Chocolate Chip Cookie Showdown at KA Mixer Corral

High noon at the KA Mixer Corral, and I was entering into a chocolate chip cookie showdown. For years I’ve known the Professional Pastry Chef¬†chocolate chunk cookies to be one of the best cookie recipes, but Diane keeps bringing up how so many people love Alice at SavorySweetLife‘s¬†chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Not that Diane is complaining about my cookies. She loves them. I think… (I know I love them) But she also knows how much we both strive to find the best and there is always that sense of curiosity. Wondering if another recipe could actually be better than something we love already.

I finally decided to put the recipes to the test. After a click and a print, I had Alice’s recipe sitting on our kitchen counter being scanned to lay out the ingredients.

There are tales of master samurai locked in the moments before dueling one another, when suddenly one of the samurai will know they are defeated before a single movement was made. Not from a sense of low esteem, but from recognizing that the pure ferocious beauty in their opponent has surpassed their own.

I was now that defeated samurai. Just in reading the ingredients and seeing their portions, I knew Alice had a better chocolate chip cookie recipe. The amount of brown sugar vs white, the slight variance in technique, the portions and ratios were perfect. I knew it without even making it.

Of course I made them anyway. It would be tragic not to.

I made them with the same care and love I used to make my own endeared recipe. Great butter, fresh cage-free eggs, good flour and sea salt, all mixed with care and diligence. Normally I would make mine with chocolate chunks instead of chips, but she asks for chips so I obliged. With half the recipe. I still had to try the other half with chocolate chunks. (She was right in that sense too. I actually liked it slightly better with the chips. At least when fully cooled. When warm the chunks reign supreme.)

I may occasionally make my ole standard when making a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough, but Alice’s recipe has become my new standard. Thank you Alice for your beautiful recipe.


Alice's Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Yield: 48

Cook Time: 12 min.

Recipe can be found here at SavorySweetLife.
There are only two variances I did to Alice's recipe to make it perfect for us. I added an additional tiny sprinkling of sea salt on the cookie dough balls before baking (Diane and I are salt fiends and love that sweet/salt combination). I also chilled the dough before baking. This can be done several ways (chilling the whole batch in the fridge, scooping dough balls and fridge or freezer them, or roll out logs of dough and wrapping them in plastic wrap and freezing them. Then when ready for dough we'll cut or break off dough to make the cookie balls. We show how on our older chocolate chunk cookie recipe.



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