Tofu Frites & Mojos in Asian Ketchup. What’s Your Style?

Who doesn’t love a warm batch of french fries? Any fool who dare utter sacrilege and assert disdain for our beloved sizzled spud is hereby BANNED from this post! (But please do return on Monday for our next dish). French Fries are one of those comforting vices that we always seen to turn to a few times a week. Whether it be home-made in the kitchen or an extra large order at a convenient drive-thru, fried or roasted potatoes with a side of ketchup always make our bellies happy. To give this universally loved finger food a more protein packed advantage than using the average russet potato, we’ve turned to TOFU to help bring a healthier excuse to our justify our vice of eating fries about 2-3 times a week.

TOFU?! Yes, we’re sharing the love of tofu and the JOY of SOY to everyone whose ever frowned at this delicate and often misunderstood block of white beauty. When sliced into thin strips or cut into chunks then fried, tofu’s texture and crisp outer crust very much resembles that of fried potatoes. Perfect! It’s the healthier, lower carb/calorie option (minus the oil for frying) for anyone who already loves tofu, wants to try it for the first time or anti-tofu activists who needs a little help and tasty convincing to cross over to the “other side”. We guarantee that for those meanie weanies who have ever frowned at tofu will have a change of heart when they try these frites and mojos.

Staring with a firm block a tofu, these are so easy to make as an accompaniment to sandwiches to even eaten as a main course, like we often shamefully indulge in. Slicing them in thin 1/8″-1/4″ strips fries up nicely to create the tofu frites or if you want something heartier, cut them in thicker pieces and dredge in egg and flour to make your tofu Mojos. In making our tofu mojo’s, the delicious finished product often resembled chicken tenders and so many other dishes that came to mind. Here are some new names to pen this dish to: Tofu Tenders, very thinly cut Shoestring Tofu, slice thicker then dredge in egg/flour to make Seasoned Tofu Fries, cut them into rounds to make Tofu Chips and cut them in criss-cut-cross shapes to make Tofu Waffle Fries! Add a spicy & tangy home made Asian ketchup to these, don’t tell your guests and no one will ever know that they’re eating soy curd!

DESCRIBE YOURSELF via Tofu Frites or Tofu Mojos

So, what’s your preference/style? Are you the thin, chic, lightly seasoned and delicate “frites” type that can elegantly lace a plate or are you the type that enjoys the thicker, hearty, messy flour and egg dredged “Mojo”? Or you can be like us…frite’s by day, mojo-ing by night.

TOFU FRITES & MOJOS Recipe with Asian Ketchup

Choosing a Very Firm or Extra Firm tofu in crucial, especially when making the frites because the small strips of tofu will break apart easily for anything other than the firm tofu. The plastic wrapped blocks of tofu normally found at Viet markets do not work very well with frites because of the many air pockets in these blocks of tofu that cause the thin strips to crumble. The best best for both the frites and mojo’s are the square, firm tofu packed in water.
We like to serve them with our Asian Ketchup (recipe included).
This is the quick version of our Asian Ketchup. This recipe will only take about 30 min. of cooking compared to the hours to make ketchup from fresh tomatoes. We will do the full version with the fresh tomatoes this summer when we either have a harvest or can find them cheap and good. We use what we call "devil peppers" or the what Vietnamese call "ot hiem" translating to "mean pepper"  These little devils have great flavor but also serious spice, often besting habaneros in spiciness. Use whatever peppers you like to suit your taste.


Tofu Frites Ingredients

  • 1 package Extra Firm Tofu packed in water
  • Oil for frying
  • Seasoning Salt : (use all , any or mix your own personal blend)
  • 1 tablespoon kosher or sea salt
  • 2 teaspoons ground black pepper
  • 1/4 teaspoon paprika
  • 1/4 teaspoon cayenne
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 1 teaspoon of dried parsely /oregano/marjoram /thyme
  • 1 teaspoon of garlic salt (for you salt lovers!)

