Watching You

by on October 21, 2010

I watch you from afar
The silent discomfort you display in your stance
The unsteadiness of your psyche only visible to those who know.
Your mask is always firmly in place
The puppet you control, willing and able
The character you play, award-worthy and true.
I see the swiftness of your wit,
The tenaciousness of your jabs and punches,
The effortless way you bob and weave.
Your outgoing qualities would never be seen as false
Since you work the crowd so well,
Since people seem to flock to you,
Since the stimulation seems to feed you.
No one would ever suspect just how far you crash
When the outside door is finally closed,
When the world is locked out of your senses,
When you return to your true self.
I know your efforts are genuine,
I know you truly care for those around you
But is the suffering you endure,
The self-doubt and self-consciousness,
The insecurity in every little thing,
Is it all worth it?

As I watch you from afar
I know I’m watching myself.

-Karen Klein


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