Juicy Lucy Burger Party & Recipe

How can someone resist a burger that comes with a warning disclaimer? That was exactly our predicament a little over two years ago and we soon found our burger world rocked. In the middle of a whirlwind trip we found ourselves in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, affectionately dubbed the twin cites. We were one set […]

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Holy Debauchery! Cowboy Bacon Chili Cheese Fries

go ahead, make a mess. Hold on tight, you’ll be pleased to know that these chili cheese fries are fresh, home-made, hand-made and fried with only the best yukon gold potatoes and grape seed oil. No need to sneak through the drive-through to satisfy your greasy cravings. You can do that in the sacred privacy […]

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Beef Sukiyaki Hot Pot – Harris Salat Japanese Hot Pots Cookbook

Japanese hot pot, or nabe, are the perfect dish this time of year.  Quick, easy, and warm one-pot meals. This beef sukiyaki hot pot is one of our favorites. We’ve been trying to catch up on our unarchived photos and after going through our recent Japan trip photographs, we needed some Japanese deliciousness, and quick. […]

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The Ultimate Umami Burger

For the longest time, we’ve been making the best darn hamburger on the face of this earth (insert personal bias.) We’ve never had a specific name for the recipe until someone tagged it as the “magic meat”, but not as in “mystery meat” or “I can’t tell if this is chicken or beef.” Rather, it […]

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Korean Cut Short Ribs w/ Ginger-Soy Marinade

Still hazy in my pre-coffee morning stupor, Diane hit me with a question that immediately kicked an, “Aww, sh%&!” out of my mouth. A few days earlier we had purchased one of my favorite cuts of beef, the Korean-style-cut short ribs and I totally forgot about them in the fridge.  (For those uninitiated, Korean Cut […]

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