Asian Ketchup Ingredients

  • 2 – 15 oz cans of good Tomato Sauce
  • 1/2 Sweet Onion, finely diced
  • 1 Devil Pepper (ot hiem), finely diced
  • 1" fresh Ginger, grated
  • 1 T Sesame Seeds, toasted
  • 1 t Mustard Seeds
  • 1/2 t Celery Seed
  • Dash of cayenne pepper
  • 1/2 t freshly ground Black Pepper
  • 1/3 c Brown Sugar, packed
  • 3 T Soy Sauce
  • 1/4 c Apple Cider Vinegar


Tofu Frites Directions

  1. Remove tofu from package. Cut into 1/8″ – 1/4 ” slices. Blot dry with paper towel. Slice lengthwise again into 1/8″ -1/4″ strips.
  2. Mix seasoning salt ingredients together in a small bowl. Dredge tofu slices in seasonings.
  3. In large pot or fryer, heat about 3-4 inches of oil to about 350 degrees. Carefully lay tofu strips into hot oil. Work in small batches, do not allow tofu strips to touch each other in hot oil. They will stick to one another while frying.
  4. Cook for about 3-4 minutes or until golden brown. Remove from oil and blot on paper towel to remove excess oil.

Asian Ketchup Directions

  1. Combine all ingredients in a sauce pan, and bring to a simmer over medium-high heat. Reduce heat to medium and simmer for 30 min., stirring regularly (covering with a splatter screen will help keep cooktop clean.)
  2. Puree in a blender or food processor, then strain through a china cap or equivalent. Store in fridge for up to a month, or in freezer for longer storage.
Recipe Source:

Hello! All images & content are copyright protected. Please do not use our images without prior permission and do not re-publish this recipe. Simply link back to this post for the recipe. Thank you.
Recipe Note for Salt: All recipes containing salt are based on kosher or sea salt amounts, not table salt. If using table salt, reduce the amount used to taste.

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  1. Albert

    Ok I just finished making these and they were almost perfect. The only thing I would do is tone down the salt. Other than that they were fabulous. I’m dying to make them again. Thanks for this recipe.

  2. Nat

    I was looking for some new ways to try tofu, and this was tasty and a good way to sneak in protein when you feel like eating chips or regular fries.
    I marinated my tofu, however, in veg broth, them blotted the liquid as requested in the recipe.
    Ate these with curry mayo, and was happy! <3 Thanks for the recipe.

  3. Anna Swartz

    What a fantastic idea! My husband and kids absolutely loved these. We had them two times this past week. They were such a hit that I included them in weekly blood type favorites for type As.

  4. Mindy

    These were great! I didn’t deep fry, but put a little oil in a pan and fried them that way. Even *himself* liked them and he is a definite meat fan. He was making fun of the 2/$4 tofu that I brought home the other day, but said he would eat those again! Thank you!

  5. Lisa

    How did you keep the tofu from crumbling apart? Anytime I’ve tried to cut them into thin strips they usually just crumble into a mess but I really would love to try these!

    1. Leslie

      I buy the baked tofu, it works much better. I use it in all my tofu stir fry dishes.

    2. White on Rice Couple

      It just depends on the tofu. We’ll usually get the firm to extra firm tofu. The firmer the better. Each brand will vary as well. You’ll still need to have a careful hand with some brands.

  6. Yvonne Reusser

    Do you roll them in the seasonings before frying? Or after? I’m definately doing these! Thanks!

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Sorry about that. It looks like part of the recipe instructions were accidentally deleted. You dredge them in the seasoning before frying. Hope you love them!
      T & D

  7. Tanya

    Thank-you somuch for taking the time to reply!

  8. Tanya

    Your website is gorgeous! I stumbled upon it looking for tofu recipes for low carb. Tries the frites immediately.

