Food Blogger Camp: Final Video, thoughts & sad farewell

Food bloggers are a force to be reckoned with in more ways than we could have ever imagined. In just two years of writing, photographing and sharing our lives with all of you from around the world, the impact of all your friendship, support and community has been one of the things we hold closest […]

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Club Med Bahamas -Deep sea fishing…wahooo-ooo!

I was defeated. Four hours of choppy ocean waves in a clean, but sardine can sized fishing boat, with one hand clutched with dear life to the edge of the boat, while the other hand was clutched on to my prized digital camera was way too much for me. I quickly (and quite discreetly) lost […]

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Club Med Bahamas- Green Flash Cocktail

I can’t tell you how much I love Curacao, a flavored liqueur made from the dried peels of the laraha citrus fruit which  grown on the island of Curaçao, hence, the name. The brilliant blue color, the bright citrus/orange tones and slight bitterness of this liqueur makes a perfectly delicious and beautiful cocktail. When Brandt […]

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Club Med Bahamas- Fish & Cockburn Town Fun

  Preparing the day’s wahoo catch for dinner at Watlings’s We’re continually asking ourselves what day of the week it is because when living on a small tropical island in the middle of the most magnificent blue ocean, we all lose track of time. I’m just a lucky visitor here to Club Med’s San Salvador […]

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Club Med Bahamas- Gazpacho Recipe + more blogger pic’s!

Chef Stephanie Izard I’m backtracking a bit here to the first evening at Columbus Isle. The first 1/2 day flew like the wind and I’m finally getting around to looking through the photographs of the whirlwind day. Thank goodness for pictures to remind me of what all happened or else I’d have little reminder of […]

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Club Med Bahamas – Day 2 -Photoshoot crazy

Stephanie Izard, Top Chef winner Season 4   Oh wait, what day is it today? When you’re on Bahamaian time, there’s no possible way to remember the time nor date. But I think today is Tuesday….OMG, is it really? You mean I’ve only been here two day and I’ve already consumed 10 pounds pork, fish, […]

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Heading to Club Med Bahamas for Blogger Bash!

Even right at this moment as I’m frantically throwing everything but the kitchen sink into my suitcase, I’m pinching myself, not believing where I’ll be heading to. I pinched my two dogs, my mother, my brothers, the mail man and even Todd, though he does pinch back twice as hard. Obviously all the pinch marks […]

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The Face – Elderly woman in Hoi An

Her face is deep, hypnotic and riveting. Every line, crease and wrinkle in her face shows a history of war, struggle and suffering. It just wasn’t her face, but her rough hands and her thin, fragile frame that shared with every passer by her life story.  Still, there was still an intense cloud of mystery […]

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Club Med, Ixtapa Mexico and Pina Colada Recipe

I’m baaaack, nicely tanned, ten pounds heavier and three bottles of Tequila richer! Returning from 6 glorious days with Jaden of Steamy Kitchen at the luxurious Club Med resort in beautiful Ixtapa, Mexico has me spoiled, lazy and yearning for taco’s and spicy habanero chili’s. For a “roughing it” type of traveler gal like me, […]

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Heading to Ixtapa+Zihuatanejo, Mexico…

My equipment bags are still packed from my fabulous trip to Viet-Nam and now I’m taking them all with me again to Zihuatanejo + Ixtapa , Mexico!! My kind and generous blog friend, Jaden of Steamy Kitchen, is headed to Ixtapa, Mexico for a press food and wine event and I get to tag along!! […]

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For the love of Vietnamese Iced Coffee – Hot Coffee (Ca Phe Sua Da – Ca Phe Sua Nong)

Enjoying Cà Phê Sữa Đá & Chinese checkers (Cờ tướng) in Đà Nang, Việt-Nam It was another warm, humid summer night in Đà Nang, and I was cruising on the back of a scooter behind Quang, one of Diane’s cousins.  He’s the cousin I consider the cool, savvy intellectual.   He turned his head and […]

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Pineapple peddler in Hanoi

She is the memorable pineapple peddler in Hanoi. She stood out from most of the other fruit street vendors that we encountered because of her smile. Unlike many of the other mobile street vendors who were often older, rugged and worn from the toil of their meager lives, she was young, clear skinned, vibrant and […]

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An American in the Family

Me at fruit market: Mangoes and Sweet Sop (custard apple, Viet cherimoya) There was great anticipation in my arrival to Đà Nẵng because Cousin Diane was bringing home an American!  Just ask Little Su Hy (age 3) who had been telling all of her friends there is an American in the family.  Almost anywhere you […]

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Heading to Vietnam

We’re heading to Vietnam for a much needed trip! There’s so much to visit, photograph , video tape and EAT! Our itinerary is taking us to the Northern mountain areas of Vietnam to visit the beautiful jungles, wildlife and waterfalls. Of course, visiting family will be a priority too, as well as eating and cooking […]

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