Video #2 – Tofu Frites, Fries and Mojo’s

Sorry we’ve taken so long to post again. We’ve been incredibly busy and have had to begin spring cleaning all our backed up work, house, and dog assignments that have been long over due. Now that we’re back, we decided to do a video in response to all the curiosity , criticism and compliments on our our last Tofu Frites and Tofu Mojo’s post. Thank you to all of you who were extremely excited about this dish! Your positive feedback and energy are much appreciated. For those of you who who not so easy to please, this video was an inspiration for us to create in order to prove you wrong. Food Fight? Yes, thats right! Here’s a big hunk of tofu hurled your way… open up wide or get hurt! 😀

Viewing Suggestions – These videos can take a while to load. If it loads SLOW for you, we suggest that you first press PLAY,then immediately press PAUSE. Don’t watch it just yet and let the whole video load till completion(about 5- 10 minutes depending on your service). Then return to watch it, so that your viewing experience is continuous and pleasurable. Enjoy!


  • TOFU Frites and Mojo’s in Asian Ketchup …Post
  • Thank You for all your current and future video suggestions! Your valuable input helps keep our video camera rolling and all our bad dubbing going. These first video’s have been short, simple and silly. Now it’s time for us to really START COOKING! Here’s an update of video’s coming your way:

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    1. Liz

      amazing! thanks!

    2. HoneyB

      LOVE it! Oh, and LOVE tofu too!

    3. White on Rice Couple

      Damn, we forgot to do the music credits. The opening intro is Paolo Conte singing, “Via Con Me.” Singing during the frites is Louis Prima and “Just a Gigilo/I Ain’t Got Nobody”, and finishing up with the mojos is, of course, Johnny Cash caressing out, “I Walk the Line.” Glad you liked the video. We just try to have a bit of fun and hope people enjoy.

    4. Rachelle ~ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!"

      frites. frites. frites. frites. sorry. 🙂

    5. Rachelle ~ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!"

      GREAT video!! Love the opening song, what is it?
      Iam so making those fritos, my kids will eat those with no questions asked! Daddy though, I won’t even try. lol

    6. nikkipolani

      I finally got a chance to sit down and watch your video. Boy, am I impressed! Love the step-by-step, tips, foot-tapping music, and original use of blog comments! Well done, you two!

    7. Rosie

      What a great vid with great music and tofu fries yum yum 😀
      Rosie x

    8. Jen Yu

      I love tofu! Yay!!! And frying it up so nicely like this – I never had the guts. Thanks for the inspiration (although, do I *really* need more fried food recipes in my arsenal… um hell yeah!). You guys are too much fun. Where is the other pupper? Not fair. Equal time, ‘kay? 😉 xxoo

    9. Vicki

      I haven’t cooked with tofu in 15 years, but your video (combined with your music selection, Paolo Conte is the best!) makes me want to try again!

    10. Elizabeth

      Hi Guys,
      You have a fabulous site here, food and beautiful photos–it doesn’t get any better. I am so glad to have found it!

    11. Kitt

      Bravo! Applause! Watching you make the frites is so very helpful for making the leap to making them myself. (I’m always so slow with new recipes because I have a hard time visualizing the steps sometimes.)

    12. Tartelette

      Great video and the tofu fries are a refreshing idea!

    13. shayne

      I love love love your videos and I am holding my breath for the next one. They look like such fun to make (maybe cause I have been dreaming of making my own cooking videos since last July) and your music choices are the best. they are just great any way you look at it and I want to say thank you and keep up the good work.


    14. Lisa

      I just watched this video, and my dog Moose came running in when he heard Johnny Cash’s voice and started howling away. Moose has a thing for Johnny, you can see him here if you like:

      We love Johnny and we love your site! Keep up the great work!
      Thanks for adding video. Those fries look awesome! Gotta try that!

    15. Lil

      oh i love this video and it’s super duper entertaining… i love tofu steak, and i wonder now what way can i transform japanese tofu to something different… 🙄

    16. Deborah

      I have never tried tofu, so this might be my first!

    17. kitchenette jen

      Wow…I will confess that I’m typically scared of tofu, but I just might have to try these! They look awesome!