    Mine didn’t look as good as yours – they were brown rather than golden, and too hard. I dried the tofu first. I’m guessing that drying off the water and possibly over-cooking made them turn out so dry and hard?

    Definitely going to try again – a brilliant idea! Am going to check out the rest 0f your lovely blog now…

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Hi Tanya,
      Thank you so much.

      Drying usually helps them, but different tofus will vary in how they cook. The one we used for the post was the common blocks of packaged tofu found in most markets. It was the extra firm, but I don’t remember which brand. I would try changing just one thing at a time. First dry them the same (we always try to dry them out quite a bit), but cook for less time, or maybe a little less heat. You are frying just for texture on the outside, not to cook anything on the inside of the frites. Maybe try cutting them a bit thicker too. That may help. If it still seems off, then try drying less. Hope that helps. Have a great weekend.

      T & D

  9. darlean

    Just a quick grammar note: There should be no apostrophe in the word mojos in the title.

    I can’t want to try this recipe. This is such a beautiful blog!

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Thanks Darlean,
      Can’t believe that one slipped past us. We are always double checking each other to help reduce the mistakes, but sometimes our minds have a lapse!

  10. Brandon H

    This is great! I can’t wait to try it, especially since I just got a TofuXpress tofu press! (Check out if you haven’t seen it before)
    Maybe I’ll even cajun-ize them… Sounds yummy!!

  11. Pam

    I stumbled onto your extremely cool web site in want of something to do with TOFU!!! I buy it whenever I get a taste for it and not usually with any specific recipe in mind. I felt like I really hit the jackpot when discovering not only this great suggestion but the whole website to go with it!! What a fun couple you are! I MADE all three styles of fries but did not have all ingred’s for ketchup and all I really had on hand for the seasoning was chili powder, salt, pepper, which was super. I did use firm but am motivated to try this recip with extra firm next time to see the difference. I am just thrilled with having a fantastic new recipe!

    My mother whom I care for with Alzheimer’s really enjoyed them, too. I did not offer her the frites as they were chewier. I was thinking that I could coat the frites as did with the mojos to keep them from getting too chewy on the outside. But, I do not know, maybe they were chewy because I overcooked them? Please, what is the desired consistency on the frites?

  12. createmo

    Thank you for your website 😉
    I made with photoshop backgrounds for youtube, myspace and more
    my backgrounds:
    Hope you had a good day and thank you again!

  13. Christine D.

    Wooo! I just made the frites and mojos today and the frites were fantastic. What a fun shape for a change of pace in deed-fried tofu world (I’m more accustomed to them in block form for bun rieu or for agedashi dofu). The mojos were ok, but I really liked the texture of tofu in frites form.

    Great vids btw…I really like your farmer’s market one!

  14. lcsa99

    Every time I check out your blog I am drawn to the picture of these things. I am sooo not a tofu fan but I might have to try to make these anyway 🙂

  15. didally

    These tofu fries looks so good! I’m gonna try making them soon.

  16. a. grace

    although i personally would enjoy tofu frites and mojos as wedding reception fare, i don’t think my meat-loving relatives would appreciate them. did i say meat-loving? i meant meat-obsessed. but hey, thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

  17. Shankari

    What an awesome video. U guys have a gr8 sense of humor..we want more!

  18. cookinpanda

    hi white on rice- i just discovered your site. i love it! and i love this recipe. i make these every once in a while (can’t deal with deep frying more than once a month or so) and they are so good. i usually make a version similar to your mojo version, but i’ve been inspired to try the thinner frites version. and the ketchup. thank you!

  19. Christine

    I think this is what I’d like superbowl food to look like! Wonderful recipes – I love them.

  20. White on Rice Couple

    Julie-Hope you and tofu work it out between the both of you! Thanks for visiting us.

    Nicole- Yes, this is tofu. Yes, this is tofu. We’ll prove it to ya!

