Super Batteries- PowerEx Rechargable Batteries

Anyone who shoots a lot with speedlights know how they eat up batteries. Recently at a DJ event we were shooting, the two of us blew through over 20 AA lithium batteries in one night.  At over $10 a 4 pack, that frickin’ hurts.

However after a recent discovery, our battery woes are over.  Through Joe McNally and his “What’s in the Bag”, we’ve been enlightened to the Powerex 2700 Rechargeable Batteries. These batteries kick some serious speedlight ass.

At 2700mAH, these batteries pack a wallop.  Our speedlights now turn on with power and authority.  After firing, they are ready for another shot almost instantaneously, rather than the usually half second delay or so.  And this is without any extra battery packs added on.

We’ve yet to shoot continuously on a set of these batteries to the point where we’ve worn through a full charge, so we aren’t 100% sure on the duration of the charge.  So far it seems excellent, and that is often the consensus in the reviews we’ve read. What we’ve tested to this point is already way beyond the rechargeable battery of yesterday.

Powerex also makes quality chargers to feed their little beasts.  We bought this 8 cell charger and have found the extra cost well worth its price.  It charges each cell individually, so it doesn’t matter how many batteries you have loaded.  AA or AAA, it doesn’t matter.  The standard charge is 1 hour, but it also can do a soft charge (more gently and gets a good full charge in) over 2 hours.  Plus there is the conditioning mode which can refresh older rechargeable batteries to new life (it takes a while -14 hours or so).

Thanks Joe, for sharing your list of goods.  This simple discovery has made us very happy photographers.


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  1. Stephanie - Wasabimon

    I’m SO grabbing some of these. Thanks for the tip!

  2. L

    Totally agree… I picked up some of those just before the holidays and I am SO happy not to adding so many batteries to the trash!

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