogger Camp 2011 – Riviera Maya, Mexico

Food Blogger Camp is back folks and we’ll be learning the basics of food blogging on sun filled, cocktail laden beaches again.

Last years Food Blogger Camp 2010 in Ixtapa Mexico was a success with a wonderful gathering of food bloggers from around the world.

Back by popular demand, Food Blogger Camp is returning once again and this time, we’ll all be learning on the sandy white beaches of Riviera Maya at Grand Velas Riveria Mexico. It’s a vacation workshop! We’re excited to be presenting»12 comments Read the full story →

Food Blogger Camp: Final Video, thoughts & sad farewell

Food bloggers are a force to be reckoned with in more ways than we could have ever imagined. In just two years of writing, photographing and sharing our lives with all of you from around the world, the impact of all your friendship, support and community has been one of the things we hold closest to our hearts.

For many of us, the driving force behind our stamina and enthusiasm for blogging comes from the powerful community we are a part of.  The topic of »

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Kyoto! Nigishi Market – Aritsugu Knives – Saba Zushi

Kyoto is embraced with the beauty of Japan’s past. History is preserved in the city’s old buildings, valued temples and scenes of traditional life that still roam the narrow streets.

Going to Japan we had no wants of trinkets, souvenirs, or other little nick-knacks to bring home. We only desired for the experience of Japan’s modern savvy and its treasured past, and to acquire two things.  In Kyoto we would experience a bit of Japan’s past and find the first of our two treasures;  a »

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Tokyo Today and Takoyaki Octopus Balls

Japan continues to infinitely amaze us. Everyday we’re embraced by images of historic Japan, where temples and old wooden storefronts tell compelling stories from the past. However, nestled within the pockets of treasured history, Japan explodes with the latest and greatest of modern conveniences and innovations. This side is electric, eclectic and energizing.

There is never a dull moment with Japan’s extreme contrast of modern pop-culture society and old, preserved, and revered traditions.»

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Quick thoughts on Kyoto + heading up Mt. Fuji

Although we were only in Kyoto for a few days, we’re utterly mesmerized by it’s beauty, grace and history. There’s so much more we’ll share about Kyoto within the next few days, but until then, we’ll leave you with two images of what reminds us most of Kyoto.»

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Jōgai-Shijo (the outer market) of Tsukiji – Street Foods galore

Let’s hope you’re hungry and ready for this post….

As if the Tsukiji fish market didn’t give us enough of an adrenaline rush, waiting right outside the ordered chaos of the massive fish hangers, was Jōgai-Shijo (the outer market) the extended treat of the Tokyo Central Wholesale Market.

Jōgai-Shigo is another extensive collection of market stalls to the exterior of the main Tsukiji Fish Market. Sushi vendors sell their various types of fresh sashimi and sushi to hungry crowds of locals and tourists, »

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Tsukiji Fish Market – Tokyo, Japan

Tsukiji (Tokyo Metropolian Central Wholesale Market) maybe the most amazing food market in the world and it’s simply mind blowing.

For the unaware, is primarily known for it’s massive wholesale fish market, but also includes a fantastic open-air retail and street-food stall section on the outer edge.  The stalls alone are a great food traveler’s find, but once you enter into the wholesale fish market, Tsukiji opens up into an immense new world.

Tsukiji is massive and a phenomenal seafood experience.

As almost anyone can »

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O-hayō from Kyoto – and Mister Donut

Kyoto is the culinary heart of Japanese cuisine. It is here where many claim Japanese cuisine is done on it’s finest level.  Kaiseki cuisine (seasonal dishes, immaculately prepared and presented in the highest level of art) births from Kyoto. So what incredible meal did we have our first morning in Kyoto?  Mister Donut.

Our first full day in Kyoto, we were excited to start exploring, so we hopped on our loaner bikes and pedaled toward downtown. Our stomachs were stirring in the balmy Kyoto morning »

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Kyushu-style Ramen: In the Heart of Tokyo

We were thrilled to be in the land of ramen, where it’s nearly impossible to find a bad bowl of noodles.  However, even amongst the all the subtle, delicious variations of ramen that Japan has to offer, there are some styles that stand out above the rest.  Kyushu Ramen is one of them.

While exploring Tokyo, we had the great pleasure of meeting up with Chika from She Who Eats, and she was kind enough to offer her favorite food finds while we were in »

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Konichiwa Tokyo, Japan! Shibuya District and Harajuku crepes

Konichiwa Tokyo, Japan! Shibuya District and Harajuku crepes

We’re in Japan! Konichiwa from Tokyo! The last two days have been a whirlwind of travel, both by air and rail, and so….much… We knew heading out to Japan was going to be  fast and furious, a feast on both familiar and new foods, but indulging so quickly on the local fare was mind blowing beyond our imagination.

“What the hell, just go and do it!”- That was our motto for Day 1 and we did just that. Even 18 hours of travel didn’t put one »

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Video #15 – Club Med Food & Wine Blogger Bash & many pics!

Video #15 – Club Med Food & Wine Blogger Bash & many pics!