    Peabody- Oh, we like you already. Anyone who loved deep fried foods is a friend of ours.:)

    Oggi- We like you too for eating tofu every week. 🙂

    MissGinsu- Welcome! This is something that we made ourselves and really, have not seen the tofu frites done any where else.

    Erin- Yes! We’ve convinced another one! Let us know how your version turns out.

    Mocha- We saw our tofu puffs, they look delicious too!

  21. mochachocolata-rita

    those look amaaaaaaazing!!! potato chips? yum! tofu? yum yum!

    i’ve made a sweet version of sweet potato chips here:

    and these are my tofu puff:

    enjoy 🙂

  22. Erin

    I can’t believe that those beautiful crispy golden fries are made out of tofu! You’ve certainly convinced me to give this a try. There will be tofu in my next grocery trip.

  23. MissGinsu

    I have to agree with the comments above. The photos are fab, and tofu frites seem like a great way to introduce people to tofu in a way that makes it familiar and appetizing. I think half the problem with tofu is a persistent image problem… and poor first impressions.

    I’ve not seen tofu frites before, and yet the idea seems so obvious. Did you folks pick these up somewhere in your travels, or did they appear to you in a vision?

    -Cheers! Miss G.

  24. oggi

    This is the tofu dish I have been waiting for! I cook one tofu dish every week and this one will be a favorite with my family.

  25. peabody

    I like tofu…but as french fries? That is a fabulous idea! Deep fried anything works for me.

  26. nicole

    I can’t believe that is tofu. I really can’t believe that is tofu. Seriously. Seriously?

    I have to make these for my “I don’t like to eat new things” boyfriend and not tell him they’re tofu.

  27. Julie

    How have I missed your blog up to now? It’s wonderful.

    I’m trying to improve my relationship with tofu — actually I want to learn to love it — so this post speaks to me. I’ve just printed the recipe for my to do file.

  28. White on Rice Couple

    Sra- Sorry about the slow loading time, our browser trips out sometimes. Welcome!

    B- Lol! Thanks for noticing the hands! And believe it or not, he takes care of his own fingernails!

    Kate- If you bow to us, then we lay down at your feet! Let us know how your batch turns out!

    Jesse- Like we said, Tofu is often misunderstood and overlooked. So the fries are so easy that everyone forgets about even the most simple possibilities!

    Shella & Big Fish- Welcome and thank you !

    Pepy- Oh, yes…hot sauce would be great too!

  29. Pepy

    Nice, I love those, never forget my hot sauce for fries

  30. BigFish

    Hi guys!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog ~ 🙂
    I am really impressive when clicked on your website! Looks really cool and lovely…
    Those food photos are taken so beautiful … Gorgeous!

  31. Shella

    Hey guys thanks for dropping by my blog….these fries look gorgeous….absolutely tempting

  32. Jesse

    What in the world… You’re a freaking GENIUS!! GENIUS, I tell you! Tofu frites, who would ever think of that?? I sure as heck didn’t, and I grew up eating fried tofu cubes. =(

  33. kate

    I am doing a bow down to you guys !!! what a wonderful thing to do to tofu !!! i ‘ve deep fried them in cubes before, but never got that crispy texture like that of a french fry. The insides were delicately soft but i guess that was due to the fresh soft tofu i used. I HAVE TO & WILL DEFINITELY try this out. Great recipe , gr8 photography !!!

  34. Flanboyant Eats

    oh yum! why do your pics looks so good!! im trying not to eat anymore fried foods especially since i’ve been cooking all kinds of artery cloggin’ things!! Oh, and you’re hands are so well manicured! LOL! 🙂


  35. sra

    Hi both of you! Your blog has a lot of mojo, it’s been slow to load ever since I discovered it through your comment a few weeks ago, but I was lucky today. And who’d have thought of tofu fries – how come they look so sturdy? Is it any special kind of tofu you’re using?

