Inside a writers space

Two weeks ago while filming Shauna and Danny’s Gluten Free Girl and the Chef’s Cookbook promo, we were able to squeeze in some quick visits to some other favorite Seattle friends.

Being able to work on a project with Shauna, Danny and Lucy was a treat in itself, but to see Matt from WrightFood and Tara made the work trip extra spacial. Matt made an amazing dinner for us on one evening (write-up coming soon) and we were able to have a wonderful pizza pizza dinner at Delancy with Tara. And Molly stopped by as well, an added bonus to finally meet another lovely writer.

Tara is the author of Tea and Cookies blog and the superb book, The Butcher and the Vegetarian. We spend an entire evening catching up with each other lives and sharing funny stories about relationships, gardening and of course, food.

Spending an evening with Tara in her lovely home was like stepping into her blog again and being surrounded by inspiring words, thoughts and phrases but this time, nestled and handwritten in various parts of her house.

These few, simple images are what we found in this writers space, full of still life moments and thoughts. And we can see where Tara gets her daily dose of writing inspiration.

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  1. Skye

    It’s lovely to see where other writers work. I especially like the quotes and the beautiful details: I’m temporarily working from the sleep-out in my mother’s back yard, which is is lovely and lucky, but my inspirations are on post-its and I’m contending with cobwebs.
    Thank you for sharing these!

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