    18. Sandie (Inn Cuisine)

      I’m really enjoying your videos (as well as their background music – music is so important while you’re cooking or doing anything creative.) And the intro to this video was so professional! As “White On Rice Couple” kept spinning around, I was fully expecting to see it followed by DreamWorks, Lionsgate (or something like that.)

      Anyway, nicely done. Looking forward to seeing more & more from you talented twosome!

    19. Maryann

      What a fantastic video! Great music, nice voice, wonderful sense of humor, and delicious cooking. Keep up the good work, kids 😉

    20. Peter

      Dynamic Riz Duo…the video is getting better! I still wanna see your mugs, at least wear paperbags over your heads or something! lol

      Your creativiity abounds in using tofu and I enjoyed watching this video…whilst eating real potato french fries! 😉

    21. glutenfreeforgood

      Wow, I’m impressed. Double mojo chopstick sorcery! But then again, I’m one of those people who stabs their food with one chopstick. Glad I found your blog — lots of fun connections. The Colorado Rockies (where I live and play), Chuck Yeager, flying, food, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Cash, and tofu. Nice mix!

    22. Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

      Love the video (especially the applause at the end)! Great chopstick technique on the breading, too. Keep these videos coming.

    23. Cakelaw

      Hooray! Love this video. Tofu frites sound like a perfect dish to me – and probably healthier than my usual fries and gravy.

    24. anya

      Now as I’ve just watched your video I’m setting out in such a frenzy for an Asian Grocery store to buy Tofu and get myself those Tofu frites and mojos!!! Great video is just the least what I can scream out loud! GREAT!!! 🙂

      BTW, your lettuce is something to die for!!!

    25. Pixie

      I’ve made their tofu (umm rather sloppy- prior to this great video! ta) and they were Fantastic! Makes mental note to use chopsticks next time. Hey, did those vine leaves ever arrive??? 🙁

    26. Homecooked

      Wow the tofu looks delicious!!! I dont really like tofu but the pic makes me want to try one 🙂

    27. Annemarie

      Thanks for the infamy guys. ;} I’ll have you know that my whole statement was in support of tofu, I’m just realistic about its shortcomings. I’ve already made the tofu frites, so there. 🙂
      Great video. I’d like to put in a request for a future vid with a bouncing ball karaoke style to it, so either we talk along with Diane or even SING ALONG with Diane. That, my friends, would make you your fortune.

    28. Pepy

      Been busy at work, should see the video for the weekend. Thanks

    29. Manggy

      Okay! Okay! I believe you! I don’t want to be booed! Hahaha 🙂 Aww, I didn’t see your other dog..
      Diane, you are a great narrator, though I was kind of freaked out in part 2 with the two-word imperatives! 😀 CUT TOFU! (unspoken: or else!)

    30. evil chef mom

      That was so much fun! Gotta love Johnny. I am now, thanks to you two, backed up on recipes. I’m making the cabbage on Sunday, you know… since I don’t make anything exotic enough. cough, cough. I will hopefully make the mojo’s this coming week. Just don’t expect me to use chopsticks while I’m cooking, I am Not that talented.

    31. Suganya

      Your chopsticks make wonders 🙂

    32. Hélène

      Love it! Music is really good. Can’t wait for the next video.

    33. amanda

      again, i really can’t stress how high quality your videos seem even for these simple recipes! i love the intro what did you make it in? maya? aftereffects? i can’t wait to see some of the serious videos soon to come!

    34. Denise

      Whole new twist on Tofu ~ ie! We aren’t big fans but may have to give this a whirl – they look great!

    35. Marvin

      Nice job T&D! Now you even have that awesome opening graphic. That’s a kick-ass graphic.

    36. Nan

      As Borat would say….verrrrrry niiiiiiice! Thanks for the plug – I’ll happily take your boos….I love you knife wielding skills – and the lavender herbs – nice touch….you now have me drooling – so I’m off to McDonalds to get some REAL fries! Love the video….more please!

    37. bee and jai

      fantastic. we are so making these.

    38. Morsels of Memory

      Love those gigolo…I mean jiggling strips of tofu in your pan of sizzling hot oil. 🙂 Great “sound track” to yet another great WORC video!

    39. veron

      Oh my yum! This looks extremely appetizing and I crave this on a thursday afternoon!

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