  36. White on Rice Couple

    Jen- Oh you shouldn’t have told us about the tofu dance. We have a tendency to pick up on silly things and you just might catch us doing it on our upcoming videos! We’ll dedicate it to you!

    bee & jai- Thank you . Everytime we visit your blog, we feel so much more wise, enlightened and inspired. 🙂

    Jessica- If we could choose one fast food french fry to eat, it would have to McDonalds, like you mentioned. There’s just something about the soggy ones that are so addicting!

    Sarah- Glad to know you’ll be trying them! Keep us updated on your results!

    Suganya- You deserve the a double wow with your blog! Geez! We love your photograph of the pouring wine bottle…in both directions!

    arundati- Welcome! and thanks for the award and tag! We sill certain continue the tags and will let you know when it gets posted!

  37. Suganya

    I should say ‘Wow’. I don’t understand what ‘wow’ed you in my web space. Your recipes, photographs and articles are outstanding. Thanks for leaving a trail in my blog that I discovered you here. I am subscribing to your feeds now. Don’t want to miss a single one :). Happy blogging!

  38. arundati

    got here through some crazy blog hopping a few weeks ago….i loved it so much i gave you an award….and a tag(groan…which i see you’ve done one recently…so no sweat) but do pick it up…..cheers!!

  39. Sarah

    Wow I never would have thought to make tofu into fries! I do have some already in the fridge… I think I’d have to try the thin cut ones first, but then I think I’d love to try the mojos as well!

    I’m very excited. 🙂

  40. Jessica "Su Good Sweets"

    Thanks for your kind comment on my truffles! I love tofu. Out of the choices above, I’d go for the mojo fries. But my haves are the skinny, soggy, floppy ones from McDonald’s. And the thick almost-burnt stubby frites.

  41. bee and jai

    your blog(s) is a beautiful discovery. you have a wonderful array of creative pursuits that you showcase very well. we’ll be back.

    bee and jai

  42. Jen @ Modern Beet

    I’m doing the tofu dance right now because this sounds so good!! — you’ve heard of the tofu dance, right? wiggle around a little bit until you look like semi-firm tofu… Anyhow, great idea.
    I’ve always had an uneasy relationship with ketchup due to its typical inclusion of high fructose corn syrup — I’ve never tried making it homemade, but your Asian ketchup sounds delicious

  43. White on Rice Couple

    AnneMarie- LOL! We’re definitely going to quote you on that! -“block of wobbly white tastelessness”.

    Tiina- You prefer both! Great! Join the club!

    Cakelaw- Believe it or not, it’s raining here in Southern California too! We’ll make up an extra batch for you too then!

    Julie- We checked you out too and you rock! Your Lemongrass Mussels in Cilantro Oil look amazing!!

    Ginger- Hey! You eat fried tofu, that good enough! 🙂

  44. Ginger M.

    I think I prefer frites. I’ve always eaten fried tofu but I never thought of eating them like fries before!

  45. Julie

    Wow… your blog is stunning. Beautiful photos and great writing. Thanks for sharing this soy idea. I can’t believe how good they look. Found you through immaeatchu. 🙂

  46. Cakelaw

    Wo ho – these look super! It’s an awful cold rainy miserable grey day here, and I could really do with some of these to brighten me up!

  47. Tiina

    What an innovative dish! Frites or mojo’s? Well, I prefer… both! 🙂

  48. Annemarie

    I just bought my first big block of wobbly white tastelessness in ages and got myself geekily excited for how I could have a healthy, meat-free dinner this week. It looks like you are now doing your best to get me to abandon that noble plan. 😉

  49. White on Rice Couple

    Angie- We’re waffle people too! Good luck on feeding these to picky Aspie! Let us know the results!

    Rosie- Oohh! That’s another name to use…Skinny Fries! I feel better about eating them already!

    Indigo- No potatoes? She is truly mad and crazy! You must turn her on to these tofu ones Indigo! You can do it! 🙂

    dhanggit- You can super spicy up the ketchup as much as you want! Will you hubby like it spicy too?