Clearly, Todd and I don’t have tons of free time on hand, but the thrill of my week at Club Med and the gazillions of pictures and video clips forced us to free up some time. Making a video isn’t exactly a quickie project that we can do in front of the TV. A video will take us hours (tens) to complete because adding pictures, sound effects, transitions and movement suck up so much time. Honestly, learning how to use Final Cut Studio Pro is »

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Club Med Bahamas -Deep sea fishing…wahooo-ooo!

Club Med Bahamas -Deep sea fishing…wahooo-ooo!

I was defeated.

Four hours of choppy ocean waves in a clean, but sardine can sized fishing boat, with one hand clutched with dear life to the edge of the boat, while the other hand was clutched on to my prized digital camera was way too much for me. I quickly (and quite discreetly) lost half my lunch into a plastic bag, without anyone really noticing my moment of equilibrium imbalance (apologizes for the visuals, but I don’t know how else to describe “upchucked”, “vomited” »

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Club Med Bahamas- Green Flash Cocktail

Club Med Bahamas- Green Flash Cocktail

I can’t tell you how much I love Curacao, a flavored liqueur made from the dried peels of the laraha citrus fruit which  grown on the island of Curaçao, hence, the name. The brilliant blue color, the bright citrus/orange tones and slight bitterness of this liqueur makes a perfectly delicious and beautiful cocktail.

When Brandt Johnson, the head bartender at Club Med Columbus Isle was setting up for the evenings Food & Wine Festival cocktail demonstration, I was stunned at the beautiful tray of brilliant »

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Club Med Bahamas- Fish & Cockburn Town Fun

Club Med Bahamas- Fish & Cockburn Town Fun


Preparing the day’s wahoo catch for dinner at Watlings’s

We’re continually asking ourselves what day of the week it is because when living on a small tropical island in the middle of the most magnificent blue ocean, we all lose track of time. I’m just a lucky visitor here to Club Med’s San Salvador island locale, but a girl can pretend that she’s a princess living in one of the most magical places on earth, can she not?  I certainly do that I’ve »

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Club Med Bahamas- Gazpacho Recipe + more blogger pic’s!

Club Med Bahamas- Gazpacho Recipe + more blogger pic’s!

Chef Stephanie Izard

I’m backtracking a bit here to the first evening at Columbus Isle. The first 1/2 day flew like the wind and I’m finally getting around to looking through the photographs of the whirlwind day. Thank goodness for pictures to remind me of what all happened or else I’d have little reminder of what I ate and ……how skinnier I was 4 days ago.

Believe me, four days of Club Med gluttony has me wearing elastic waisted pants now. My size 9 jeans »

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Club Med Bahamas – Day 2 -Photoshoot crazy

Club Med Bahamas – Day 2 -Photoshoot crazy

Stephanie Izard, Top Chef winner Season 4


Oh wait, what day is it today? When you’re on Bahamaian time, there’s no possible way to remember the time nor date. But I think today is Tuesday….OMG, is it really? You mean I’ve only been here two day and I’ve already consumed 10 pounds pork, fish, more protein and loads of wine?

It’s so hard to get into detail what has happened so far, all the amazing shots that I’ve taken and the amazing food that »

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Heading to Club Med Bahamas for Blogger Bash!

Heading to Club Med Bahamas for Blogger Bash!

Even right at this moment as I’m frantically throwing everything but the kitchen sink into my suitcase, I’m pinching myself, not believing where I’ll be heading to. I pinched my two dogs, my mother, my brothers, the mail man and even Todd, though he does pinch back twice as hard.

Obviously all the pinch marks on my arm and my dogs are telling me that I’m not dreaming, not at all. I’m headed to Club Med Bahamas for their Food and Wine Festival! Feeling like »

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Chili Martini Recipe

Chili Martini Recipe

Please, don’t cringe at the name of this cocktail. Give me a chance to quickly explain this fabulous drink to you before you frown at the thought of a spicy cocktail (for those of you spice hounds who are already drooling, please immediately proceed to the recipe and mix yourself a few glasses!)  I’ve always appreciated drinks of all sorts. From sweet, pretty, fruity concoctions that make me giggle like a girl to straight from the bottle whiskey that almost grows hairs on my chest, »

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When Oranges are Green, Viet-Nam

Vincent: “… But you know what the funniest thing about Europe is?”

Jules: “What?”

Vincent: “It’s the little differences. I mean, they got the same shit over there that they got here, but it’s just – it’s just there it’s a little different”

As many of you will quickly recognize, that was a bit of dialogue between Vincent (John Travolta) and Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) in the movie Pulp Fiction. How true those words ring for almost any traveler, and not just for Europe.    Discovering »

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The Face – Elderly woman in Hoi An

The Face – Elderly woman in Hoi An

Her face is deep, hypnotic and riveting. Every line, crease and wrinkle in her face shows a history of war, struggle and suffering. It just wasn’t her face, but her rough hands and her thin, fragile frame that shared with every passer by her life story.  Still, there was still an intense cloud of mystery that hovered over her, hiding behind her weary, aged face. Who was she? What has her life been like? How much has she endured over the years? What has she »

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