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Milla Grazie Postino – Tuna & Spinach Bruschetta for Fall Fest

Milla Grazie Postino – Tuna & Spinach Bruschetta for Fall Fest

Fall Festis here and it’s a continuation of Summer Fest, a cross-blog recipe (and tip) swap. These events were started by Margaret Roach ofAway to Garden and Deb Puchalla of Food Network.

Please join in and share your blog write ups. Just post your link or recipe or idea in the comments below this post, and also on the blogs of the other participants who are co-hosting as well.

Bruschetta is such an unassuming, effortless antipasto. A nice slice of rustic bread slightly charred and »

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Garlic Knots – Tying together the Past & the Present

Garlic Knots – Tying together the Past & the Present

For 10 years my working life was swallowed up by a cafe/market where we made some of the most badass garlic knots around.  Those combined with an espresso were my regular sustenance on countless non-stop, never pause for a breath days. Screw the labor laws with required break-times, as a GM there is too much to be done in too short of a time.   The garlic knots were the perfect grab-&-go nosh.  I never got tired of them, never even tired of their beautiful »

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BBQ Chicken & Corn Pizza – Summer Fest

BBQ Chicken & Corn Pizza – Summer Fest

Summer Fest is in full swing and  the theme for this week is corn, lovely sweet corn. To participate, read more about Summer Fest on Away To Garden from Margaret then come join the community!  Catch up on  last week’s theme on the bounty of Cukes N Zukes.

As a kid, I wasn’t particularly picky, but I had my likes and dislikes. We were lucky to grow up in a farming valley and during summertime there were the little farm stands filled with amazing freshly »

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Parmesan Herb Popovers- The Art and Soul of Baking

Warning: these parmesan popovers are way too easy and addicting to be legal. Crusty, crispy and savory popovers like these that are so easy to make, yet so quickly inhaled within a matter of seconds, should be against the law because they are that good. Really, really, really good.

These savory popovers so are light and airy, it’s amazing to watch them puff up to a crisp golden brown.  The fragrance of thyme and parmesan baking in the oven added the perfect warmth to »

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Olive Oil Dinner Rolls with Caramelized Onion & Gorgonzola

Woe to the dinner roll.  So plain and boring.  Dinner rolls piled in a basket to stave off hunger before the “real meal” arrives or  utilized as a gravy clean up tool throughout the feast. It’s the wallflower of the dinner table.

It is time for the dinner roll to stand and say “Notice Me!”  Let mashed potatoes and green beans be the boring ones.  Introduce the feasting masses to dinner roll eye-rolling goodness and show ‘em you’ve got soul and pizazz.  Announce your bad-ass »

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Fig & Brie Cheese Pizza – Summer isn’t over yet!

We were ready for Autumn, or what ever version Southern California is capable of, and looking forward to pumpkins, apples and the cooler dry air that marks our fall. However the weather has been indecisive about what season it wants to represent, or maybe it was one last summer  ho-rah, because we were just inundated with several weeks of hot, 90°+ sunshine.

Unfortunately, our extension of hot days and plenty of sunshine is playing tricks on the garden. Our tomatoes have found their “second wind” »

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Pizza alla Bismark- with eggs

Pizza alla Bismark- with eggs

We were catching up on some of the “No Reservations” that were recorded on our DVR, and noticed when Bourdain was on the farm in New Jersey, they were making a pizza with fresh cracked egg on the top. That looked pretty damn tasty, so we embarked upon creating our home version. Simplicity seemed best for this little delicacy, so we took one of our homemade pizza crusts, sautéed up some thick-cut sweets onions, cracked a couple eggs on top, then glided it into a »

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Thin Crust Pizza Dough

After visiting southern Italy, we were hard pressed to find a pizza crust that we enjoyed anywhere near as much. Solution: make our own, damn it. After combining a couple different techniques out of our favorite Italian cookbooks, here it what we’ve come up with. These keep nicely in the freezer, so make a batch or two, wrap them up well with plastic wrap & pull out whenever you get a pizza craving or need a quick gathering munchie. If you have problems with the »

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