  50. dhanggit

    these are all outrageously good looking dishes!!yummy would love mine in super spicy ketchup!!oh my hubby will love this too

  51. Indigo

    I would never ever have thought of this – such a great idea! I have a friend who hates potato & anything made from it (I know: what. There’s no reasoning with her, she’s just mad) so I’d like to see what she’d think. And I’m so jealous of your pictures… ^__^

  52. Rosie

    This is a fantastic idea, fried tofu and skinny fries with an amazing Asian ketchup combined with stunning photos – brilliant post 😀

  53. Angie

    I’m a waffle fry kinda girl . . . I do so love my french fries. And. You know what, so does Aspie Girl! I wonder if I could sneak these in and force her to eat some protein!! LOL.

    Seriously great idea, and I do think my little autistic girl might even be willing to give them a try (you’ve never met a picky eater until you’ve met an Aspie). Thanks for an idea I’d never even considered.

  54. White on Rice Couple

    Nikki- you’re one of the tofu purists! Glad to know and join the club!

    Nan- LOL! 🙂 Don’t let the freakish veg-heads scare you. It is a shame they have latched on to tofu as their champion, but tofu is just another ingredient like anything else. It is really just a blank palate waiting for someone to create a tasty dish. Unfortunately, most in the “West” haven’t figured out how and make nasty stuff with it, but so many of the Asian cultures who’ve used it forever make dishes that I, even as a cattle ranch boy, crave.

    Simply- Thats a great idea to suggest to Mcdonalds. It would be a great start to introduce the mass public to tofu. Hopefully these will the the key helping you cross over to the other side!

    Anya- Oh good, you’re open minded enough to try both. Hope you make it one day and let us know which one you like better!

    Ivy- Hope you get a hold of some one day in Greece. If not, check out a chinese restaurant. There must be some in Greece, right?

    WC- Cool. You should list your popcorn tofu so everyone can see your creation!

  55. Wandering Chopsticks

    Very clever! I can’t tell which is which. 🙂 And your Asian ketchup recipe sounds fabulous!

    I did something similar by making “popcorn” tofu like in the tea houses.

  56. Ivy

    Although tofu is not known in Greece I am sure they must taste as good as they look.

  57. anya

    Your great post is an inspiration for me to enter the mysterious tofu-world!! I want to try both thick and thin versions and afterwards will opt for a fav!!

  58. Simply...Gluten-free

    OK, I can not believe these are tofu! Hmmm, I may have to re-think my whole dislike of tofu. Me, I’m a frite gal myself. My fav way to eat fries is with garlic, parsley and salt. Bet these would be good this way too. How do you think the tofu frites would go with a McDonald’s hamburger? Just kidding. As always, stunning photos.

  59. Nan

    Seriously….tofu frites?! To use those words together in the same sentence is nothing short of blasphemy! Tofu. The bane of my existence. It shows up everywhere. I am going to have to take your word on this one…as I just can’t bring myself to eat it…even the name is unappealing! It’s like code for toe fungus! My mojo just isn’t workin’ on this one…but I liked reading about it! Nan

  60. nikkipolani

    I’d never considered tofu as fries – I love it in most everything Asian, but not when used as a “healthier” substitute to something less healthy (tofu burgers, etc.). I like tofu for its creamy, flavor-absorbing self 🙂

  61. superluckykitchen

    any way to get more tofu into my diet is a great one!

  62. White on Rice Couple

    Allison – You must use firm or extra firm tofu for the frites. Anything softer , the thin frites strips will break apart when uncooked. Have fun with the tea!

    Evil- Yeah, mojo’s are extra special because of the fried flour coating.

    Kitt- Yes, if we’re thinking of the same thing, I’ve seen those. They’re called bean curd sheets and need to be rehydrated, then are very tasty and versatile. We’ll be posting about those one day too!

    Marvin- Thick or thin, they both tasty! When we make these, it’s hard to decide which one to make, so we’ll make both.

    Big boys- Yes! Tofu is still new to many and so are the techniques, that’s why we’re here, to share the joy of soy!

    Manggy- In baking them, the tofu does not change it’s already slippery texture and will not achieve the crispy outside. They will turn brown a little, but not like you would want in a “frites” . As far as the mojo’s, the flour coating will be brown and a little crusty but again, the inside tofu will remain soft and not crispy. Something are just meant to be fried! 🙂

    Zenchef- Thank you! It was hard photographing this without trying to grab one of the frites!

    Toni- Yea, the recipe we created is very versatile in terms of the spice. Just add a few peppers more in there and dip till your hearts desire!

    Matt- it’s those simple things that we can tend to overlook. These are super easy and great to serve to not just vegetarians, but to everyone!

    Wendy- Welcome and stay for a couple of meals! We’ll even trade you some of these fries for two bowls of your mac & cheese!

    Pixie- Have fun with the skinny ones and remember, try to cut them as thin as you can!

    Made healtheir- Oh good, you’re one of the tofu lovers!

    Lydia – They’re definitely more guilt free than frying potatoes. 😀

    Superlucky- These are not only a good way to add more tofu to your diet, but it’s a great say to “sneak” it in to someones meal who really hates tofu. They probably won’t know that they’re eating tofu.

  63. Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

    I’m definitely going to make that ketchup — wow! As for the tofu frites, well, they do look tempting — and almost guilt-free.

  64. made healthier

    I think they both look great. From past experience I pretty much like any shape fried tofu! Great recipe – next time tofu is on sale, I’ll give this a try! 😀

  65. Pixie

    I would go for the skinny ones and I’ve never thought of frying my tofu! I bought some more this week and I may just have to attempt frying a few. P.S. your leaves are finally on their way!

  66. Wendy

    Just discovered you both and am loving the blog! Stunning pictures. 🙂

  67. matt wright

    I am typing this at 11pm. Darn it, you just made me hungry, and I am tired. Great photos as usual, and I have never thought of making tofu fries, seems obvious now that you mention it (the best ideas always are..), we have all eaten a bunch of fried tofu, and it tastes great – makes sense to cut em into “chips”.

  68. Toni

    Dang these look good!! I eat tofu, but just the sight of those slices coming out of the ketchup makes me want to make a huge batch of these and pig out! Thin, thick – I wouldn’t care as long as the sauce is spicy!

  69. Zenchef

    These look fantastic. I never seen Tofu looking so delicious.
    Nice pictures too! 🙂

  70. Manggy

    Agh, I love fries… Been avoiding them ’cause of a diet though. I wonder how these beauties would stand up to being baked? :p

  71. Kitt

    Wow, those look delish!

    I think tofu is so much maligned here because people usually only are exposed to the soft kind in some stir-fries. But there are so many great varieties out there, many of which I’ve never seen in the States. For example, have you ever seen the really flat, pressed kind? It comes in squares, maybe the thickness of a tortilla or lefse. You can make some great roll-ups with that.

  72. Big Boys Oven

    Looks like heaven! there are so many techniques to play around with tofu . . . this is the fact that not many people knows. There are wonderful!

  73. Marvin

    Great idea with the tofu. I must say I prefer thin-cut fries, but for tofu, I’ll probably try them thicker.

  74. evil chef mom

    I’d think I’d like the frites but anything with the word mojo in it has to be good. I think I really want to make the ketchup before anything else!

  75. Allison

    Although I’m not a huge fan of tofu, these actually look really good! I think I would probably prefer the thinner-cut tofu frites, considering that’s how I generally prefer my potatoes as well. Are these harder to fry, considering that tofu is softer than potatoes? Oh and I recieved the flower teas yesterday… thanks so much! I can’t wait to try them. 🙂

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